You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley. You just need the determination to follow your dreams


Sometimes, a simple video will inspire me so much for the whole day. I was too much hooked by the fact the Zoho Corp has built an office in the small town of Tenkasi in South India and launched the first Indian software product made in a village. Further, I watched a video by Sridhar Vembu delivered in IIT Madras about the importance of Contextual education.

I wrote about it here – Get trained for a job without a college degree from ZOHO University

Why am I writing about it in StarSai?

It is because I lost most part of my life shifting careers, failed to become what I wanted to be and still continue to feel insecured. I thought if there’s one thing which can make my life meaningful, its in doing something that can make the unemployable find a way to earn a living. This has always been in my mind although Saibaba just wants me to be calm as of now.

I also come across so many youngsters who get upset when they cannot get admission in the University they choose or land in their dream job. They always dream big and focus on that desire alone. We are not attracted to what’s within our reach. We believe getting something we desire alone is more important than achieving from anywhere and anything we can get. Being content with what we have in life is one of the biggest secrets Saibaba has indirectly made me understand during so many occasions.

Sai will surely do good to you and fulfill your desires but all I want you to do is tweak your desires.

For example. there are people who keep waiting for a big job but it never happens. There are people who keep waiting for the right growth in their career. You never know when its going to happen. Instead of waiting, you must update your skills and see how you can make the opportunities come to you. Start small and live simple. That must be the mantra of your life.

Tweak your goals and desires a little and you can see a big change in your life

My Sister wanted to be Doctor but could not get a MBBS Seat. She only did a Bsc but she continued her education till Phd and now she’s happily contributing to Cell Biology as a Post Doc. I see so many guys and girls stuck as soon as they complete their schooling and also college. Kindly keep moving. Nothing is small in life. Accept what comes to you and keep walking.

Do not compare yourself with your friends or relatives. You only got so much but that’s enough for you. You still can build your life from little you have. Opportunities will come for those who are determined.

Keep walking in the small road God has laid for you.

You never know where it takes you..

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley. You just need determination to follow your dreams..


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