Shirdi Sai baba temple in Hong Kong and a message to keep yourself happy

Sairam friends,

One of my Sai friend, Vipali didi sent me this beautiful photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Hong Kong. I hope the darshan of this beautiful and divine Saibaba brings happiness to you and your family.

Saibaba is silent but he keeps sending some divine message to you through your friends, relatives or colleagues. So whenever anyone tells something positive, understand that its Sai’s message for you. Sai feels happy when you are happy and spread positive vibes to others near you.

I have come across people who often keeps a sad face and externally show that they are worried. Irrespective of what you are facing in life, learn to smile and keep yourself happy.

Saibaba likes it when you are happy. Secondly, Goddess Lakshmi dwells in someone who’s positive and optimistic than those who get depressed and worry too much.

Today, I realized that irrespective of the sufferings, I am going through, Saibaba has blessed me with good parents, Sister, Brother in law, Niece and a peaceful home. I like the 2 coconut trees in my home. The Neem Tree ourside home and 2-3 plants which gives us flower. Not to mention, back yard the neighbor aunty and uncle who allows me to pluck the flowers from their plant.

Every morning, after doing Surya Namaskaram – Bow to Lord Surya, I pluck these flowers and offer Sai and all the Goddess in my pooja place. Then, I start the work.

Shirdi Saibaba Smile
Smile and Keep yourself happy

I am thankful to Saibaba for the life he has blessed me with. Externally, it sounds like I am suffering as I am not married yet and people keep asking me about it. But internally, I feel Saibaba has blessed me with all that he could.

Few years back, I made this video friends. Hope you like it.

Om Sai Ram


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1 thought on “Shirdi Sai baba temple in Hong Kong and a message to keep yourself happy”

  1. Dear Venkat!

    I dont know what your age is, but from your posts I know that you are not married yet and worried about it. Sometimes when I read your posts and about this issue I really feel like helping you. I wish I could 🙁 I live in a small town in the USA and I dont have any Indian friend around me
    🙁 I have only 1 friend and that is my SAI! I talk to him whenever I feel lonely and alone. I moved to the USA in 2006 after my marriage and since then I am in the same place, same town. I was working in IT in Banglore before that. I love southern part of India. I am from Odisha.

    Let me tell you something very interesting… The HR of the company was my best friend. We are still friends! She is not married either 🙁 She is in her 40s. I used to try a lot for her after I moved here but no luck! I really dont know if she still trying to get married or not! But I feel bad for her too. When parents are old and you are not settled, it worries parents the most 🙁 I dont know why am I writing all these to you .. just felt like!

    You take care. I pray Baba that you find someone special really soon! May Baba’s blessing be with us all the time!

    Sai Disha

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