Saibaba wants me to do little which can help people land in a job

Sairam friends,

It has always been my dream to do little I can to help people to land in a job but I have never really done that. I get mails from Sai devotees from various parts of India about their desire to get a Government job or some job for that matter. I have friends who prepare for exams to get into Central/State Government jobs and some are already into such jobs. I might request them to contribute some articles with tips for my new site. I can never reply any devotee who writes me seeking a job because practically I cannot help them. This really bothers me a lot.

I spoke to Saibaba last night asking him to guide me, had udi and slept off hugging a Sai book. I did not get answer for questions I asked to Sai but saw the below dream

It was as if I am in a small North Indian town.  I am taking a girl to meet a minister. We wait outside his home and finally get in. I  have a red colored tag which shows I am a Government official. I am requesting the minister to help the girl get a job. He was speaking to the girl. Later, I felt the minister is actually very religious and he’s almost like a priest. So I fall in his feet. He touches my shoulder and lifts me up with a smile. The girl to gets blessings from him.

That’s it.

I am not sure how to interpret this dream but the fact that I am trying to help the girl land in a job made me think if I can practically do it?  Very rarely I get mails from girls in North East India like Assam. They are Sai devotees too but they have very few job opportunities in those states.

Few days back, I wrote this article..

Celebrating Mahalakshmi by creating Jobs

Most of the guidance Sai gives me and what actually happens in my life has no connection. I wanted to create a simple job portal and it takes just one day for me. I can make a platform to list jobs but since I am dependent on my full time job, I am not able to do anything beyond a limit.

Even when I posted the link for in StarSai openly, I did feel if someone at work will ask about this. I thought if I should hide it but that doesn’t solve the purpose at all. My intention is to have the following visitor flow.

1.You search Google or learn about StarSai

2. You land on an article – You may read or not read because most internet users just scan. They don’t read like real readers do.

3. Instead of letting you go to some other site or get back to your business, I want to make you come to a place where you realize there’s so much to learn.

4. I may not have content related to your field of interest but I basically spread the message of “Continuous learning”.

So when I was really concerned if I should hide LearnVenkat from StarSai, I came across the following quote by Google Chairman – Eric Schmidt

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

It really matched my situation. I have made such sites previously in other names. This time, I made it in my name as I don’t want to worry about what others might think? Yes. I am working on it and its my birth right. he he…

The most frustrating mail chains will be from girls who tell me that the guy they love left them and Saibaba must bring him back. I bluntly tell them “He won’t come back. Let him go. You focus on something better in life”. If a man leaves you, he doesn’t value your presence in your life. You can wait to an extent but please move on. Sai surely has a better plan for you. For Gods Sake, be little ambitious.

I know it hurts them because people write me expecting a positive reply. These girls don’t know where to put their minds on. I just wanted them to divert their mind and one of them could be taking up a new course if not anything else, atleast learn a new language.

Now, I don’t know how to proceed.

I can tell people 1000 ways to worship Saibaba. The pooja I have written has been followed by Sai children in several parts of the country and the globe. StarSai might have inspired few to read Sai Satcharitra and listen to Aarti of Baba. But I must do little I can to practically show a way to people land in a job and I am not able to do it. May be, there’s way and I am not getting it.

Only Saibaba can guide me because I have little time to focus on all that I dream to do.

I am going to help parents arrange for Navratri at home.

Happy Navratri friends.

Sai and Goddess Blessings on the way


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