Sai blessed me with the dream of the sacred “Om”

Om Sai Ram friends,

Last night, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple in Coimbatore, worshiped Sai in Dwarakamai and was chatting with my friends for a while. Two weeks back, I participated in an election campaign to support a honest candidate. I drove all the way to a place called Alandur in Coimbatore to do house to house campaign. There’s a reason behind I did.

Saibaba showed a dream as if a corrupted minister is again coming to power and giving chocolates to a kid in Saibaba temple in Coimbatore. So the very same day, I drove to support someone honest.

People don’t understand that Government entities are important. These days, there’s a huge privatization push which I am not happy about.

Sai Baba blessed me with “Om” in dream

This morning, I had a dream as if my colleagues are telling me to animate the sacred word “Om” in the video. I am pleading them saying, I am not an expert in doing such motion graphics design.

Somehow, I felt this was a very divine dream and I am thankful to Saibaba for blessing me with this dream.

Last evening was Pradosham which is an auspicious day for Lord Shiva and I offered Bilva leaves to Shiv ling in our home. So I feel Saibaba and Lord Shiva were happy about my offering.

There’s another reason I could have had this dream from Sai.

My Mind was wavering and I was worried about my life. So, I asked Saibaba to guide me. Maybe, Sai wanted me to chant his holy name along with the sacred word “Om”.

So, I will try to chant “Om Sai Ram” all this day.

I request you also to chant “Om Sai Ram” whenever you find time.

Om Sai Ram


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