Baba, bless all the Mothers in the world to overcome all fears.

Om Sai Ram friends,

I would like to publish a small and simple devotee’s experience.

The devotee wanted to keep her name anonymous. So let’s call her Saiyini.

Om Sai Ram,
My recent experience is with my NT scan report,  as I have conceived and constantly worried about the circumstances, I keep on praying to Baba for a safe pregnancy. I am three months pregnant, doctor advised me NT scan (USG) a few days back. I was worried as this was my first scan during pregnancy.

Due to baba’s grace, my reports are normal, as promised I will share my experience with the readers, I am here with it. 

I take Udi water mostly to protect my womb.

Baba, bless all the mothers in the world to overcome all fears.

Thank you baba for giving me this beautiful life .

Om  Sai Ram,

May baba bless us all.


Hope you like it friends.


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