My experience visiting Malleswaram Sai Baba temple and how Sai helped our family?

Om Sai Ram friends,

My life is going on by Sai grace. The backpain which my Amma had is still there but i believe Saibaba will heal her. She’s feeling better gradually. I am little worried about my life but let’s hope Sai will show me a way.

In this devotee’s experience, Rekha shares how Shirdi Sai Baba helped her to get rid of joint family where she had problems with her Sister in law and begin her life with her husband peacefully.

Read her experience.

It was 25 years ago when I was married for 7 yrs and staying in a large joint family. Issues started cropping up between my Sister in law and me and started to grow as time went by and reached a point where we wouldn’t even see each other’s faces.

She went on ill-treating me and made my life miserable. Although the elders in the family knew very well that I was not the cause of all the trouble, they were tongue-tied to take my side and also against sending us separate and wanted the family to remain united at any cost but I could no longer tolerate the humiliation.

At that point in time, by Sai’s blessings, I met a friend who was practicing astrology and he suggested me to visit Sai Baba mandir every Thursday. We were staying in Rajaji Nagar then, Sai mandir in Malleswaram being the nearest, my husband and I started visiting the Mandir every Thursday by attending the Bhajans and arathi too. Every time, I would sit in front of Baba involuntarily tears would roll down my cheeks and all I would do was just sit with folded palms.

5 weeks had elapsed and the situation at home was getting worse and I continued visiting the temple with my prayers. I had just finished my 6th visit to the temple and it so happened that to everyone’s surprise My father in law, who, till then hadn’t spoken a word, and was firm in his decision, all of a sudden changed his mind to send us(my husband being the youngest) away for the welfare of family.

Needless to say that my joy knew no bounds and thereafter in a month’s time we moved out of the joint family and it’s been 25 years since we are living separately and leading a peaceful life.

This is all due to Baba and Baba alone.

They say miracles do happen and my experience is nothing less than a miracle, I feel this temple at Malleswaram is truly a miracle temple for my family.

Seeking HIS blessings always.

Pranams at His lotus feet
Òm Sri Sai

~ Rekha

Hope you like this experience friends.

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