Why do you cry when I am here. I am there to help you – Shirdi Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram friends,

One of my good Sai friend Nisha sent this devotee’s experience. Here is her earlier experience

Reading Sai Satcharita made her feel someone is hugging her

Hi Venkat,

    I have been hesitating if I should write my experiences again because, for those whose life hasn’t been touched by Baba’s miracles, my experiences will look like stories or fiction. But yesterday, I was going through devotee’s experiences in StarSai and I found that Baba’s miracles are indeed inexplicable and I wish more people could experience his Leela.

I don’t have words to thank Baba. After reading about the Nav Vrat I decided to take the vrat on Thursdays and prayed that he help me with the further formalities to study abroad. For the first 4 Thursdays nothing new happened in my life and my mother kept telling me how I will look after my two young kids if I don’t eat properly, and I used to cry that my mother can understand my plight but why am I invisible to my Baba.

I thought he was angry with me. I was confused. Then the 5th Thursday also passed by with no news of my Visa.

In between Sai appeared to me in three places once in a blanket that was put to dry, then in the clouds, and then as the shadow of a cloth that I had hung. But no news came of my Visa.

 Then a few days later, I simply called my agent to see if there are any updates and she said I have passed one stage and she sent me the screenshot and I was surprised to see that it was updated on the 5th Thursday of my vrat.

From then on, every Thursday that I was taking vrat, I started receiving good news, and finally, I received approval, that too on a Thursday. The day before I received my approval I remember crying and begging the Gods to help me. I was praying in general and hadn’t taken the name of Baba, but suddenly I felt Baba was holding my hands and telling me

“Why do you cry when I am here, I am there to help you”. I felt at peace and was surprised to know the next day that about the same time I received my approval letter. What an inscrutable power?? There is no measure of Baba’s kindness and power.

Hope he blesses us all with happiness and his company always.

And I cannot thank you enough for the StarSai page because it helps me read about other devotee’s experiences and I have become a regular reader of StarSai.

Thank you so much.

Sai Ram


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Hope you like this devotee’s experience friends.

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