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Sai baba needs sometime to heal you

Shirdi Sai Baba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Feb 14th is my Sister Indra’s birthday which is special for all of us at home. My Father had given for abishekam in the colony Siddhi Vinayakar temple to Lord Shiva in the form of Vaitheeswaran. My Father serves in this temple along with his friends. Apart from watching a movie on Star Movies and HBO at night, most of his days and nights are spent in or for the temple. My Father makes garland for all Gods while watching TV and that’s his only way of relaxing.

I feel better if my father watches such movies instead of the talk shows on Tamil news channels because it spoils the atmosphere and I don’t like argument and shouting at each other. I myself shout a lot at home but used to think why I get so tensed when I could have been calm?

My Father’s other eye is ready for cataract surgery but its hard to take him to hospital and go through it. Last time, when we took him to Doctor, he argued with the physician about something which irritated me a lot. I told him never to argue with Doctor’s because some of them may be wrong but some really speak very kind to patients.

Before I write further, let me show you a painting of Shirdi Sai Baba done by Sindhuja Parthiban. I like this Sai. He is cheerful.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba painting

Pooja for Lord Shiva in temple

I woke up, did some work and then did holy bath for Lord Dattatreya, Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi, Sai Baba, Shiv Ling and my little Ganesh. Then, I walked to the temple and walked to the Siddhi Vinayaka temple.

The priest started abishekam for Lord Shiva and I suddenly saw my Mom sitting on the floor in-front of Shiva near the pillar. In 2012, My Mom met with a minor accident after which she could not sit on the floor with crossed leg. Many days, she used to worry that she will never be able to sit with her legs folded on floor.

I was surprised because today she sat on the floor and was able to get up on her own. She did felt little uneasy but managed to sit after almost 4 years on floor.

I thanked Lord Shiva and Sai Baba for healing my Mom. She’s not going to try sitting on floor often though as it pains. She’s sick now a days due to various reasons but somehow managing herself. Apart from this, my sister asked her never to give-up working at home even for a day as it will become a habit and she might get more sick. So my Ma does work even if she has pain.

I have learnt from my Ma that when we keep doing our work, even our diseases will fly away from us.

The only way to heal better is by believing that we are not sick and doing our work as much as we can

(Disclaimer – This guidance is for people who has enough ability to handle things on their own)

There are many people who write me about their health problems. I created just to guide such devotees. What I wish to say is no matter what problems you are facing, Sai Baba needs sometime to heal you.

Be it health, relationship or career, please do not worry that you didn’t got immediate solution. It takes some time.

Have patience.

For some people, it takes years even for small growth or positive change in their life. Do not be worried about past and future. Just think that Baba is living in your own heart and keep working hard.

Your life will be good

Sai heals!

If not him, who else?

Om Sai Ram


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  • Om sairam

    My health is so much critical that I can’t tolerate the pain i have even i cannot tell everyday i have spent lot to heal but no use still i am suffering but i have faith on saibaba i am taking it easy please prey for my health i am doing pranayam, walk meditaion baba puja everything but because of my pastdeeds i am not getting cure. day by day my pain increased i could not getting sleep but only because of sai i am living i dont want to live but in guru charitra i have read it teaches right morals to life i am reading your experience everyday and getting energy to live. thank u for your encouragement for healthy life.

    om sairam
    manjula sairam

  • I am suffering from kidney failure past 10 month. I am 37 year old male
    Married n hv two loving kids.
    Thanks to sai baba fr giving me lovely family n mother n father..
    I hv done sins before… I regret for it n m realise my life..
    I think dats I got dis punishment frm god
    To believe him n cum on right track n Der is baba Who wants me to b a good human n Believe in him..
    I accept my punishment fr wrong things I hv done in my life…
    Now with baba blessing I wil b good person Like his true devotee
    I want to live fr my family n kids
    Baba plz take care of me…
    Om sai ram namo namah Sadguru namo namah….

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