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Sai Baba protects but he lets us go through unpleasant experiences

Sairam friends,

Since I was working on my other project, I could not write here. Further, I am going through a phase when I try to understand reality behind people.

Last night, While going from work, one of my friend and myself were stopped by few guys and they claimed that we hit his bike. They were drunk and shouted a lot asking for money. We had to park the car in the corner and speak to them to get out of it. It was dark and none to help us. The problem with such an incident is that you cannot speak too casually as they could damage my friends car. So we had to convince them a lot. I don’t even like being disturbed by such guys. One of the guy who argued a lot was limping and I felt pity for him. May be, he has some problem.

Finally, we settled down with little money, lots of problems in the middle of the road and somehow moved on.

Later, I understood, my friends car never hit their bike. They just had other problems with my friend which I can’t reveal here.

I went to Sai Baba temple. stood in the parking lot as its Thursday and spoke to one of my friend there about this incident. He told me that he also has faced such situation and said we can’t speak much as when they are in group, we have to look for our own safety. I believe the reason for such things to happen too commonly is because some states in India are showing key interest in generating more revenue only by selling liquor. The consequences will be too bad in a decade from now. We are building an unsafe society for our Men,Women and Child.

We are building an unhealthy society which is going to spend most of what it earns in Hospital.

My friend informed this to Police and kept calling me to know if I reached home safe.

I used to fear a lot for such encounters but now a days, I don’t bother. Even in the U.S and any western countries, there are times when you get caught with such wrong men and women. We cannot blame Saibaba for helping us avoid these kind of Men. Had we moved ahead or if I had not went with my friend, I would have not been troubled by these guys but its Sai’s will that I must go through his experiences.

As the saying goes,

“A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For”

We are always safe in Sai’s hands but Sai Baba doesn’t want to hold us with him. He wants us to go around and explore all good deeds. When you are in search of good or trying to do what’s important for your life, you come across these experiences. I could have asked Baba why I had to face this?

May be, Sai wants me to know that this is how some guys are misbehaving just because they are in group.

In scriptures, we speak about Yuga and we are in Kaliyuga now.

I have personally experienced how the Kali descends down to Earth and spreads every where. I had such experiences in 2010 when I was deeply devoted to Sri pada shri vallabha and Lord Dattatreya.

You go through lust, greed, anger,pain, worries and insult just because you are impacted by the wave of Kaliyug.

Sai Baba Protects but you are a part of this ecosystem. How can Sai let you know what’s happening to innocent people unless he makes you go through such experiences?

Some experiences are too bad and painful.

They are unpleasant.

You don’t want to be a part of it.

It just happens.

Just be careful and do not fear during such critical situations in life.

Your personal safety is in the way you handle such incidents.

Ever remember Sai Baba.

Sai is with you,


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  • Nice article venkat. Now it become the reality for all of us. You never know which situation going to come in front of you. But I am sure all these situations add experience in our life and built ourselves more strong. Why fear when Sai is with us.Be sure Sai will definitely protect and guide us.. Omm Sai ram..

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