The people to whom I say a silent prayer ..For devotees who are dedicated to work and who face problems in career

Sairam friends,

I have 15 minutes to write. Last night, I was thinking what to write for over an hour. Suddenly my Mom was in pain as the nerves in her leg twitched. I gives her severe pain. So I ran to her, applied ayurvedic oil she uses and also Udi. She asked me to give medicines too. When something happens to my dear ones, I shout at them like anything though I care for them. Mom has gone to shop with her sister and climbed stairs. I shouted at her “Can’t you be at home calmly?”

My Mom keeps telling me “You can’t show your love in anger”…Well, I get angry because I want everyone dear and near to be safe and secured !

I actually wanted to write to devotees who write me with problems at work/office

Work and its ethics:

The past few days am laughing too much at work and really wanted to control myself Sai. I used to do some funny write ups – Imaginary stories keeping the guys in our team and show them some Friday’s as its last day of week and I want them to laugh and be happy. They tell me “You write so well, you can make people laugh and must have a blog” ..I blink and say nothing.

Silenta irupen….

Because Star Sai is Baba’s treasure and who ever comes here comes if Sai wills and I know they won’t like this spiritual stuff though to me, Star Sai is about Humanity..Its about Love and Life.


Being a Highly populated country with millions of graduates looking for Job, I get mails from devotees who are looking for job. I do pray for them but I practically can’t help them. Sai inspired me to make a Job site few years back but it din’t work well as I need a real good script which costs over 2000 $ and I could not afford it.  So prayers is all i can do and i pray for them silently. If i write back, it creates a expectation in them. So a silent prayer will do.

This article is about people who are already having a good career:

Few days back, a girl wrote me saying people are playing politics and she doesn’t feel comfortable at work. Some men write me about the problems in their office. Some worry a lot that they might loose their job any time and might have to accept project in any location.

I never reply most of such mails because these Sai children will be ready to resign their Job as they can’t bear the problems. I always request devotees to be very careful because some devotees mail me that they resigned their job but are jobless for many months now.

When you are depressed, read Books of Swami Vivekananda:

Sai Satcharitra always works. Its very powerful. You must read Sai Satcharitra for blessing its going to bring you. To make your mind stronger and realize the greatness of “Karma Marga – Path of works” , Please find any books by Swami Vivekananda. I have read his books called “Karma Margam” in Tamil when I was going through some issues at work last year. Then, I felt better.

Now even if people give negative reviews about my work, I feel OK and accept it …I just survive. I say “It goes on”

In Simple terms

“Karma Marga is about doing work without expecting any fruits. Doing work irrespective of comments people give you – positive or negative…Doing work sincerely for the sake of working alone and doing it with responsibility”

We never have any rights to expect fruits of our work or never must expect that all what we do turns out to be good. I am fortunate to have good people around me.Even people whom I don’t talk to, there are few girls and guys I really admire looking at their sincerity.

In every stage of life and career, you have to take a decision which changes your life in a big way. Some have negative impact and some positive.

Blast the Service. Let him serve me:

Sai used to love nephew of Dada Kelkar called Babu. He was working as a measurer in Revenue survey of Kopergoan and Yeala. Instead of paying due attention to his official work, he would go and stay at Shirdi, doing service to Baba. Kelkar got many complaints about his nephew that he is always going to Shirdi and neglecting his work.

Kelkar replied him

“What can be done. He is guided and ordered by Baba”

May be Saibaba knows what’s going to happen to Babu shortly. So baba told him “Blast the Service. Let him Serve me”.

Babu was always attending on Baba and doing lots of service to him living in Shirdi. Baba made sure Bapu gets all the sweets and delicacies when ever they were available.

Bapu’s end was coming in the year 1910. Baba warned kelkar to take care of his nephews health. Bapu got fever and was nearing death..In few days Bapu passed away – 1910 aged only 22 leaving an issue less widow.

What did you learn from this story:

That Sai not only blesses someone with Job but also boldly asks them to leave the job.

Sai has asked Das Ganu Maharaj to leave his Police job but he was very stern in saying he wanted to be in big position and then resign. Baba warned him “Only if you get problems at work, you will resign” and same did happen.

Sai has asked Tendulkars son to leave his work and start independent business. He started a lodge and food service called “Anandashram ” in Pune which still exists.

Coming back to deeply thinking why Sai asked Bapu to leave Job, he knows Bapu is going to live only very few days. So Sai asked him to resign the job.

You are going to live long and have responsibility to your family. I say this to devotees who mail me asking am in a situation to resign the job etc. Please please…hold on…make sure you get a better job and take decision. See if you have better options. You have responsibilities towards your family. So be very careful in taking such decisions.

As I said, I read Vivekanda’s book to realize “Work and its ethics and Karma Marga” …We just have to work for working sake and not worry much( I do) but you all know i am good at advising…he he


Now its getting too late for me to work..I have to do pooja now Mom asked me am I not getting late…so quickly I shall complete

About the people to whom I say a Silent prayer which they will never know for lifetime….

There are people whom I see, pass by and never even spoke once in life. Sometimes,when I see people who work hard and dedicated, I pray in my heart they must be blessed.

When I see a girl with Kumkum on her forehead, I say “Baba, bless her and her husband to live long, healthy life”

Sometimes, when I start from work and see other guys and girls working I say “Sai bless them because they like what they do..At least they like it better than me “.

When I see my close friends riding fast on Bike…I say baba, bless him everyday when he travels by this road.

As my father says “You only pray for others”

Ya I do. Its part of what I am. If i have spent 2 whole years coming around sacred fire of Sai – Dhuni praying Nature Goddess to bless people during natural disasters, then naturally I do pray for people who are dear and near to me.

Some times, we never have to speak to people. Never have to tell them we admire them.

A silent prayer will do because

“Prayers can move mountains”

Once again,

May sai bless you with good job

May Sai bless you to do your work peacefully !

The most important thing, Hold on…Don’t hurry and take any decision. Please make sure you have a better job and only then move on. Be very careful…please  SAI..

May there be good people around you like how sai blessed me with good people around me or probably I see the good alone in them.

Am getting late to work now……Its gonna be 8 babaaaaaaaa…



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