Went to Marudhamalai from Saibaba temple

Sairam friends,

My Mom is not well these days. She’s not coming to Doctor too and postponing it to next week.

This evening, I went to Saibaba temple and lit lamps. Once again, I saw 2-3 men having a pamphlet and promoting their meditation course. Any devotee who comes to Saibaba temple should cross them to get into the main hall.

I honestly don’t like such external organizations promoting their meditation course to Sai devotees. Sai is enough for Sai devotees.

If a devotee should learn meditation, Sai knows how to teach him or her. One shouldn’t fall victim to such organizations.

I went inside main hall, prayed for my Mom and asked Baba if its right for him to encourage such people outside his temple.

Thankfully, this particular organization is not so bad. So I wan’t much bothered.

I felt like going out of Saibaba temple. So I went to Marudhamalai Murugan temple. After many days, I traveled by Bus and enjoyed the journey.

As I got down the bus at 7 P.M, I decided the following.

20 minutes for climbing up the temple in steps.

20 minutes to have darshan of Lord Murugan


20 minutes to get down to foot hills and take bus back to Saibaba temple.

I walked fast and was breathing a lot. I kept calling Murugan’s name as it was dark and I was tired.

I usually feel thirsty but today it was windy in the Marudhamalai hill and hence I did not even drink water. I walked non stop and fast and reached on top at 7.21 PM.

I got special entrance ticket and had darshan of Lord Murugan. A women near by spilt Kumkum on her bag. The priest said “Its not something to bother. It’s auspicious and something good will soon happen”

The lady was happy and moved ahead.

Since these days,I am regularly reciting “Skandha Guru Kavasam”, I wanted to go to Kanimar temple below the temple. So I quickly went there. It was so dark and I just took some kumkum which was spilt on the cement platform near tree.

I remembered a lot about what happened to me in the past few years. I remembered the girl whom Sai showed in dream 3 years back because She’s someone I will never be able to forget.

Irrespective of me being eccentric writing her that Sai showed her in dream, she had always been kind to me. I prayed for her to Lord Murugan and then walked down.

It was dark as I walked down. Even the idumban temple was closed. I was slightly scared for few seconds. he he.

Thankfully, I saw bunch of ladies and 2-3 men walked down. So I felt comfortable to walk. I still walked ahead of them.

Exactly at 8.2 P.M, I reached down and also went to Bus stop. I was wondering if the Bus will come. Thankfully, Bus came and I reached back to Nagasai mandir by 8.40.

I distributed prasad in Dwarakamai and reached home. I gave viboodhi to my Mom and told her she will get healed soon by Sai and Lord Murugan’s grace.

I am going to sleep now. Its been 7 month since I had fever and the resulting pain in palm and leg. Until now, the pain is still there. I mean, its bearable but I wish Sai cures me soon.

I feel energetic whenever I climb Marudhamalai, Palani or Anuvaavi hill temple. I believe its good for my health and also my soul.

I am adjusting the new company. I still can’t say if I like it or not. I just don’t have any options. So I will go by Sai’s will.

It’s been 3 years and not a single day goes without remembering the girl Sai showed me in dream. The only way I could connect with her is through my prayers. So i feel happy whenever I pray for her.

I hope Saibaba answers me soon and gives me clarity.

I remember the women saint who lived in Rajasthan in 14th century. I love Karni Mata so much. I know she is always with my family. I often think about Meenkulathi Bagavathy too. I miss going to her temple.

Now, I am going to read about life of Karni Mata and sleep.

Featured the only photo I took in Marudhamalai when it was so dark as I walked down the hill.

I still love the simple ladies who walked in the dark down the hill. I love people who are poor and still lead a happy life. We should learn a lot from them.

Om Sai Ram



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