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Life of Shirdi Sai Baba – Sri Sai Satcharitra Pdf Book in English

Life of Shirdi Sai Baba is divine and beautiful. Reading the holy book Sri Sai Satcharitra also pronounced as Sri Sai Satcharita washes away sins and karmic bond. You will gradually realize that when you read Shirdi Saibaba’s life stories, your life begins to change positively.

I myself do not read Sai Satcharita often but I love chanting Saibaba’s holy name. Basically, you can choose any ways to get close to Saint Sai Baba. But once every year, it will be nice if you could read Sri Sai Satcharitra.

life of shirdi sai baba sri sai satcharitra

Life of Saint Shirdi Sai baba

1.Sri Sai Satcharitra Pdf file :

I got this  clear pdf file of holy book sri sai satcharitra in english. you can download adobe page reader from site and use this pdf, take print out of book and happily read the book everyday

Keep mouse on below link, RIGHT CLICK and select Save us.

Life of Shirdi Sai baba – Sri Sai Satcharitra Pdf

2. Sai satcharitra by Hamadpant

If you cannot download , please feel free to read online as web pages

Life of Shirdi Sai baba – Sri Sai Satcharitra by Hamadpant

4. Other ways to get Sai Satcharitra by Hamadpant book

Please get the Sai Satcharitra published by

1. Shirdi Sai baba sansthan in shirdi. All above books are curtesy of the sansthan. Shirdi sai baba sansthan has a very good book store which is always busy and you can get Sai Satcharitra in many languages like Hindi, English, Gujrati,Tamil,Telugu,Kanada, Bengali etc.

2. Make sure its original work by Hamadpant … The flow of stories is beautiful

3. Sai Satcharitra by Indra kher is also a nice complete translation work

4. Sai Samartha Satcharitra by Zarine is also a good work

5.Vinny chitluri has written many wonderful books on Shirdi Sai baba. A dedicated writer. True inspiration for hard work in sai seva and highly informative.

6. A book called Sai baba of Shirdi – A unique saint by M.V.Kamath and V.B .Kher is sweet

7. Narasimha swamiji has written numerous books about Saibaba like devotees experiences, life of sai baba etc. Every book is a diamond. Available in mylapore shirdi sai baba temple.

8. Books from Online Shopping Websites

Indira kher’s book about Shirdi Sai baba was available on few Online Shopping websites..Am not able to track it..make a search on it with keywords “Sai Satcharitra – Indira Kher”.  Make sure the book you get is about “SHIRDI” sai baba.

Sai Baba of Shirdi: A Unique Saint ( A book you can search to buy)

* The above Shirdi Sai baba book came in my dream 2-3 years after i wrote this article on Sai Satcharitra. It was like everyone in my Team (office) are attending a meeting.Though my boss is near me, i am reading ” Sai Baba of Shirdi: A Unique Saint”  with devotion. I myself feel if my boss will complain but then my real master is Sai….so sai blessed me with this dream friends. I woke up and realized that i had kept this book near me and slept which is my usual habit.   My sai friend in temple gave me a gift of 2013 calender  from Shirdi Sai Baba sansthan which has similar Saibaba sitting on Stone photo same as the cover page of this book.

I got this book “Sai Baba of Shirdi – A Unique saint” in Mumbai during 90th Mahasamadhi day of Saibaba. Its a sai leela how i got this book friends. A old man was having few shirdi saibaba books and Hindu devotional books infront of Sai in Borivali Saibaba temple. Me and my friend ashish thought hes actually selling them. I asked Ashish to enquire the cost of “Shirdi Sai Baba Book” found between other spiritual books. Ashish went near him while i was watching sitting in the hall of temple. I found the old man simply gave the book and Ashish said – “Its free ! He actually gives the book as gift to whom ever asks it.

What a wonderful seva friends – This Sai devotee  seems to collect old spiritual books and display it sitting infront of sai baba. When ever any one approached him thinking its a shop, he gifts them. I can’t express in words the seva such humble sai devotees are doing.

May Shirdi Sai Baba bless all of you with peace friends…

Where to buy Sri Sai Satcharitra?

Sai Satcharitra written by Hamadpant alone is the best source to understand Sai leelas. Kindly look for the book in Shirdi Shops, the Shop inside the temple complex, In India, these books can be bought in famous Saibaba temples located in various places.  For devotees living abroad, kindly ask your friends or relatives to send one for you or look for online shopping sites. Make sure its written by Hamadpant with the same flow of Sai Leelas.

Om sri Sai ram


Note that Sai Satcharitra is a word some people use to describe the holy book but honestly its Sai Satcharita. So you can also pronounce it as Sri Sai Satcharita.

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  • Sai Nath I dont have anybody to go and cry. You are the only savoiur. I fully believe in you. Daya karo, Krupa karo, Raksha Karo and above all Kshama Karo baba if we have done knowingly or unknowingly anything wrong.

    SAI NATH hamesha saath dena aap hi mere sab kuch ho meri beti ka dhyan rakhna baba. Mere pas kuch aur raastha nazar nahi aata.

    Thoda daya karo bhagwan. Thoda hi maang raha ho.

    Jai SaiNath

  • Anant Koti Brahmanand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Perbrhm Shri Sachidanand Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai…………………………… Jai Ho Allah Taalla………. Mere Baba Apne Bete Par Apni Aise Hi Kripa Bnaye Rakhna……….. Om Sai Ram………….

  • Anant Koti Brahmanand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Perbrhm Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai………..

  • Om Sai Nath you are my protector….only you can shower happiness in our life…..i have completely given myself

    in your feet ……listen to me ……..listen and answer my prayers.We are simple people ,have never done any bad

    to anyone and do not wish bad for anyone… please pull my brother and us out of this pain ……for the sake of the

    kids ….grant us our wish… faith in you is telling me that you will answer ….you will answer baba.

    बाबा अब अपनी ऑखे खॊलॊ, दवार पर हम ईऩतजार कर रहे है तुमहारे रहम की ….दय़ा द्षटी की ………you will not let us go

    without your blessings…….

  • Babaji i dont have any one in dis world to show effection towards me,so pl take me the earliest.

  • I am happy even during the toughest days as i know its sai who is taking care of me and guiding me.dear friends just trust him and do ur he takes care

  • Jai Sai Ram,,,, Dr.Raja … please think that Baba is there for everyone… in case you feel tat there is no one to show affection towards you, then you show affection to others… not expecting anything from them… even return affection…
    I pray to Baba to comfort you… Take care …


  • Baba,

    You very well know what problem i am undergoing in life right now. I dont know what to do. I am very much confused in life. Why am i born like this.? I feel that no body is happy because of me. Youu very well know what is runnng in my mind.
    Baba, please forgive me for the sin i hv committed. I have realised and repente a lot for it. I promise u that wl never do such a thing in mylife. Please help me, cleanse me. I am your child i dont want to do any mistakes in life.
    Baba what ever has happened in life was really unintentional. I ask ur forgiveness baba.
    Now i hav realised wat is life and how i sholud be. Please baba, forgive as i am completely surrendering myself to u.
    You can punish me or do what is rght, but plz help me change myself.
    I hav heard that therer is no bigger punishment that repenting which i am doing now.

  • Baba, i dont have any one to show me what is right. Please help me to luv my life. I wll be waiting for ur response in any form. N i am writing this with lot of pain in my heart

  • Baba… Pranams Deva… Dunno wat 2 ask 4m u? Am at house, searching 4 job.. feeling distressed at times n saturated too. Past two months, had nice mental rest n took nice food, prayers, dresses, shoppings. attended 1 interview. But was kicked out.

    Baba, give me determinism to revise my subjects once, attend with hope, present clearly and boldly . Baba…. People, stripped off my knows/unknowns in interview. yes, i know where i stand now?…. Baba, atleast within november first week, Please give me a good job. Yes, next 9 weeks ill study well, revise well, ill offer my studies and learnings at your feet deva. No fastings. I cant baba. already i took lot n became weak at times. truely ill work hard, ill offer this as my fasting ritual at your feet. u give me job. I wann in industrial sector… Please deva, all has already started to look at me sarcastically. i don take it. but sometimes i feel pricked.

    So let me have faith, let me study, then i shall reap… Ok, u ll make it possible.
    Thank you deva…. whenever i write here, i feel light at heart n i feel like talking to u soulfully. whatever, i feel, i share with u deva…. saideva, babaji, motta babaji, vella babaji, saibabaji….

    Sairam, guide me.. in form of determinism.

  • Sairam

    Sairam Bless my Sister with happiness she is not happy and she is very confused. Baba please bless her with peace of mind and good job Baba you know everything i need not ask. Please forgive me if i have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly.
    I also pray for my mother’s health issues.

    jai Sairam!

  • Saibaba,

    I’m feeling very sad and depressed after talking to my sister yesterday, she is suffering a lot and not happy there, Please give her strenght and support to live happily, Please solve her issues and problems and show them the way to repay all the loans which brother in law has made. Give good knowledge and mindset to my brother in law so that he takes care of my sister and daughter nicely.
    Please baba, pleaseeee I BEG U and will fall at ur feet.

    Please please bless my brother in law, sister and there daughter with good wealth and health and happieness.

    Jai sairam.

  • Sairam
    My namaskarams at the lotus feet of sadhguru sainath.

    My humble pranams, I am facing difficulties at office. And my colluges are giving me mental torture, Baba please bless me with your divine hands. Forgive me if i have done anything wrong knowningly or unknowningly.

    Sadh Guru Sai Nath Ki Jai!!!!!

  • Sai is the real god. He is infact real living god. He listens to each and every thing what we are saying in our heart. It is really unbelievable he has opened his ONE EYE (RIGHT EYE) for me immediately after I wrote in this forum on May’12 which I never expected in my dream.

    I pray to Sadguru Sainath to open his other eye also for my daughter. I am confident surely he will open his second eye for me.

    I pray whole heartedly to SAINATH to open his second eye for my daughter.

  • Sai Ram,
    Out of all the comments I read above, I truly touched by Dr.Raja’s comments.
    Dear Dr.Raja, what ever pain U R going thru, dun ever say such a word when our lovely Sai is there. Im not simply saying this, I understand ur pain….we R all here for U…

  • sai,…sai,..sai……………love u,thank you for always keeping and eye on me n my family,…jai sai nath,….i will always needing your love n guide…keep an eye on me too ,love you baba

  • om sai ram …….plz baba heel my problems i waiting for that day…..sai nath maharaj ki jai.

  • Anant Koti Brahmanand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Perbrhm Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai………..

  • Om sai ram,

    I am facing lot of problems in my family , no peace of mind And my wife giving me mental torture, Baba please bless me with your divine hands. Forgive me if i have done anything wrong knowningly or unknowningly.

    Jai sairam

  • Baba, you know me and my problems very well. Please forgive me if i have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly. Please bless me and i know thatyou are the only one who can help me.please hear my prayers and grant me ur grace

  • hi baba day by day my problems are getting worst even i am trying very hard i am not able to do well in exams every time i said you my problem i think you are there to solve my problems and help me plz baba help me i am suffering a lot ammu is also sufferin a lot baba we are dying for your wonderful blessing still dont make any late baba plz help me i am crying for you,i am not expecting any result without hard word i worked hard and asking for your help plz baba plz plz solve all our probs and make me and ammu live together for ever plz baba plz plz

  • baba naanu nima aashirvad dinda suki agiddene adake nimage shatkoti pranamagalu. nanu ivaga civil judge jr. dn. exams barithaideni adarali modalenaya suthu passagideni adukooda nimma varave sari baba ivaga munde matte written exam ide adakke nanage nima sada ashirvadgalu nanna mele irabeku hage nanage hechhina marks paddedu nanu adara mundina suthige aayike agabeku antha nimage nanu kelikolluthiddene iduondu nanage poraisi kodi baba please.

    Jai sainath maharaj ki jai
    Dayamai ki jai
    dwarikamai ki jai
    gurudev dattaki jai…….

  • I have been reading the comments above and truly admire the immense faith people have. For those of you who ask Baba for forgiveness because you have caused some harm to someone else, I am wondering if you have asked forgiveness of the very person you have harmed, knowingly or unknowingly. This would be a healing for yourself as well as the other person and then both people can move forward. If it is too hard for you to apologise then it is your ego that is your biggest hurdle. If it is truly impossible to ask forgiveness of the other person, then I suggest you write a letter to them with words from your heart, not your head. If even this is too difficult then write the letter the person and Baba together. Say all that you feel. Keep the letter at your shrine and the next day burn it in a clean place and pray that the message goes to the person with loving energy. Tell Baba to take away your pain and regret as it does not belong to you any more since you have sent it into the Universe for Him to heal. For those of you who feel that no one loves you, I say show love to other people, make someone happy in the smallest way possible. By putting out good energy, the same energy will return to you tenfold. In other words Pay It Forward. Have you ever smiled at a stranger and noticed that they smile back? Same idea.

  • sai…i know u can hear my words and feel my pain…i love u soo much …..all i ever wanted in my life is ur blessing…i want u to be with me in every part of my life…u r my heat ,my soul and my dream….baba i am suffering from low confidence since i am not fully prepared for the tests i am wirting which will change my life for ever …i have spent these two years happily in ur blessings….but now i am very scared and worred about my exams…i know a tear cant full the emptiness in my mind.i did study a little these years but now i am messed up…i dont know how to start and where to start…i have lots to complete…i dont have time at all…and as time passes i am gradually loosing my interest… plzz baba…please i beg u… do something…i am not able to endure this pain…i cant do anything now…i feel pleasure reading ur charitra than my usual collage study ….u had once done a miracle for a law student ….he did his exams well even he is prepared completely…he only belived that u will help him…and u did…now please baba..i believe u …love u…trust u…please baba…do something …i dont know how can i show these to u ….but i seriously do have faith in know…i dont know u r understand me or not…u will…i know..u will…u did lot baba…a lot in my life…i want u to do it once again ….help me baba..please…i will visit shiridi for sure once i qualify with good marks in all my exams ….baba i love u…i love visit shiridi…all i wished thorough out my visits is this…i always asked u this…give me education…i am only complete with it….u are a form of saraswathi…please baba…u just wish me all the best …i can do very well…u just look at me while i am in the exam …be beside me…be my correct answer…please baba…i love u sooooo much…u r my dream…everything…i put all my entire life in ur lap…u do whatever u want..i know….u always do what is good for me…i love u…<3

  • ~Om Sai Ram~

    Om Sai Namo Namah:
    Sree Shirdi Sai Namo Namah:
    Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah:
    Sadguru Sai Namo Namah:

    Lord Sai Baba Give All Happiness To My Family, My Love My Life My Sweet Wife RUMPA , And All Relatives Friend………. OM SAI RAM~

  • baba aap to antaryami hai ,you know we are going through a very worst phase of our life help us and forgive us baba .

    if we have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly.JAI SAI RAM

  • Sai Satcharitra is very good book my personal advice to all devotees of sai baba please read this book and go the right path of life

  • sai natha i am back to you still my problems are not solved baba please baba i know you can do any thing. you can give and take any thing i am just trying hard for what i want and i am asking you to give me please baba years are passing but my faith on you that you will give me what i ask for never died and will never die but please baba make it little fast baba you know my problems , what ever problems i faced i thought as your exams but just requesting you to give me baba please sai please plz plz i cant live with out your grace in my life

  • Om sachidananda sad guru sainath maharaj ki jai!!!

    Baba, please forgive me for all my sins known or unknown. But one thing baba I have never wished for anybody’s bad, even when they have robbed me in my worst crisis of life. I have been moving on just by believing in you who is always with me and protecting me with your krupakataksham and kasha a drishti. Being the master of this world you know what I have been going through till today. I have been away from my family in USA trying to give make a good life for my family. I left my son by handing over his responsibility to you as his mother, father, guru n everything to him to protect him in your chatrachaya. Today with your blessings and guidance he is turning out good as gunavanthudu. Baba, I lost my job and my family is going for visa.

    So please bless us and unite after all these 9 years almost. Please forgive us and bless us with a successfull life as me getting a good job to support my family and please grant the visa for my husband and my son this time. I know I have asked you many times to unite us, but it did not happen and we were waiting for your Krupa all these days. But this is been a very long time and we want to lead a happy life being together with happiness and success.

    You know us that we always thought about others and helped and fed the needy when we could with your ashirwad. We never wished bad for others. When you are with us and taking care of us we don,t need to think about anything except keep our strong belief in you as our savior and protector.

    Please, bless us this time baba. I can only ask you and can give you my namaskarams with sharada n Bhakti. Nothing more than this as this is all yours, you give us when we need and take anything when we don,t. Baba hum door hai ek doosrese par aapki daya se hum Kushal hai. Krupa karo baba aur hum ko kushiya dho baba taki hum hi sab ko kushiyan baatein.

    Jai shirdi sainath ki jai!!!

  • SaiBaba please bless me n my family. You are the one who got me here in this situation and you are the who will also get me through it with your protection, guidance, and blessings successfully. Please help me baba, with my interview and get me a job at the same city I am living in.

    You are my belief n hope and my strength. Please give me courage n strength to pass through the interviews to get a good job to live happy with my family. Aap hi mera Sahara, shakthi, shradha hai. Mujhe niraash mat keejiye baba. Please mera madadh keejiye aur mujhe is situation se bahar nikaliye baba. Please!

    Jai Sri sachidananda sad guru sainath maharaj ki jai!!!

  • hi sai,
    i love you sai ,
    i cannot express my feelings and pain to you ,
    i know you understand my pain and solve my every pain in my life i cry for you and i die for you ,
    please sai i cant live without you.
    please solve my all problems with less pain and i am working hard to get good job please also bless with that with what i wish
    and make my love success ,
    till now what ever done by you is accepted by me atleast now make me little happy it had been many years you testing me
    please sai please please i am waitin for the most sweetest fruit (i.e. i want carrer which i wish and happy life)
    please bless me sai please please please.
    please bless me and ammu all through out our life we want to live under your shadow

  • Om sai ram, Sri sai ram, jai jai sai ram.
    I am suffering from chronic back pain since a year… I met several doctors. No gain and I beg you, you are the sole healer of all kinds of pain.
    Relieve me from my pain and I do good whatever possible from my side…………..

    Jai Sai Ram

  • oh baba i love u. u helped me each and everything which ever happened in my life and still u r continuing the same i know coz of it only still and living happily as i told to u sai i will behave. plz bless me and u know my family situation i dont want to leave my parennts if i do so they will suffer like a boy i want to be with them till i die. u know my more personal things also sometimes i m more happy many times i m so sad but for this both situation u r the reason. baba plz give me some helping nature too. make me feel lite alway sai. be with me always

  • Sainath,
    Please forgive me for any misdeeds that I have done knowingly or un knowingly.
    Thanks a ton for standing by me in my every walk of life.Have got a son because of your immense grace. Please protect him from difficulties and keep showering your blessing on him and on our family members.
    Please help all the people in the entire world with your blessings and give peace in everybody’s life

    Tons and Tons of pranams to your Lotus Feet

    Raghavendra Naik

  • Baba,

    You very well know what problem i am undergoing in life right now. I dont know what to do. I am very much confused in life. Why am i born like this.? I feel that no body is happy because of me. Youu very well know what is runnng in my mind.

    Baba, please forgive me for the sin i hv committed. I have realised and repente a lot for it. I promise u that wl never do such a thing in mylife. Please help me, cleanse me. I am your child i dont want to do any mistakes in life.

    Baba what ever has happened in life was really unintentional. I ask ur forgiveness baba.
    Now i hav realised wat is life and how i sholud be. Please baba, forgive as i am completely surrendering myself to u.

    You can punish me or do what is rght, but plz help me change myself.
    I hav heard that therer is no bigger punishment that repenting which i am doing now


  • i love you so much sai baba.
    maza shevatchya shwasaparyant tumach naav othat rahu det. hich tumchya charni prarthana.
    i love you baba.

  • Baba,

    You are my protector and my almighty, you have always helped me to solve many problems in life, you have fulfilled all my wishes,this is to thank you as my husband got a good job in a big cmpany,thank you so much Baba!!!

  • Baba pls show Mercy on me I’m facing a lot of problem I’m job less and I have two daughters. 4& 1 years old Baba my wife n kids are also facing priblems I need to fulfil their needs but I’m helpless. All doors are closed for me baba Pls show me some way. On Sai ram.

  • Sai Baba,

    You know all my problems what i am going through. please help me to get put of them. I prayed to you .
    If i did any mistake please excuse me.I dont have any one to share my problems.
    I have one and only you.
    Sai Ram
    Sai Ram
    Sai Ram.
    I will come to Shirdi if you wish me to.
    Please bless me to do prayers and focus. i am not able to do any thing.
    Help me Baba.Help me Sai Baba
    Sai Ram, Sai Natha,Shirdi vasa

  • Om sai ram

    I will spend more time in this website to get rid of worries.

    Sab Ka Malik Ek hai

  • Sai Baba
    Please forgive us for all the misdeeds and curses that we have given to anybody knowingly and unknowingly.

    Please enlighten our soul with knowledge and devotion

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