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Sairam friends,

I have never been using my time productively for several years. I simply wasted or you can call I was too much into my own world. It was a little “Sai World” which made me closer to Sai but I must have simultaneously learned life skills. After my Father got me the car, I feared a lot to drive. I felt, its not worth fearing and tried to wake up at 5.30.A.M and drove few minutes. Somehow, I am managing but still worried about how stupid I drive. I pray Sai Baba to be with me because when I drive too slow, am disturbing others on road.

On Wednesday night, I went to Nagasai Mandir for first time in my Car. That’s because my friend came with me and guided me. I din’t know how to park and laughed a lot. Thankfully, None were behind me. So I gave the car to my friend and got down. I claimed up on terrace and offered 5 Garland to the Sai statues over there. We decided to start and I let him drive to office at night. I am really dumbo when it come’s to parking. Seems my brain is trained to walk and not drive. I am not sure how long it takes for me to really drive confidently.

I am driving but sometimes feel that since I drive too slow, I am bothering others behind me. People might be in a hurry at times to reach their destination. My friends told me not to worry about others. I also have pain in ankle and believe it will be fine in few days. My legs are used to walking…he he.. I still love walking so much and will go to Sai Baba temple by Bus and walk few minutes.

Walking in Coimbatore remembering Shirdi Saibaba

My Father told me that I must have taken interest in such things years back. When we get old, we are occupied with other responsibilities in life that we fear for things we have not experienced before. I don’t fear anymore but I am really bothered about the whole episode of learning to drive.

OK. Let’s say driving isn’t a big deal. But there’s so much I would have missed to learn. I have not used my time properly and really feel guilty about it.

I am inspired by Elon Musk and the way he has made self-driving cars a reality. I wonder how some Entrepreneurs are achieving their goals through their leadership quality and work.

I don’t have to be great but atleast must have average life skills.

Sai Baba is helping me in the whole process of making me lead a peaceful life but my I also must have been little more enthusiastic. Before I woke up, I had a dream as if I go to Shirdi during Saibaba’s life time. I saw Saibaba applying me holy ash and asking the fear to get away from me.

None will disclose their weakness. Atleast not publicly like this. I do it because when I tell my mistakes, It could help others realize they must live better and learn what ever is necessary for their life when they are young.

So what’s the moral of the article?

It’s not too late to learn anything but do not procrastinate.

It could be a new language or plan to continue education. If you like something, start learning when ever you get the right opportunity. It has become my habit when ever I meet anyone young to continue their education or learn something in the weekend or do an online course.

I used to sleep hugging Sai Satcharitra but last night I kept a book of Lord Venkateswara and slept. When I woke up, I kept my foot on the book. It was 5.30 in the morning. I immediately touched the Lord, kissed the book and requested him to forgive me. I read a story from the book which said there are 1008 Crore’s of sacred thirta in Tirumala. I love Sri Venkateswara a lot. I wish to chant his holy name for 3 days as a way of expressing my love on him.

Om Sai Ram

Om Venkatesaya Namah



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  1. Though I have an episode of learning car driving intermittently from various driving schools, my last stint of learning worked out very well, as I could still remember it well that I took driving sessions after visiting Sai Mandir. The driver also happened to be a Sai devotee that he started the classes for me after we went to Sai Mandir (at Injambakkam) and kept the car keys under Sai’s feet and then started the driving sessions for me. Now, am confident (although I have undergone few accident experiences) enough that I am driving car on my own everyday to office, successfully. Also in my initial days, I have imagined as though Sai sits next to me and he will drive when am tired. All his grace..:-)

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