Education will ferry you across the ocean of life

Sairam friends,

I don’t like it when youngters follow some Guru and waste their time saying they are doing service. That includes Shirdi Saibaba. I am like this because the journey of my life led me to this. Sai never asks you to serve him. The only thing Saibaba expects from you is to focus on your education and career.

Occassionally, I receive mails from girls who are in College saying they are not able to focus on studies or they lost interest in education etc. You might be a bad student and might face some peer pressure. That doesn’t mean you must completely quit learning. Just go with the flow and accept failures. Do not encourage friends who take you in the wrong path.

Forget the past and start freshly to focus on studies. Do not get frustrated that you could not make it to the University you desire or the course you like. Even if you go abroad for studies that doesn’t assure you a Career as you wish. So accept the reality of life and be happy with what you got.

This article is not just for students. I have come across hundreds of professionals who assume their job is safe. Unless you learn and keep learning, you can’t survive forever.

Your knowledge will help you survive no matter what factors bother your job

Last night, for the first time in several years, I slept off as soon as I came home. I hugged Sai book and asked Sai to guide me. I only got a dream of a girl who is being chased by 4-5 people in a Vehicle. She’s under a tunnel and just has a Vehicle which she has to ride manually. Somehow, she rides that and catches hold of a train which helps her escape from the enemies. When ever I have a dream, Sai will subconciously tell me a message. Basically, dream composes of two elements.

A visual and an underlying message. In this dream, I could feel the girl riding her vehicle by herself is ‘Her Knowledge” which helps her escape from enemies. Enemies are actually financial commitment and burdens which people face to lead thier life.

So from this dream, I understood Sai wants me to write an article motivating students and professionals to focus on enhancing their Knowledge and keep learning.

Many people say that I am lucky to be blessed with dream. Honestly, Sai guides me in dream not just for my wellbeing. Sai inspires me to write articles so that thousands of people worried about their Education and Career can find a way to survive.

Education and Knowledge will ferry you across the ocean of life.

Om Sai Ram


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