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The dreams I have are really from Sai. Here’s a little proof

Sairam friends,

When ever I write an article, I will have atleast few Sai children telling me that its like an answer for a problem in their life. Recently, one of my Sai friend Ashwati from Ahmedabad kept telling me that what ever I write sounds like written for her. I usually have very few Sai friends with whom I talk to as I prefer limiting with mails. I won’t be able to talk during day time and hence I request them to call at night. Last night, Ashwati was speaking to me over phone and I was listening and also spoke to her for a while. I suddenly woke up early in the morning and saw my Mobile was near my face. I took it and saw she has written “Seems you slept off..Its OK..” he he.

I was little upset because I have never slept off when someone was on call. These days I feel sleepy a lot probably since I am taking some medicines.

The dreams I have are really from Sai.

I belive in Sai and my love for Sai is as big as the ocean. I trust him with heart and soul. But right from September 2016, the dreams Sai showed me about a girl made me go through lots of confusion to the extent that I doubted if I am imagining these dreams or if it is Saibaba who’s blessing me with such dreams. I am totally shattered these days as I feel so embarrassed every minute I think why all this happened? The past 2-3 weeks, I ask this question to myself…

What will people think of me if they know how I lead my life? 

I live based on the dreams I get from Sai from 2007.  Practically speaking, I don’t want any other Sai devotee to be like me. I am like this because I have experienced what Saibaba is capable of. I also can with stand the calamity, insult and pain which I had to experience since I react to his dreams.

After several months of pleading, I got upset with Sai and told him, here after, if you show me dream, the same day, You must practically show it matches with reality. Surprisingly, The past few days, Sai seems to keep his dream in sync with what really happens the same day.

My health issue for over a year

I had a minor health issue in my stomach for over a year. I kept ignoring it and as I felt its going to naturally get cured as time passes on. I literally suffered a lot. After a stage, my Mom started scolding me that its a bad habit that I never visit a Doctor saying its a minor issue. 6 month back, I consulted the same Doctor where I take my Mom. He gave me medicines which only got me more sick. I told my Mom that these medicines are not working for me and stopped having medicines. I adjusted with the health issue and believed Sai will cure me on his own.

Couple of month back, it got worse and hence I consulted another Doctor. He gave me couple of tablets and asked me to try that for 30 days. I started having it for 2 weeks but there was not even a slight change. I thought this medicine too is not healing me and stopped having the same. I used to simply lie my Mom when ever she asks if I had tablets. I felt why should you have medicine if its not gonna cure you? 2 weeks back, I had a strange dream. I just saw a green tablet in the dream but the tablet was exaggerated in size. I suddenly woke up and felt like this

“May be, Sai wants me to continue that Green tablet alone”.

Actually, the Doctor prescribed 2 different medicines – One was in Green and the other was as usual in White color. Since I saw green tablet in dream, I started having that alone every morning before breakfast.

Surprisingly, When ever I have the green tablet, I feel better these days.

(I am not telling my exact health issue and the tablet name etc because I don’t want anyone to try it on their own without consulting a Doctor)

Anyway, I still have some issues but after more than 16 month, I feel really better. I feel Saibaba has answered my prayers.

So what’s the moral of the story?

1.The dreams I get are really from Saibaba. Atleast, I am happy that I did not imagine anything and assume that its from Sai.

2. Sai’s words in dream are true. 

I would have never got cured of my health issue, had I not taken the Green tablet again regularly. May be, Sai felt, I helped you go to the right Doctor who gave you the right medicine but you did not had patience to see if it works. Secondly, its not the tablet that matters. According to me, its Sai’s “Words” of assurance which has cured me.

I must also say that I am not completely OK but I feel relaxed! Honestly relaxed that Sai is taking care of me.

This is just a very very small proof to tell the world how true are Sai’s words of assurance through his dreams. Its OK that I have to go through painful embarrassment as I reacted to his dreams too fast. I never know what bad karma made me suffer like this?

I am supposed to suffer because I would have certainly done some sin to some girl in some birth. So in this birth, I must do something good for women. Having said that, You can’t differentiate between a Man and a Women when you wanna do good.

Let’s say a girl writes to me that she is facing problem in a Career. Does that mean that there are no Men who are facing problem in their career?

The whole issue of “Women empowerment” is misleading in many cases. It really matters for countries where Women are treated very badly but certainly not in western countries where Women have all opportunities to succeed.

Sometime back, I found Fei-Fei Li. Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University; Chief Scientist of AI/ML, Google Cloud speaking about Artificial Intelligence. Suddenly, her speech diverted to how important is it to help girls take Computer science and Technology as their career and if I am not wrong she even had a Summer camp in Stanford University for girls. I admire her a lot but why only help girls? There are guys who need equal attention.

United States is a country of opportunities. If girls in the U.S can’t make it big themselves then imagine what will a girl in Arab or Afgan countries would do?

Let’s take India for example. I see there are several advantages a Girl in metro city  have over girls who live in small towns. A girl writing me from Bangalore that she doesn’t have a good career can somehow end up in a good job. The same takes years to happen for a girl in Arunachal pradesh or Assam.

So even if you wanna do something good specifically to girls, its important to see which geography and society we are catering. 

I come across so many girls in India who have all opportunities to make it big in their life but they just don’t need it. They need a job to survive. They want to marry the guy they are in love with, have children. That’s it. I hardly come across girls who have a desire beyond this.

Why I am bothered? Because I am not doing anything spiritual in StarSai. I am here to change someone’s life. I am here to make people take one step ahead in their otherwise normal life. You can make your life exciting if only you change your goals and live for a greater cause. What ever I lost in my life is because of my ignorance. Do you want to loose several years being ignorant like me and then regret later?

Keep working for your life.

Sai may not guide you in dream but Sai really cares for you and he will guide you someway.

Saibaba has different ways to guide each one of us.

I am working on planning what good I can do for others. Honestly, its getting late. I have few years to go and nothing is getting shape. As of now, I am just surviving by Sai grace!



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