Beautiful Murugan of Marudhamalai on a full moon day

Marudhamalai temple
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

On Saturday, I went to a Siddhi Vinayaka temple and walked to Kamakshi Amman and Annapurna temple. Then, I went to Nagasai Mandir and spend few minutes there. Padma aunty said that Sai Baba wanted her to light 1116 lamps and asked if there’s a temple in Coimbatore to light so many lamps. I also felt like doing it and hence started light 60 lamps in Shirdi Sai Baba temple and hope I will be able to do it as long as Sai wishes. As of now, I have planned to do it 21 days when ever I reach Sai Baba temple before 8.15 at night.

Beautiful Murugan of Marudhamalai on a full moon day

On Sunday, I went to Sai Baba temple in the morning and was speaking to my friends in the flower shop. I sat in their shop for an hour and simply talking. I like these guys a lot. Then, I came home, had lunch and did some work. The day before, I had a dream as if I am walking in the foot steps of a hill temple which can be seen from my office. So I believed, Lord Murugan wanted me to come to Marudhamalai.

I took bus to Marudhamalai listening to some of my favorite songs.

The whole weekend, I would have listened to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams numerous time.  What a beautiful song is it? I have memories of the days when I kept listening to songs and I wonder if those days will come back in my life. I especially like the below lines in the song…

“Standin’ on your mama’s porch
You told me that it’d last forever
Oh, and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life”

Everyone can relate to these words.

It will make you remember something that’s too personal to you.

I thought its good to remember Murugan and started chanting his holy name. I had severe leg pain and decided to wear foot-wear and walk over the steps in the Marudhamalai hill. After worshiping suyambu Vinayakar, I found some devotees walking with their bare foot. I felt this is what Sai Baba showed me in dream the previous day. It was like several devotees are having Annadhan (Food) kept over a Banana leaf and I am walking without minding them. I realized the steps of Marudhamalai hill are sacred as food and we must not wear foot-wear while climbing atleast when its not too hot to bear.

So I removed my foot-wear under a tree and started walking bare foot. I felt happy and kept chanting holy name of Murugan and Sai.

I reached on top of Marudhamalai and worshiped Pancha Mukhi Vinayakar. After lighting 2 lamps, I stood in the que. I did not wanted to get special entrance ticket. Devotees were chanting in praise of Lord Murugan. I saw Murugan was surprisingly beautiful today. He was in Red color dress decorated with sandal wood paste. I thanked him for all that he has done to our family.

Then, I worshiped Pateeswarar and Maragadhaambal.

I walked towards the front of the temple and found many people were taking photos with their mobile phones.

So here’s it for you…

Love these colors which made me feel presence of Murugan every where and in Sky too!

Marudhamalai temple

Marudhamalai temple Gopuram on a full moon day

Two ladies were having dosa which they got from home sitting adjascent to these huge door of Marudhamalai Gopuram. I stood there trying to compose the photo with my mobile which hardly can do good photography. Wish I buy a DSLR soon.


Full Moon shining through the Gates of Marudhamalai Gopuram

Beautiful Coimbatore is always under care of this sweet Murugan


Coimbatore Lights

Then, I went to the Aadhi Moolasthanam and had darshan of Murugan, Valli and Dhaivaanai. I love this little Murugan a lot as he’s very powerful.

I walked down the steps when it was too dark and got bus to Sai Baba temple.

I got 63 lamps from shop, applied Kumkum over the lamps quickly and lit them. I kept chanting holy name of Sai and Lord Murugan while lighting lamps

sai baba coimbatore

You can see the lamps reflecting in Sai baba’s holy feet

Here’s lamps which shining with my love for Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Murugan.

Divine Lamps

Divine Lamps

I am going to take my Car ( Which my Father gifted) home today from showroom. My little car. It’s really important for me to drive carefully because I don’t want to bother others.

I will be going to Sai Baba temple now.

And I miss Lord Murugan’s photo in this article.

Probably, we must see him everywhere.

This Murugan of Marudhamalai rules Coimbatore!

Love him and the city for it’s a part of my life and what I am today.

Who can be more beautiful than Murugan?

I am in hurry now..

Sai blessings,


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  • Happy for your new car and the tremendous patience and dedication.Good luck and God Bless.

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