Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple with Amma and Appa

Sairam friends,

This morning, I had a dream which made me feel I should take my Amma to some temple near by Coimbatore. I was bored at home also. My Amma was saying that she has pain and hence I wanted to take her out.

We started at 4.30 in the evening and I enjoyed the drive. I liked bypass road which leads to Avinashi Lingeshwarar temple. When I did not had job for a month, I had this desire to take my parents to temples whenever they feel healthy enough to travel. So I am happy for such small drives.

Avinashilingam temple
Avinashilingam temple

We reached Avinashi Lingeshwarar temple by 6 PM. I took videos and photos as we walked into the temple complex. ( In Shirdi, they call the whole area of Samadhi mandhir and other places as Saibaba temple complex). So I use the word complex. Venkat Smiles*

We bought 6 lamps and Vilva garland for Lord Shiva. My Amma and Appa light lamps infront of Kal Bhairav and I lit 2 lamp for Lord Shiva in the form of Avinashiappar.

We were standing infront of Lord Shiva and had beautiful darshan. One man was shouting at my Father to move slightly so that they can have darshan of Shiva but my Father moved a bit, looked them back and did what he wants to do. Standing straight infront of Lord Shiva..he he

Avinashilingam Sundaramoorthy Nayanar
Sundaramoorthy Nayanar’s story of how Crocodile gave back a boy to their parents

(The above statue infront of the Avinashilingam temple represents the miraculous incident. Sundaramoorthy Nayanar was passing by the temple when he saw 2 homes – One where they were celebrating upayanayam for a boy and the other home where they were in sorrow and their parents were in tears.

8 years back, the 2 boys were caught by a Crocodile. One of the boy escaped but the other boy was swallowed by the Crocodile. Had he been alive, the other home also would have been happy and they would have celebrated Upanayanam for their Son. On realizing this painful story, Sundarar sang on praise of Lord Shiva. Water was gushing into the river which other wise was dry and the Crocodile emerged from it. From its mouth came the fully grown 8 year old boy. Thus the parents were happy to get their Son back by grace of Lord Shiva)

Avinashiappar temple pond
Temple pond

As we walked out, I helped my Amma to take small steps to see Goddess Gajalakshmi. Then, we saw Lord Murugan. My Appa takes care of Ganesha temple in our colony with his friends and often takes pictures in his mobile. So he asked me to take photos.

Though I din’t liked it, I took photo or Murugan. Immediately the man who was serving in the temple and the priest started preaching that we should not take photos etc etc. I asked them to calm down and apologized.

The man who complained not to take photo of Murugan probably felt bad for what he said. So he gave some flowers and asked us to offer to the God.

Then, we walked out and went to Perum Karunai Amman temple. Goddess Parvathi here could be translated to “The most merciful Goddess”.

I usually feel bad whenever they ask devotees to sit in temple. My Mom can’t sit down and hence she stood leaning on the pillar. We were waiting for them to open the screen.Suddenly, my Mom felt too tired and asked for water. I was little concerned but thankfully, she was feeling better by Sai grace.

The priest showed Aarti for Goddess Perum Karunai Ambal and I felt blissful. She really is most merciful Goddess.

I kept water bottle in my palm and had darshan of Goddess. I was thinking if my Mom asks for water, I should be able to immediately give it to her. Thankfully, my Mom was fine. As soon as my Mom had fresh air, she felt better.

Avinashilingam temple Gopuram
Avinashilingam temple Gopuram

We sat outside the temple for 5 minutes and then went to near by temple of Lord Vishnu.

Then, we went to a Hanuman temple. The Hanuman here was tiny and I immediately realized he’s the Hanumanji who came in my dream last week.

I saw a cute little Hanumanji in dream

Then, We came out and had Coffee which Mom bought in Car. I usually avoid Coffee for the past 2 years. Today, I had little Coffee.

Then, We took the highway to Coimbatore instead of the bypass. We had dinner in a restaurant and then I took route towards my home. I told my Amma and Appa that I wanted to show the place I work and hence took them into the campus.

I told them that Coimbatore should have more IT Parks but thankfully, there are atleast 2-3 as of now.

It was raining as we reached home and I felt good. My Amma and Appa also felt good. I sent photos to my Sister all through the journey.

In my new job, guys keep ask me what I do during weekends? Well..What can I say?

I never have interest in watching Movies or going to a mall without a need to buy something. I am also not a foodie to taste in different restaurants.

I can’t call myself religious but that’s how I spent my time during weekends. Either I work on some projects online or I go out to temples. I also walk a bit whenever I find time.

I enjoy spending time with my Amma and Appa. My Mom and Dad should be healthy. I pray Sai to heal them and bless them.

My prayers for all Sai children who read this.

Om Sai Ram



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