Arunachaleswarar Temple Thiruvannamalai Temple of lord shiva

Sairam friends,

By grace of Sai i wish to have darshan of Lord Arunachaleswarar in Thiruvannamalai .

Karthigai Deepam : The great Light of God on Holy hills :

The temple is known for its holy deepam ( jyothi ) which is lit over the mountain every year during the month of Karthigai.

Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar statue kept during navratri festival
Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar statue kept during Navratri festival

Thiruvannamalai is situated in Tamilnadu and well connected by Bus from Chennai and other places in Tamilnadu.

The Holy mountain is so sacred that thousands of devotees come around the entire hill every month during pournami ( full moon day ). Its known as Giri valam

Since I have not been gifted so far to do a pilgrimage to Thiruvannamalai am not able to write many friends. I have heard there are

Saint Ramana Maharishi :

Ramana maharishi ashram and also ashram of sheshadri swamigal. The saint who served in Shirdi from 1954 to 1996 Sivanesan Swamiji was with Ramana maharishi for 3 years after which he went to Shirdi. Now there’s a samadhi of Sivanesan Swamiji 3 km from Shirdi temple.

Om Namah Shivaya


3 thoughts on “Arunachaleswarar Temple Thiruvannamalai Temple of lord shiva”

  1. om sai ram

    om arunachaleswaraya namaha

    today i got shiva image(sai by google i didnt found that image starsai that image mentioned below work!!!

    anyway today is saniprodhosam so i think its a gift for me from god:)
    i keep it namah shivaya
    om saieswaraya namaha

    god bless u and ur family always venkat sir…
    i will pray for your constant gurubakthi this and coming rebirths

    i think ur parents did so many pradhosa pooja’s that’s y god gave them u as a gift..

    om sai ram

  2. Hi venkat ..will u please write about lord arunachaleswarar ..I Dnt know nything about the Lords u worship in South India. Jai sai ram.

    Edit: Sure. When Saibaba gives me experiences about Lord Arunachaleswarar, I shall write about him – Venkat

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