Trying to build a holy place in my heart for beautiful Goddess of 3 cities – Tripura Sundari

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Sairam friends,

In the past couple of weeks, I kept remembering Goddes Shakti in the form of Tripura Sundari. She’s also known as Shri Lalith Tripura Sundari. It was Saibaba who inspired me to remember Mother Goddess.

As her name describes she’s –

“Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities”

I had the following dream 10-15 days back

There’s a painting of Goddess Mahalakshmi in my room. I saw Adi Sankara instead of Mahalakshmi in the photo. He was also blessing me with a gift I would treasure for lifetime. This dream happened when I was also inclined towards the beautiful sloka composed by saint Adi Sankara – Soundharya Lahari. I am reading a book written by Lakshmeeswar who lived hundreds of years ago. The book details the greatness of Soundharya Lahari.

My usual habit is to imagine as if Sai and Gods or Goddess I think about are living in my own heart. I do this by building a temple for them in imagination. At times, I also imagine as if I am in Dwarakamai with Sai and worshipping the Goddess Tripura Sundari. She has such a beautiful name and name itself describes her beauty. On remembering Goddess in any form you love, you will be blessed with her immense love flowing towards you.

When you remember Tripura Sundari, she starts to manifest in your heart. She will start to work on your life.

Many of you write me with your problems. I understand its painful to come out of few issues. You must try to divert your mind focussing on something more useful and productive.

Your life will be good

Few years back, I write below article.

A dream of “Shri Vidya ” – Goddess Durga and Shirdi Sai baba leela

Copying some words from the same

My request to all Durga and shirdi saibaba devotees

1. Keep your mind and ego on check every minute

2. Make sure only good thougts are encouraged.

3. Be true to your mother, sister, father and wife, children and be responsible to them.

4. Never be greedy. Never. Some one may earn bigger than you irrespective of your hardwork you still remain in low status. This is his purya dont feel sai has not helped you.

5. Good thoughts leads to good actions..So be happy for good thoughts

6. Do good karma…good work..always do any good work that helps you, your family and the society as whole.

7. Don’t expect immediate results or results itself…do your work and be happy in the lap of goddess like child.

8. The entire concept of Shakti devotion like goddess durga devotion is to accept her as our mother and so we all become her children . The problems in universe are seen as play of goddess and the one who holds the feet of Goddess Durga – Thiripura sundari and Saints like shirdi saibaba are sure to cross this wordly ocean safe.

Om Sri Sai Ram


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