Shirdi Saibaba photo in Coconut lamps Pooja

By | October 9, 2011

Sairam friends,

In 2007,i used to light Coconut Lamps for shirdi saibaba regularly at home and wrote article in below link

Shirdi Saibaba Coconut lamps pooja

I received below mail from a Sai devotee who was inspired by the article and lit coconut lamps for sai in her house.

1st day saibaba statue arrive my home. Second day, I did this pooja at home (6/10/2011,7.15pm) . Sai baba really beautifull on this coconut lamp. Please upload my photo to your website. Thank you. Sai will always bless you. – Gomathi A/P Krishnan

Here’s Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba Photo shining with Coconut lamps lit by Gomathi

shirdi saibaba coconut lamps pooja

Shirdi Saibaba photo taken by sai devotee Gomathi from Malaysia with coconut lamps

I love this purticular Shirdi Saibaba Photos to show as example for Coconut lamps pooja because see how the devotee has keep 2 ever silver plate and also some stuff below cocos to make sure it stands steady !

Hundreds of Shirdi Saibaba devotees has read that  Coconut lamps pooja for Shirdi Sai Baba and asked me one question.

“Sairam  Venkat, what should i do with the coconuts after the ghee/oil is over?”

The answer is simple –

What will you do with the lemon when lemon lamps are lit, Obviously you will dispose it but when it comes to coconut, sometimes the inner part becomes dark as that also burns and sometimes it looks edible.

I don’t recommond cleaning and having it as prasad. My humble request is please let it cool off few hours, Sprinkle water to make sure theres no fire or smoke and then

1.Drop in a garden or bushes or under trees ( if you have garden in home)


2. Once its completely cooled,its ok to drop it in the Dust BIN.

The use of coconut is only untill the lamps are glowing…once its done, you can throw them to dustbin and its ok to do it. I believe some  devotees think about washing the coconut and have the inner part as prasad but in India, we can never say  oil and ghee are available in various prices. Some can afford good quality and some can’t . So better follow above instructions.

Lighting coconut Lamps:

Please read the link in beginning of this article if you also like to Light coconut lamps pooja for sainath Maharaj.

I request you to remember the following friends :

To Light coconut lamps you can use


2.Gingelly oil ( Til oil, Nal ennai as they call in tamil)

3. Coconut oil too but i recommond Pure Ghee to be more auspicious as anything that comes from cow brings auspiciousness)

1.Be very careful while lighting coconut lamps and keep a eversilver or bronze plate and make sure it stands steady. Do not light coconut lamps if you dont have a safe place at home. Make sure you remain in home when lamps are takes few hours if you use Ghee.

If you have to go out then dip the wicks inghee and make sure its completely off and then move.Keep in safe distance from children…They can worship but you must keep an eye on them.

2.Use thick wicks...i mean many wicks togather to light coconut lamps as its going to glow big and beautiful. If you light in open area in temple etc, wind cant put off lamps with thick wicks.( some temples many not allow coco lamps…make sure they do and some family members may not like see if all cooperates…i dont want to create problem in your house…ha ha)

3. Once Ghee /Oil is over, sometimes the coconut itself burns along with wicks. Personally i allow it to happen as i work with Dhuni with high fire while cleaning it and i believe sai will always make sure its safe for us. ..if you feel its unsafe, try to put off by using any flowers or any other safe means or sprinkle water carefuly. Then let it cool off few minutes and then sprinkle water..drop in garden or better in Dust bin after allowing atleast 5 to 10 hours to cool off.

For more information on Pooja , follow below link..

Shirdi Saibaba Coconut lamps pooja

Sainath maharaj bless you




9 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba photo in Coconut lamps Pooja

  1. narayanan t v

    i started doing sai pooja from 1986. This year in august i was down by a disease – not known for 7 days – known as TETNUS – not able to drink or eat anything. Hospitelised 15 days. One month cud not sleep. Ultimately escaped fm death. Only by SAI BABA blessings.

    OM SAI SAI SAI …..

  2. Anju Roy

    Om Sairam
    Dear Venkat

    I accidently came acroos ur site. Really have fallen in love with it. especially the Sai speaks seems actually REAL. I now visit everyday. Did the lemon lamps pooja also. U are doing a grrrt job!!!!!

  3. sandeep mishra

    thank u very much .that I m adevotee of sai since 1997,and every thursday the pooja and bhajans are organised at our house about 30 to 40 members are present for pooja orchana.thank u once again.if any suggestion for us please.

    sandeep mishra

  4. Shweta

    Om Sai Ram.

    Im great devotee of sai baba, after gone into website i felt so good , positive changes in me. N Dwarkmai speaks actually guide me in my hard time. and i jst want to thank you sooo much. these website has given me so much and also changed me into better human being.

  5. Shaveta Satish Agarwal

    Thank u so much for telling about lemon and coconut lamps.I was not aware of dis.each n every word of yours related to Sai Baba ji is true.He is realy great,He is different from every other God or Goddess.I havw also experienced so many times His presence wid me,so many times He used to come in my dreams nd filled me wid his grace and blessings.I really love my Sai Baba sooooooooo much.



    I likeur webste coconut & lemon lamps
    I m also sai devotee . my laptop display sai baba picture my cellphone display sai baba my moble ringtone sai baba my mobile caller tune sai baba my pen also sai baba All for me sai

  7. Nanthini

    When i read this page in last year i do the prays at my home for few weeks,i can feels the different is happen in my live. but after that i was stop it. but i want to continue again

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