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Shirdi Saibaba blessings by Lighting coconut lamps :

There are some shirdi saibaba devotees who mail me asking how to gain blessings of sai. As for as i know theres only one easy way.To be true to your self and sais teachings.If you have good mind filled with pure thoughts , surely sai will bless you with peace and prosperity in life. So whats the significance of doing a Puja called "Coconut lamps puja". Well, it has something to do with mind. Though all of us are children of sai, we are influenced by the Maya played by this mordern world and its really hard to keep our mind in peace.

Anger, Lust,ego,pride and greedy feeling emerges in us once in a while and we do some mistakes because of which our mind faces pains.By the grace of Shirdi saibaba , i learnt Lighting coconut lamps helps us keep our mind in a good state .This made me spread the value of lighing coconut lamps.

As i always used to say, do anything you wish to offer to shirdi saibaba only if you feel sai wants you to do it. Don't do it just because i request you to.Its sai who made you come to this site and i am sure sai knows what to get from you to give you back in 10 folds. Sometimes shirdi sai gives us pains but thats just to wash away our past karma.When sai shows us a good path of spirituality like reading good books, going to a good temple, doing a pooja etc, it means sai wants you to show devotion to God in such ways so as to fulfill your desires.So read on about the value,sacredness and divinity of coconut lamps and do it yourself if you like it.....

Value of Lighting Coconut Lamps :

By the grace of Shirdi saibaba while i was making the site , i came across a message that Moon God is associated with a persons "Mind". Few shirdi sai devotees mail me saying they don't have concentration in their work,studies and also always their mind is oscilating from one thought to another. When you are having problems in relationship issues also , your mind gets disturbed and you never have peace. Sometimes you feel that you have everything but theres no peace in life.Mind is also responsible for taking proper decisions in personal and professional life. So a very good way to make our mind gain some strength and peace is to worship shirdi saibaba ,Moon God , Parvathi , Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi by lighting Lamp in coconut .

Little information i know about impact of Moon in humans life :

Here's what i have learnt from my mom about Moon and its effect on human life. Every 15 days we will enter phase called "Chandrastakam" when the Planet Moon is in 8 place for our sign. During these times we might face little hurdels in work place,while we travel, some hurting words from friends/coworkers etc .When the Moon is in 8th place it is said to effect the way our mind works and spoils our strength of mind.Thats why its good if you avoid taking important decisions during the "chandrastamam days". Am sorry for taking you in to such beliefs .I write this just because my mom belives it a lot .

The other information i learnt about Moon is that my Guru Sai is that Moon God has all the secrets of Atma.I don't want to reveal few other information which i wish to say only when i meet them in person.

The above 2 information is just to help you understand that Moon has real impact on a humanbeings mind.

Offering Coconut Lamps to shirdi saibaba and Moon God :

You don't have to believe in astrology or spiritual facts .You just need a solution to gain peace of mind and gain blessings of Sai for your wishes to be fulfilled in your studies , career and personal life. I have really experienced the power of Lighting coconut lamps.

Coconut Lamps is All Natural Lamp and Most powerful :

The little earthern lamps made of mud is considered very sacred .I have habit of lighting various lamps past many years but only in the month of september 2007, i suddenly got interest in lighting coconut lamps.Every day , i used to get a Coconut from Nagasai mandhir and light coconut lamps all night infront of Shirdi saibaba, Garbarakshambigai , A sai satchartia book, Lord Murugan and Thirupathi. I will do prayers only for 20 to 40 minutes. Then i will start my work and pour oil or ghee once in a while to let the coconut lamps glow untill the early morning of next day.

Its always good to light any lamp in mornings or evenings but shirdi sai has no rules.I get time only during night times and also like the idea of letting the lamps burning all night and it will also be there in early mornings of next day. Gradually i experienced the power of Lighting coconut lamps. It really gave me a peace of mind.

If we think nicely, we will realize the other lamps has something artificial to do with it. Only the coconut lamps are all natural. So i felt its really powerful as nature has a beauty and sacredness of its own.

How to make Coconut Lamps :

I always take real care when ever i ask you to do something. Please do not light coconut lamps if you don't know how to break coconut or if you are not sure if you can take care of the lamp glowing all the next 5 to 6 hours. Make sure theres nothing near the coconut lamps or in that room which can catch fire...i mean keep the tray of coconut lamps infront of God and make sure everything else is kept in safe distance.

1.Take a coconut and break it into two halves.I dont know how people abroad breaks coconuts .I have "Aruvaal" in my house...he he...For sai's sake please take utmost care when you break coconut .Its really better if you get two good halves so that you can pour Ghee or oil in it and light lamps.

2.Try to find a big ever-silver plate or tray and you must have somelittle things to hold the coconut from sliding in sideways...I usually keep three earthern lamps on the plate and in between keep each half of the coconut so that it wont fall side ways. Then apply Kumkum or sacred ash you have on four sides or coconut.

3.My Guru says always better to use Ghee to light coconut lamps. I used ghee and sometimes Oil. If you light coconut lamps only to please the Moon God, you can use Coconut oil but i have not tried it myself.

4 . Join 2-4 small cotton wicks and make it thick....Place the wicks in each half of coconut.

5.Keep the tray of coconut lamps or shirdi saibaba statue or shirdi sai photo in any place of your convinence in a safe distance.

6. Light the lamps and now you can see the beautiful coconut lamps glowing our sai's face.

7.Offer water or milk or any of our favourit sweets,fruits , food to Shirdi saibaba and pray whole heartedly. You can read few chapters from sai satcharita or recite shirdi saibaba astothram, mantra or sloka of any god or Goddess you love. The coconut lamps will glow for long time even 6 hours .So make sure you always take care of it. Be careful when ever you light lamps and don't allow children to play with it.

Pray to Mood God and Shirdi saibaba to give your strength of mind to face your life. Pray Goddess Saraswathi to bless you with concentration and Pray Mahalakshmi to bless you with all prosperity and achievments in your career.

Coconut Lamps on Monday and Thursday :

You can light coconut lamps on any day you feel like. If you want to please Moon God its good if you light coconut lamps on Monday morning from 6 AM to 7 AM. Its called "Chandran oorai time" and i really dont know meaning of it. Mondays are days auspecious for Moon God and Thursday for Guru - Lord Dakshinamurthy. So light coconut lamps on these days to gain Gods blessings.

Giveup ego, pride,unwanted desires and lust - Only then your prayers will be answered :

Friends, I always wanted to spread little things that children of sai can do to gain blessings of God. I really don't know if what ever i write are useful for you or not but atleast remember prayers has powers and someday your prayers will be answered. Coconut lamps , lemon lamps or any lamps has value of its own.

What matters is your devotion on shirdi saibaba with pure mind. If you don't change internally , life wont change externally.

I have seen few come to Shirdi saibaba temple regularly, they wil light lamps, do abishekam for baba , offer dakshina and the moment they go out of temple, they will only do sins because of their ego and unwanted desires. When ever you have a wish, first ask baba if it will do good to you and your family. Then only pray sai to help you fulfill the wish.

What to do with coconuts after Coconut lamps Pooja ? click here

Photography of Shirdi Saibaba with a Coconut lamp offering :

On 25:10:2007 , It was a full moon day and also thursday.I lit coconut lamps during the night time and let it glow the entire night of full moon. To spread the value of lighting coconut lamps for shirdi saibaba and to inspire you with the beauty of coconut diya, i have taken these photographs.


Share your experience and doubts :

If you have any doubts or want to share your experiences , please feel free to write to me at . I usually reply when i have time. Dont worry. Sai will bless you with peace , happiness and prosperity if you show pure hearted devotion on him.

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