If Saibaba is easily available, its hard to know his worth.

Sairam friends,

Sai, please help me know his worth

I realized that I have bothered everyone around me and disturbing them. I feel its better to be calm but naturally I can’t shut my mouth and keep quiet. Last night when I reached home my Father was not well which made me feel its better to be calm and not ruin others happiness and peace of mind.

Couple of days back, I saw this TV channel in Tamil called Sai Tv and wondered if there’s a necessity of  a TV Channel for Sai? May be or may be not?  People complain that I always think negatively in every issue but the truth is that I try to go from alternative thought to positive thought.

One reason is that Guru’s grace must be rarity. 15 years back, If you you are out in the road in Chennai, you will hardly see any Vehicles having Shirdi Saibaba photo or sticker. Today, within 5 to 10 minutes you will certainly atleast see the name Sai in some vehicle. Its good to see so many people in India being a Sai devotee but Sai must not become easily available.

If Saibaba is easily available, its hard to know his worth.

Today, Millions of Sai children easily go to Shirdi. Sai does say that only if he calls, his devotee can reach Shirdi. Which clearly means, Sai is affectionately calling many of his children to Shirdi. I just wonder if we all, including me actually once thought how much some devotees was tested by Saibaba to enter Dwarakamai?

Just because we are able to touch Dwarakamai in Shirdi, it doesn’t mean, Sai is happy with out behaviour. Sai is just adjusting our impurities because he looks at us as kids. We all are basically ruined and spoilt due to our desire.


Coming back to if its OK to have an exclusive channel for Saibaba, fine. Its all great. My Father was happily listening to few songs until he changed to a travel channel. I was happy as devotees can get connected to Saibaba when ever they are bored.

And there’s a self justification – If there’s a website like StarSai dedicated to Sai, why not a TV channel for Baba? They are doing good too. Appreciate it.

Now, there’s another question – Am I writing only about Sai?

I mostly touch my personal life . At times, I write about humanity, about ordinary Indians, about doing good etc.

So here’s my request

Do not stick to Sai alone.

Go behind everything that’s “Good” and that also is a way of showing love to Sai.

Did Saibaba say that only if you go to his temple or read Sai Satcharita alone your life will be good.

Never once – Never once Sai uttered that you must focus only on him.

Here’s how you can deal with this

Keep Sai as a center of everything else in your life.

Sai must be the Sun of your Universe.

But read, learn and enjoy everything good in this universe.

Just deep inside you think “Sai Sai Sai”.

When devotees write to me saying they don’t have a job, I don’t ask them to do pooja or worship Saibaba.

I ask them what’s their profile and make them feel more confident. Ask them to hunt for job with energy. Request them to learn something new. If they are just starting their career, plead them not to worry about salary and pick up any job for that matter.

Now you might understand why focussing on Sai alone can’t help in life.

Sai must be inside you. Everything else is a ripple caused by this Sai.

Keep working and live your life.

Keep Sai inside yourself- Secretly. Only then, You will know his worth.

Om Sai Ram


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Disclaimer – The article is not written offencing anyone or any organization. I expressed what I felt as another ordinary Sai devotee.

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  • Sairam venkat,
    I want to say something about it.
    Actually focussing on Sai is good but do we really focus on him .. coz I am trying to do this and I find it very difficult to focus on him (here focus doesn’t mean watching his channel ..listening to his songs alone )
    Actually focussing is surrendering ourselves to him totally ..and let him burn our bad habits ..bad thoughts in his dhuni..and we all know we can’t ” focus” on him alone in this kind of life as we all our busy in our lives fulfilling our worldly desires it’s better what we do ..we do it the right way .I thought it’s so easy to be good but intensely trying to avoid a bad habit.. a single bad habit is proving so hard for me I can say there’s difference in just saying and actually doing something.
    We all just say things “I love sai” but actually do we? We love him till he gets us what we want and then what ,..
    We spread our hands begging things..Sai please do this do that but very few of us try to do what Sai will love to see us doing.
    Really felt like I am so selfish ..I have been so selfish.we all are ..But our guru he’s so kind he doesn’t only love his devotees but also those who don’t believe in him.Can we do this a person who always abuses you ..insults you .Forget loving.. can we even think of helping him in need .

    So we can’t focus in Sai unless our desires fade away and that’s not possible untill we do some penance like baba.
    Only watching his channel or reading Sai satcharita is not enough I know but’s necessary to motivate us to walk on his path.I would have never donated food if I didn’t read Sai satcharita .I would not have felt him so close if I couldn’t know him a little through his books,songs..So it’s the first step to his bhakti.
    You do it ..whether to pass time or seriously but you would benefit ..there will be one moment when you’re gonna do something wrong and suddenly your mind will rewind the things baba said or did (which you read in satcharita) and then its upon you continue doing that wrong thing or stop but somewhere regret will take its place if you avoided baba’s teachings ..

    And thats the first step towards him.
    It’s just my point of view ..we cant be perfect .we are human but trying to be good as much as we can . is what is perfect devotee for Sai. jai sainath

    Edited – Agreed! Venkat

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