Sai will work on your mind to bring in transformation

Sairam friends,

This morning, I was complaining Saibaba that he has just played around with me and my emotions. I don’t regret trusting his words but he must atleast convey the message to everyone that I only followed him blindly. Now, Sai doesn’t seem to react and left me alone.

Later, I realized that I must not complain like this to Sai.

Sai seems to be calm and composed but he is actively working for you. Sai is working somewhere, some way for you to do well in life.

One of the difficult task is to make others realize that the path they take is wrong. I have immense faith that Saibaba will work on their mind to bring in transformation.

People who are good will certainly realize Saibaba is showing them the right way and adopt to better decision.

Truth must always win and hence I plead Saibaba to show me a way.

Do not worry that Sai baba is not bothering you and keeping silence.

Sai is working hard to make your life good.

Changing one’s attitude or idea about some issue is possible only by Sai and hence I leave it to him.

I want to abide by Sai’s words and will sacrifice my life for his words.

Om Sai Ram


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