Sai is really living and communicating with you when ever you are about to take a wrong decision

Sairam friends,

The other day, I was telling Saibaba that he doesn’t do little miracles he has done to me before. Once, When I was deeply sleeping holding a little Saibaba statue in my palm, the statue vibrated. I woke up thinking it could be my mobile vibrating but it was the Sai statue. I realized its too late for me to start to work. That was the first day for me as I joined the new office and hence probably, Sai wanted me to be on time.

Later, I had similar experience when Sai statue vibrated to convey a message. I never spread such miracles in StarSai because it will happen very rarely or even once in 3-4 years. We all have a bad habit of expecting such a stuff from Sai often. I myself complain Sai this way.

When you are so powerful and have helped me a lot with your miracles, why not solve this specific problem.

Well….Sai won’t answer. That’s why he never helps us at times because we ask for it for each and every situation in our life.

Currently, I was again deciding if I should be on my own or continue working in the same place. Sai hinted me this morning at 5. 48 A.M that I must continue being in the same place and must not take wrong decision. I was surprised because I felt his touch. Why should he do it?

May be, this isn’t the right time for me to be on my own or switch. I must accept what ever stupidity happening around me and move on with my life. People don’t know how Sai communicates with them but Sai really does. Sometimes, Sai speaks to you through your parents. At times, through a very good friend of yours and some times, through dreams. Trust me, dreams are confusing though. It takes lots of experience to understand how Sai works.

I don’t really like to spread the message which associates Sai with miracles because everyone wants that alone.

Basically, Sai cares for you and communicates to you in subtly. When Sai is silent, understand he believes you can manage or he trusts you can go through the failure or disappointment.

This is a sweet Saint.

Sweet heart of Shirdi

Understand him.

Learn to listen to him


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