Sai gave me enough experience to perceive girls I come across as kids

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

There’s this beautiful saying by Shirdi Saibaba

“I will grant my devotees what ever he wants until he asks for what I have in abundance”.

And what Sai has in abundance. They call it spiritual wealth or wisdom. I personally believe Sai actually means he has a dream to build a better human being which you are not today. Sai will finally give you all that you need to become a better person.

I wrote the saying as I remember it now and it may not be exact words. The point is all the devotion you show on Saibaba is not to get what you want. Sai might gradually work on your mind and change yourself. Sai will change the way you see the world.

Sai will destroy your desire and help you discover the diamond in your soul.

As I grow older and see my parents getting weaker, I often get a fear what I am going to do in life with out this beautiful Mom and Dad? I cannot even imagine a life like that. I keep praying Saibaba to protect them and keep them safe because I need them.

Having said that, I just ask Sai why I got few dreams and reacted to it instantly last year? This is killing me alive every single day because its so embarrassing. This year, I realized that I must have kept calm and never discussed about the Sai dreams I get to others. I never say Saibaba played with my emotions but may be his intention was different. May be, he wants me to become a better person. May be, Sai wants me to change the perception I have on girls I come across.

I have couple of incidents which happened recently.

  1. One of this girl messaged me over the weekend. I was little surprised but decided its better not to chat with her. I would have not behaved like this couple of years back. Now, I feel its better to see these girls as kids, say 2 or 3 words, be a wellwisher and never get intimate.
  2. I go to some place regularly at night where this girl often looks at me. I make sure I don’t see her at all because it might encourage her. I was wondering if she can’t open her eyes and see that she’s too young and must consider looking at guys who’s of her age? I just laugh to myself and ask Saibaba to take care of these girls.

These are the times I am thankful for my hairloss because it helps me show I am too old for you. I don’t mean to say I lost interest in girls. I am happy that I atleast got some maturity which Sai expects from me. All the experiences and sufferings I had over the years made me what I am today.

Further, I get mails from several girls and women who tell me their stories. Not all who fall in love and get married are happy. Not all who had been in relationship married the one they loved.

One of the most frequest mails I get from women these days are that their Husband don’t like them anymore, they got seperated and they wish their husband comes back to them.

Let me clarify this.

Be truthful to your husband but if he’s not worth it, let him go his way…

Girls must have a solid career and must have something more important to do than their love or married life. This will make them stand strong when their relationship fails.

I basically respect girls who are passionate about their work, speak something that make sense and have a goal that goes beyond getting married and having kids.


Wish I had this maturity just a year back. My life would have been more peaceful.

Om Sai Ram


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