I am writing for Sai devotees of future – 100 or 1000 years from now

Sairam friends,

If you are wondering why I am writing articles based on my life, you must understand, its not for today. It’s not for how Sai devotees living today. There’s still some humanity in this world and hence Saibaba can easily help us through someone. But think about how complicated the world is going to get 100 or 1000 years from now.

I won’t be there. You won’t be there but Sai will always be there and he has a huge responsibility to take care of his children.

My articles usually expresses my life honestly and how Saibaba is transforming me into whom he wants me to be. Sai can never be blamed. Sai is all sweet but I just don’t know the bigger picture of why he did all this to me. I might understand it better in the near future.

Last evening, I left work early to take my Father to Doctor. It’s been long since my Mom came to Marudhamalai hill temple of Lord Murugan. She we went Marudhamalai around 7.30 at night. It was nice since we never planned to go there.  I love Lord Murugan so much and felt happy to be there with my parents. When ever I hold my Mom’s hand to help her claimb up the stair, I felt she became very feeble.

I came home. Did not do any work. Simply washed the vessels and slept off hugging Sai’s holy book.

I had few strage dreams.

It was like one of my friend is taking a girl named Haroon (I am not exposing last name ) in bike. She seems to go to British council for some show she’s gonna perform. She gets good remarks from the judges.  My friend is proud of her and pastes her remarks sheet on the wall. She gets 394 Marks.

Then, I see myself going into a school where I studied with my parents.

Now you must ask me how I remembered this name and such crazy dreams? he he…Infact, after everyday’s dream suddenly when I wake up, I take my mobile and write it down in draft of Gmail and save it. After I wake up, I do a Google search to find out what Sai would have meant?

Trust me. Every single time a dream come’s I am able to relate to something Saibaba wants me to learn or understand.

This time, it was about our neighbouring country. Almost all neighbouring countries of India has currupted policiticians. Firstly, I wish we are blessed with good leaders in the years to come. If that happens by Sai grace, we must also do something to create good leaders in neighbouring countries.

Having said that, I have not done anything about the project Sai wants me to do for India. I don’t know how to proceed. I can see Sai has a plan for me but I am not getting into it with dedication. Sai must know I can’t understand his dreams unless he gives me opportunity to work on the project. I also get too tired these days and sleep early. May be I am getting addicted to sleep. Sai wants me to work on something useful.

Baba, please show me a way


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