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Ram Navami Blessings – My love for Goddess Raja Matangi – Shyamala Devi

Sai Ram friends,

I usually write about Ram Navami experiences after I do some seva in Sai mandhir with my friends. This year, i felt like writing the night before Ram Navami. Now a days i am not happy with the crowd in Nagasai mandhir during thursdays. I miss the days in Saibaba temple when it was less crowded. Anyway, all these are Sai’s children. So I prefer to just do pranams to Sai in dwarakamai and go to the school behind Sai temple to sit in the varanda and do meditation.

All the day i was chanting the holy name of  Sai , Rama and the 9th Goddess among Dasa Maha Vidya – Goddess Raja Matangi. Sai made me devoted to Raja Shyamala Matangi the past few weeks. Firstly,I shall post Rama Raksha Stotram for its a blessing to listen or recite Rama Raksha Stotram on this holy day.

Click here for Rama Raksha Stotram article

Last year Rama Navami, I launched a devotional video website which i never used much.

Click here to see video of Rama Raksha Stotram

Rama Sita Pattabhishekam

Sai Matangi blessed me with vision of Rama Sita Pattabhishekam today while meditating sitting in school behind saibaba temple

I wish to go to Sai mandhir to do little seva with my friends in Annadhan. I usually carry the water jug as i love doing it. Hope i get it tomorrow too.  In the evening we carry palki of Sai. Last time when I did Annadhan in Marriage hall behind mandhir, Lots of beautiful incidents happened. Now I only have painful memory of it. My heart feels heavy when ever i remember the past.

May Lord Ram Sita and Hanuman bless us with peace and happiness friends.

I shall write you about how Raja Matangi came into my life.

Raja Matangi devotion will bless you with happy married life:

A month before, I took some flowers from the plant in front of our house to do my Morning pooja. I usually offer the first flower to the holy book about the first Avatar of Lord Dattatreya – Shreepada Sreevallabha. The book “Shreepada Sreevallabha Charitramrutam” is about the life of the saint who lived in 13th century. Since I wanted to get some message from Sripadha, I opened the book which came to a page where couples were worshiping Raja Matangi for welfare of their family life.

I did pooja and started chanting “Sai Raja Matangi” always in mind the whole day. The same day, I also got prasad of Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai through my friend. When ever I get prasad from Ganesha, I find it very auspicious. I continued to chant Sai Raja Matangi all the day in mind and in the evening, I went to Nagasai mandhir.

Raja Matangi

Raja Matangi – How beautifully she shines with moon as her crown, Playing Veena made of Gem stones, sitting in padmasana over a Lotus and holding parrot in her hands – Photo used by courtesy of devotee

My love for Goddess Matangi – Shyamala Devi:

Matangi is described as one who has Moon as a crown on her head, very beautiful, dark – Green and blue skin like Lord Krishna and has  a parrot in both her sides. She is in Red saree and loves to be smeared with Kumkum. I usually meditate on Matangi as if she has  a dark green body, wearing a Red saree, crowned with moon and a Diamond nose ring and playing a veena made of gem stones.

There are various Matangi –

Raja Matangi

Sumukhi Matangi

Karna Matangi

Experiencing siddhi of Matangi – My first experience of Miracle:

Since Raja Matangi is a Tantric Goddess, we must speak truth and remain internally pure while worshiping her. I read that Raja Matangi devotion can bless us with experience of little miracles and shes also called Mantrini. She’s the minister of Raja Rajeswari – Tiripura Sundari.  In the place where Matangi resides, more than one crore holy virgin women are present around her guarding her.

I slept remembering Shirdi Sai baba and Raja Matangi. While sleeping I had a sudden feeling friends. You know what?

I felt my entire body is being lifted a inch above the surface and I am moved out side the bed. It was as if someone carrying me and dropping down. I again felt as if Sai is lifting me and putting me back on the bed. All this happened without my physical effort. I was really shocked when it happened, searched for Saibaba’s book in darkness, hugged it and slept off.

I know that it was a small siddhi – Miracle Goddess Raja Matangi wants to show me for remembering her whole day. I told this to priest Maruti in Sai mandhir that i had such experience.He said that’s because you had been doing her Naam Smaran (chanting) so deeply but one must get Guru Deeksha to worship Dasa Maha Vidya. I said, I only chant her holy name not her moola mantra. The priest said but you must not be scared when such siddhi happens. Goddess is just showing you her presence.

Surprise on the next day morning – Green Parrot of Andal:

Madurai Meenakshi Amman is also considered as Matangi Devi. I read some where that if we keep remembering Matangi, we will surely be surrounded by Parrots. I thought there’s no chance of any parrots coming near me in coimbatore. The next morning my friends at work showed me a Parrot made in flower shop which they consider as blessing of Andal in Srivilliputhur. I was really shocked and surprised as it linked to what I read. I asked her to get me a similar Green Parrot and hopefully will be getting it coming Monday.

Sai also blessed me with a wonderful friend that morning and I consider it as blessing of Sai and Raja Matangi.
After few days when I went to Bhadrakali temple, I saw her dressed in Red saree and felt she’s like Raja matangi whom i have been adoring the past few days. When I went to Annapurani temple, I saw the statue of Shyamala Devi and realized that’s another name of Raja Matangi.


Matangi is represented as emerald green in colour. Ucchishta-Matangini carries a noose, sword, goad, and club. Raja-Matangi, plays the veena and is pictured with a parrot.

Who is Matangi?

Once when Shiva and Parvathi were having food, some food fell down. From the food which fell down, a divine women took form who was named Matangi. Since she came from left over food, she’s called “Ucchista Matangi”. There are other stories about Matangi too.

All other Hindu Gods and Goddess needs us to be pure, take bath etc before we worship and we are supposed to offer pure food. Matangi accepts left over food. Even if we first have food and offer it to her from our plate, she accepts it happily.

Blessings of Raja Matangi:

Matangi is Goddess of Thought and speech. She’s Vak devi. Since everything happening in universe starts from thought, devotion to Matangi blesses us with all peace and happiness. She has ability to make others get attracted to her devotee. She lives in throat and tip of her devotees tongue. Blessing of Matangi can make someone a good writer, orator, Poet, a creator to excel in his/her art and especially music. She must be worshiped by singers for she loves music so much.

Matangi is pleased when we recite any sloka or mantra in Sanskrit as she is also called Mantrini. She gives the power of mantra to its best and makes us gain blessings of all Gods and Goddess.

Beyond all this Matangi is the one who cares for women who faced several abuses and pains in their life. Couples who worship Matangi are blessed with a peaceful married life.

The siddhi i experienced today while meditating chanting Raja Matangi and Sai:

Today while sitting in school behind mandhir and meditating, I imagined as if Sai and Raja Matangi are in Dwarakamai and I did pooja for both of them. I could feel Sai moving here and there in Dwarakamai. When I imagined that I feed Matangi with my own palm, I suddenly felt my fingers vibrating and my entire body shivered.

I personally feel Sai don’t like it when we are attracted too much to such little miracles but Sai himself gives such miracles just to strengthen our belief in a higher power.

I love Goddess Saraswathi so much and I was happy to have Matangi in my life because Matangi is praised as form of Saraswathi in Tantric devotion. She grants us with blessing to excel in all the 64 Arts.

There’s so much to write about Goddess Matangi and especially while worshiping her as Raja Matangi, I really felt blissful and can feel her presence in my life and my heart.

Happy Ram Navami

Happy Raja Matangi

May Shirdi Sai baba, Lord Rama and Raja Matangi bless us all with good health, peace, harmony in relationship and prosperity.



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai baba


Note: One must worship Dasa Maha Vidya Goddess based on one’s one interest. Kindly be careful in showing devotion to Goddess. They care for us so much. So we have to keep them happy as much as we can by being good. Never crave for siddhi – miracles and never be too proud too when it happens. Simply show your devotion to Goddess like a child does. Rest is her wish.

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  • when we have surrendered ourself at babas feet he is everything.we hold his feet with both hands and mind .you are right. it is dangerous to let go off one hand,god bless you. om sainathaya namaha.

  • I absolutely believe in Shri Raja Shyamala Devi amman and have been blessed by Her. Before 5 years my parents came to know the sloka thru someone and I started reciting it seeking Her blessings for my success in civil services exam. I had an injury in my right hand just a week before the exam and lost all my hope. Somehow I wrote all the exams with lot of pain and little hope. But I kept reciting the sloka 108 times daily with absolute devotion. With Her blessings i’m now an Ias officer.
    I’ve seen her idol at Shri Kamakshi amman temple at Kanchipuram. I read somewhere that there’s a temple for her at AP somewhere at Nellurepet. Though I enquired thru many about it i’m still unable to find it bcos i’m not sure of the place name. It wud be a great help if someone kindly let me know. Thanks.

  • I am doing mathangi mantra for last Ten years.she was supreme minister to lalitha. called as MA Trini.she bestows all what her devotee wishes

  • Matangi devi temple is in Madanapalle near Nellore. There is no place called Nellorepet in AP.
    I am giving the correct address:
    It is a municipal town in Chittore district of Andhra Pradesh State. Mathanghi Temple is here in Nuthi Radhakrishnaiah Nagar. This temple is just beside the RTC Bustand of Madanapalle. Madanapalle is 113kms from Tirupati and 26kms from Punganur.

  • I was looking for information about Shyamala Devi and found this loop.
    Very happy to share my experiences of Sai and Devi

  • Thank you so much Mr.Srikant. I’ll plan a visit soon. I found Matangi Amman in a Shiva temple at Tanjore last year. I also heard that Shimla derives its name from Shyamala Devi.

  • I stumbled on this Sri Raja Shyamala devi’s picture at my most favorite shop Giri Trading Mylapore Chennai !
    I was immediately stunned by her DIVINE BEAUTY !!.I then latched on to it
    By sheer instinct. Now after reading the above I realize its GOD SENT !
    I just pray her to bring happiness into my family so that I could march on to continue doing what I love most :-
    Be devoted to the HIGHEST GNANA
    Thanks a lot for ur sharing
    God bless U all
    Jk RAMASWAMY Chennai

  • Hi my name is syam I am working as a priest in my village ,the goddess name is sukha syamala popularly known as syamalamba temple.address to reach the temple Kaikalur, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh,near to the cities of Eluru and Bhimavaram .beautiful kolleru lake is also near to the Kaikalur visit our temple also.

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