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Palani Murugan temple Lord Murugan as Guru

sairam friends,

My grandfather and father loves Palani Murugan . I also used to worship lord Murugan a lot as Murugan is our Family deity. Kula dhaivam.

Lord Murugan who is brother of Ganesha is also called skandha, Kumara and mostly in north india as Karthikeya.

Palani Murugan statue kept during Navratri festival gollu

Palani Murugan statue kept during Navratri festival gollu

Many times from 2005 i had offered my hair in the holy feet of Lord Murugan in Palani Murugan temple. I also love Marudhamalai murugan temple as its situated in coimbatore

Lord Murugan as Guru :

It was 2008 when i was in mumbai i became staunch devotee of Lord Dattatreya. During this time also i used to do abishekam to Lord Dattatreya statue in my room and recite the holy mantra of lord Murugan “Skandha Guru Kavasam”

Sometimes when i see Lord Dattatreya and Lord Murugan i feel they both are one and the same. Once i told my sai guru in shirdi about this feeling and the same day he saw a dream like this

He saw Lord Murugans face and other features were like that or Lord Dattatreya holding kamandalam and damaru , trishool etc.

It was the time i made a website for lord dattareya and i also got a mail from a devotee in delhi that he used to believe that Lord Dattatreya and Lord Murugan are one and the same.

( Its just a personal faith am sure all god is one and some devotees perceive Murugan as Guru avatar . so they associate dattatreya with murugan )

Skandha Guru Kavasam :

I wish everyone in india knows tamil atleast because they will realize the beauty of Skandha Guru kavasam. I love this song so much that i used to go to Anuvavi subramanian temple ( situated on the other side of marudha malai hills .route is through thadagam No :11 A and 26 A bus from coimbatore )

from 2005 to 2006 i used to go to Anuvaavi subramaniam temple every tuesday. There are only 2 bus and the entire day will be spent to reach the temple and offer avul, oil for lamps and sugar for lord murugan. The murugan in this temple is called “Kalyana subramaniar”

The murugan is with valli and daivanai in anuvavi murugan temple. Its so beautiful so beautiful to be in this temple because no big crowd in here. I used to claimb above to the shiva sannidhi and start to recite “Skandha guru kavasam”

The words i like from the great mantra is

Anbiladha idam angum ingum illai appa

engum niraindha anbe enn skandha appa.

In skandha guru kavasam ( tamil song for Lord karthikeya, murugan ) i love these words

“Thathuvam marandhu , thannaiyum marandhu,
Nalladhum , kettadhum, Naaan enbadhum marandhu,
paava punniathoodu paraloogam marandhida chai,
Arul veli vittu evanai agalaa iruthiduvaai”

“Ellai illaadha anbe iraiveli endrai nee,
Angin ganaadhapadi engum anbenrai…….
anbilaadha idam angum ingum illai endrai,
engum niraindha ,anbe enn guru naadham appa”

My simple translation with  local english ( lol ) is this….

Discovering lord Murugan :

“Listen to him who says

love is eternity
love is shiva, love is sakthi ,
love is hari , love is brahma,

love is deva, love is human,
love is you , love is me,

love is truth , love is joy,
love is tranquility, love is happiness,
love is silence , love is moksha,

Love is everything and theres not a place in and beyond universe where there is no love.

“Sonna badi saidhaal subramanya guru naadhan
Than oli perum sudaraai unn ulle dhaan irupaan”

The moment you do what he says , he is not mere a God in statue ,

he lives in your own heart as a enormous flame of light .


My pilgrimage to Palani Murugan temple :

coming back to my describe the greatness of Palani Murugan temple.  the best part of this temple is claimbing the holy hills by foot.  Many wonder why Murugan always chooses to recide on top of the hill. Personally i feel when we claimb the hill itself most of our sins are washed away. Our karmic bond, attachments etc are removed and the feeling when one finally reaches the abode of Lord Murugan is eternal.

Take proper care during any pilgrimage any where in india :

There are some people who get hurted, cheated or irritated during their pilgrimage . Remember its a commercial world and you have to take proper care where ever you go. When it comes to pilgrimages in india , remember God will surely show you the right way.

Navabasana statue – Palani Murugan statue by saint Bohar :

The greatness of Palani Murugan statue is that its made of 9 different materials by the saint Bohar almost 2000 years back for the welfare of people in Kaliyug. The big statue you see has another small statue of murugan which is this Navabasana murugan.

Saint Bohar Samadhi :

My favourite place in Palani murugan temple is the saint Bohar sannidhi. I love to feel the greatness of this saint who dedicated his life for welfare of people who is going to worship lord murugan in the years to come.

When the temple is crowded we cant even sit and meditate here for 2 minutes but luckily i have sat in bohar samadhi place for 5 to 10 minutes and did meditation.

I am happy to write about Palani Murugan my family deity in after 5 years. I love Murugan and i have realized Murugan also shows his grace on me and our family.

Keep chanting any Murugans mantra

Om saravanabava


always in the holy feets of shirdi saibaba


  1. i am devotee of lord murga please send me some rare photos of lord murga

  2. My childhood memories of Palani temple is still fresh in my mind and how sweet those days were.
    Myself and my little brother used to climb the mountain two to three times at a stretch leaving our parents and relatives in the Devsthanam. Statues of Idamba/Kadamba and peacocks sight were wonderful. Giri Pradakshinam gave us immense joy. Night stay at Palani was always a wonderful experience. Tiffin, coffee in the morning for breakfast with delicious dosa and idlies were an integral part of the wondeful trip. Watching tamil films in night shows in theaters was another attraction. We used to bid goobye to Palani with tears in our eyes. Lord Muruga was witnessed in the immense joy that the trip gave us. Children are clear in their minds, hence Lord d welled with them. Kalyan, Palakkad

  3. While climbing the mountain top, you hear songs : Thiruparam kundrathil nee sirithal, Azhagan Muruganidam asai vaithen, senthur murugan kovinil, arupadai veedugonda thrimuruga, all these songs have left deep impact on the minds and entered in the history of the musical world and are a source of delight even now and takes me to my childhood days. I would be missing a lot if I do not mention about the monkeys that throng from tree to tree. We used to throw bananas etc. at them and watching them eat all these was a thrill. One must go in the tonga and enjoy its ride.

    Now we are very old and our minds are not pure, hence Lord is not calling. Lord Muruga resides in our mind always. Kalyan, Palakkad

  4. When I read the article by Shri C.Venkat Raman, I also felt that I have gone to Palani to worship Lord Muruga. He is so sincere and has written from the heart. Lord Muruga has blessed you and keep on writing for the benefit of readers like me.

    Lord Muruga teaches that to achieve something in life you have to toil and toil; like climbing up the mountain and finaly get the darshan of the Lord. Muruga please call me to Palani and take darshan. Lucky are the people who gets a chance to visit Palani. Kalyan (Palakkad)

  5. While talking of Palani and Lord Muruga, one should watch films like Kanthan Karunai, Thiruvilayadal Tamil which have created history in the tamil films in those days. So please dont miss these.

  6. Chinna Vayathil inku than yenakku motaai adithu mudi kanikkai selutthinarkal. yennoda Amma than inku yennai kooppitu vantharkal. After long years, naanum yen kudumpatthinarum vanthu arumaiyaaka swami Dharisanam seythom. yenakku Murugan yenru peyar vaitha yen Ammavin pirarthanai niraiveriyathu . My name is Murugan. My swami is Murugan. Muruga, Saranam, Muthalva Saranam. Many years I worshiped Palani Murugan from Kodaikanal Kurunji Andavar Temple

    Cumbum. P.T. Murugan @ Ambai Sutharsanan Trichy-21

  7. The Lord of Kurunji Land Mr MURUGAN s/o Thillainayagam in this Temple stands in west direction attracts all the Devotees through out the year. Panjamirtham , the Pirasatham is very popular. Actually, he is in Andi kolam. But we see him in Raja Alangaram. Muruga Yenrathum Urukaathaa Manam?

  8. I love murugan..:) he always lives deep in my heart forever..Much Eager to see him in raja alangaram.. HaVe No words to express :) love to pray kandha sashti kavasam daily.. I need yr blessings muruga..

  9. I love muruga
    Nearly 7 years i am wearing Malai to great tamil god murga and go by walk from coimbatore to palani
    but this year i cant walk to palani due to my leg pain so i went through maxi cab van on 16.1.14 and had bath in shanmuga nathi and by walk went to hills to workship lord murga. I got Lord murgas Raja Dharsan with arathi.
    there is no limit for my happiness and by evening i wen to see velli theru dharsan where murgan gets marriage and will come in velli theru with valli and devayanni to bless their devotees.

    Take bath in shanmuga nathi to clear your sins always lord muruga will excuse your sins when u workship him with true love.

    OM Saravanabava, Arrokara.

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