Music is helping me come out of fear

Sairam friends,

Something strange which happened in the past one and half is the way Saibaba blessed me with few songs in dreams to pass on a message to me. None will understad Sai’s ways and it was honestly a different experience for me too. Last night, I directly came from work to home and did not go Saibaba temple. Ofcourse, I went during lunch hours to a new Sai mandir and felt good.

I was suddenly having some fear deep in me. I feel insecured about my career and thankfully, I started working on my new project which helps me. I just don’t know why I get such a fear but I can guess something fishy in future. Else, Saibaba won’t be showing me a new path at all.

I did not know what to do and hence started listening to some songs on Youtube.

I like the way they do Mehndi in girls palm and hence liked these lyrics!

wo mehndi wale hath dikhakar royi…
ab main hu kisi aur ki ye batakar royi…
pahele kaheti thi nahi ji sakti tere bin….
aaj fir se wo baat dohra kar royi…
kaise karle unki mohabbat pe sakh yaaro…
bhari mehfil me wo muze gale lagakar royi…
zaroori tha….mohabbat bhi jarurri thi…
bichhdna bhi jaruri tha…


I wish to make a simple website where I could repost all the beautiful songs on Youtube as a collection. When you are depressed or have some fear, Listen to music. Its not necessary that you must listen only to Sai songs or Gods Songs. You just have to make your heart light.

Getting late to work..Tata

Sai blessings


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