Money can make us happy but Learning from what you do,experience and people matters a lot

Sairam friends,

These days I am involved in a project and felt happy about it as am able to learn. One of those things my Sister often tells me is that “We must never give importance to money to choose what we must do. The process of learning and doing something we really love to do matters a lot.”

When I was into Film making and also when I was doing freelancing, Money really was priority in my mind and probably this is why i failed a lot. Now, That I don’t think of making money, I give importance to what I learn on a day to day basis. I keep telling everyone that one must read books and also learn online in any field that interests them.

I also wish to tell you that some people whom you meet can be a mentor for your directly or indirectly. We can learn good things from everyone we meet. There must be something good in everyone around us. Probably, we simply din’t realize their good qualities and their intelligence.

Last night one of my friend called up at night to get help for his interview. I searched online and felt, I din’t update myself for a long time now.

We must be passionate about at least 2-3 things in life because when one fails, there’s always an option to take over.

Many Sai devotees get depressed when their desire is not fulfilled. When they don’t get the job they like, when there’s problem in relationship and even for small matters. I believe we have so much time to worry about life but too little to use it for good. We must not keep thinking about Making money but in gaining knowledge.

So how can Money make us happy when we are not going to be the best in what we do?

Baba used to say money that comes without true effort, knowledge and hardwork and which is not put in good use will not stay forever.

I wrote this article especially because I see so many youngsters in India are addicted to using their mobile phones for simply chatting, spending time with friends roaming here and there and literally doing nothing. You really are gaining nothing by enjoying your life. Just because you make money, that doesn’t mean you are smart enough.

A smart time management is important to lead a simple, happy and productive life. So when you are not satisfied in your career, ask yourself

“Do I have a good environment here to learn from what I do?

Are there good people around me from whom I can learn a bit?

Do I have a better career option that will satisfy me? If your answer is Yes. Go for it or else stay where you are and be calm.”

That’s it friends.

May Sai bless us with good people around us !

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Have a good day friends.

Let me know how you plan to make use of your time to enhance your knowledge



Disclaimer – I myself chat on mobile but I block most of my friends especially we can spare our time with 2-3 but not many and checking mobile often is an addiction as if this generation has a gold mine in mobile. Knowledge is gold and you can also use your gadgets to read and write something useful.

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