Lord Hanuman and Shiva Lingam in dream

Sairam friends,

I went to Shirdi Sai baba temple in my hometown last night, lit incense sticks which I rarely do and showed to Dhuni Baba, Holy Dhuni, the Dwarakamai Portrait of Saibaba and kept it in the stand. I was really tensed and upset. I told Mom that Saibaba doesn’t care for me but Mom said “You are blessed and Sai will do good when right time comes”

I was feeling sleepy. So slept off hugging Sai Satcharitra praying Sai to guide me in dream.

rama sita hanuman

Lord Hanuman meditating remembering Sri Rama and Sita

A sacred dream of Hanuman Temple

I had a dream as if I am standing outside a Hanuman Temple. Few priests were arranging things to begin a Pooja. There were 7 pious women standing outside temple eagerly waiting to go inside and have darshan of Hanuman. The priests who had closed the door said ‘7 of you can go inside’

I also join them and go inside the Temple but soon it was crowded. My friend asks me to take kumkum and chandan and keep in a plate. Felt blessed as he gave it to me.

Now, I will tell you the second dream.

shiva lingam

Shiva Lingam with sacred Nandhi as i Saw in dream

Shiva Lingam Darshan

It was as if the 7 Pious women also join me to a Shiva Temple. It seems to be a very huge Ancient Temple and I was with my Mom and Dad. I have a camera with me. Some devotees are discussing that there is a miracle which happened in the temple. Then I see Shiva Lingam through a hole in the stone wall. It was very divine to have darshan of Shiva Lingam and felt its like Perur Pateeswaran.

I take my camera and wanted to photograph Shiva Lingam but I felt why to photograph the main statue and simply do pranams to Lord Shiva.


Lord Murugan sitting over his sacred Peacock with Valli and Dhaivanai – Raja Ravi varma painting

Murugan with Peacock

I woke up and slept again. This time, I could see Lord Murugan with Peacock in the place of Aadhi mulavar sannidhi in Marudha Malai Murugan Temple. I felt divine for this dream friends.

That’s it friends. I don’t know what these dream means. Only Sai and Gods know why am like this. Sometimes, I wish to quit everything and travel across India making documentary film. Someday, I wish to do it and hope Sai will show me a way.

I don’t have any interested in commercial sites I made but planning to do something related to Printing stuff like selling Sai pictures in my own eCommerce site. I want to try something new but as of now, I feel depressed and don’t want to confuse myself.

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OK friends,

Am getting late for work now.

May Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman and Lord Shiva bless us with peace and happiness



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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  • When things get harder, Sai will guide us , show us if our efforts are inadequate while we work towards our goals. Good times are round the corner, firm faith ,patience , personal efforts will lead us quickly to our destination, baba bless us all

  • dear sai venkatji

    you are indeed a blessed soul.

    Time will come for u and u will be elated.



  • Sairam…
    How weird & why would i read your post…but having experienced something similar…i went on a journey tracing it…& just 12 hrs ago…had these dreams as reality.
    shiva lingam through a hole…wow…go visit the temples constructed by sahadeva…in kerala…. thats exactly what it is.
    Surrounded by nearby subramanium swamy temple.
    Btw hanuman ji lord shiva rupam only.
    Wow shiv lingam through a hole…i am still reeling under the joy of that visial & u state something similar

  • Namaste,

    I meditate regularly and I teach yoga and meditation whoever is really interested and online through skype too. Last night I was meditated and then slept morning I woke to a dream ie I wanted to go and visit murugan of palani and BTW I am not real devotee of Lord murugan either.i am having kidney disease so in the dream I am in a road and sitting on the side of the road and crying my eyes out that I couldn’t reach palani ie climb the mountain due to my health.

    But somehow I entered the temple and I am standing for Darshan and in front of me is only one staue is the and it’s of valli. I have never gone to palani so I don’t know of any such single statue of goddess Valli is there either.

    so while I was having Darshan this gal from statue comes to me but I really don’t see the girl I just know a girl is approaching me and that she is valli. First she showed me an ring it was sparkling diamond stone ie while stones and red stones (not pure red and not maroon too but inbetween color it’s difficult to explain the color)and she put that ring on my right hand ring finger.then she gave me a nose ring in my hand but I just know she gave me a nose rring which I couldn’t see.i suddenly woke from my sleep.i don’t know what it is and I told my neighbour and she told me today is karthigai vratham

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