Don’t involve Saibaba in wordily business

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I had been through so many good experiences with Saibaba irrespective of the difficulties I had faced all these years. I have never once skipped what Sai hinted me. Even if its going to be a failure, I try to work on what Sai guided me in dream. Most of the time, it will end up with nothing but was it only nothing? Was it just failure Saibaba wanted me to go through?

Probably, Sai wanted to give me something more by making me do it. Sai practically made me understand what works and what doesn’t work. Unless I do something, I won’t learn. Hence, Sai himself makes me work on it and experience failure.

I had never complained Saibaba that I only did what he asked me to do and in the end I had to face these issues.

We certainly should not involve Saibaba in wordily business. Sai blesses you with good career or a good business. He wants you to have patience in what ever you do. Never hurry up to take decisions. Be calm. Sai cares for you and hence his plans are hard to conceive until the right time comes.

Sai blessings


The featured photo is a Hanuman temple contributed by my Sai friend Sunanda.


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