Be calm and simply smile at what ever is happening around you

Sairam friends,

I got instructions from Saibaba not to interact and fight with anyone. I am not completely following Sai’s message but the message is deeply rooted in my mind. So occasionally, I try to be careful. I understood Saibaba has better plans for me but he wants me to accept the current state at work for the time being. He don’t want me to hurry and get into problems. Instead, Saibaba wants me to accept all difficulties with immense patience.

So how is that going to happen?

Baba has his own ways to work on my life and I know he will certainly show a way. This morning, Saibaba asked me to do something and I already did that. So I will accept what ever happens at work. Its funny to see how people change. I don’t want to imagine this little pond as a ocean. There must be a bigger cause for my career and what ever I do.

Its embedded in my heart that I must do something for a greater good.

I am still upset about the way Saibaba showed me dream about this girl and until now I feel so embarrassed when ever I think why it happened and why I reacted to it. May be, I must have kept calm atleast for few more weeks. Anyway, all these issues are hurting me to core. I just know that Saibaba’s words are my life. I will do what ever my Sai asks me to do even if the whole world goes against me.

If you are facing some issues in your career or anything else, just be calm. Do not interact or fight etc. Just enjoy the scene and thank Sai for being with you. I am not suffering. I am just watching what’s happening around and was little upset about it. But I feel Sai wants me to smile looking at people and enjoy the game.

Someone stole the lamp we had kept in the little temple of Saibaba inside our compound. My Amma was really upset about it. Wonder why’s watching our home and why should they steal the lamp? I told my Mom not to worry about it. We lit another lamp in our little Saibaba temple.

A year to go.

Om Sai Ram


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