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Saibaba wants you to have nutritious food and healthy lifestyle

Sairam friends,

For many people who ask if Saibaba really cares for his devotees, I have an answer.He takes care of even the smallest need of his children. He is not outside. He’s not a saint who lives in some distant place or a paradise. He is within you and hence he tracks every single habit of yours. Many Sai devotees skip having food during Thursdays as they do Sai Navguruwar Vrat Pooja.

If you follow Sai’s life time in Shirdi, Baba never encouraged all devotees to do fasting. Baba means to say one cannot remember God or take right decision when they are hungry. Sai is not against it too. According to Baba, one must eat less and have nutrious food.

You can show devotion to Saibaba in several other ways – Like reading Sai Satcharita, Chanting Sai’s holy name etc.

Sai’s kindness in dream

It must be over a year. My Mom was very sick and she was getting weak. During that time Baba blessed me with a very strange dream. Its like, my Sister was in a shop and picking Pomegranates and dropping it in a bag. I woke up and told this to my Mom. After that, we followed the habit of regularly having Pomegranate juice. We stopped it only when my Mom had diabetes.

Yesturday, I had a dream of Pear fruit as if Goddess Rajalakshmi is giving the fruit to me. Initially, I thought its peach but its actually called Pear fruit in English. My friend told this to me. I was reading health benefits of Peach and Pear when one of this colleague saw the sentence “Peace fruit benefits for Pregnancy” and laughed at me. I said, I am reading benefits of Peach and Pear fruit.

I believe it has very good anti oxidents that it prevents Breast Cancer, Good for Skin and the most important benefit is that its good for Heart disease –┬áCardiovascular disease and cholesterol.

Its also good to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

I am not sure if Sai recommonded Pear fruit for me or all of you who are going through health issues. What matters is, his care for you and your family. Kindly do not see what Saibaba does for your big problems in life. Sai may not fulfill all your desires but he’s a sweet Guru who wants you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Some years back, I know one uncle who used to organize several good deeds like Blood donation campaign etc but he drinks little everyday. Yes “Very little” but is that what Saibaba wants from him? Kindly do all you can to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Saibaba wants you to have nutritious food and lead a happy life.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Suffering from backache from a few days ..I seek help from Sai ..some voice inside me told to open starsai and I landed here ..thankyou Sai thankyou Venkat ..omsairam

    That’s how this mysterious Sai works..He works from inside you -Venkat

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