The best thing you can do to Saibaba is pure devotion and not just decorating his statue or photo

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I had said few times in StarSai that Sai has become a commodity – A thing of beauty in the commercial world. Here’s an example. Let’s imagine that I am in Shirdi and planning to buy a Shirdi Saibaba statue. What will I do? I will choose Sai statues from the shop and look even for small details in him. I will see if he’s smiling and if the face really looks glorious. So what’s happening here is that I don’t know if I like the Saibaba who doesn’t look pleasing. Do you know Saibaba sometimes takes bath only once every 4 days. He washes face, his legs and hands and simply starts his day.

Does that mean Saibaba did not look glorious those days? You can’t look into Sai’s eyes. Its so powerful. Chandra bai has said “Sai’s eyes has so much intensity and sparkle in it that you can stare at him too long”.

Another example is this…There’s one painting of Saibaba which to me does not look like Sai himself. Somehow that painting is famous and some devotees buy it with devotion and do pooja. My friend and myself used to laugh when we see that painting as the first time we saw it we thought its not Baba at all. Again what’s happening with us? We are giving a specific face and form to Baba who is beyond his form. Saibaba has proved that he came with a human form just to convince us that he is one amoung us. In reality, Sai is an incarnation and the light of the universe.

One of this girl used to tell me Baba in Nagasai Mandir is not so beautiful( meaning he’s not smiling ) as she compares him with Baba statue with a temple in Chennai.

To expect Baba to be sweet, beautiful, cute and decorative isn’t always the right attitude. 

Many of my Sai friends used to send me Baba photos after doing pooja.

This one was sent from my Sai friend Geetanjali. I liked the simplicity in this Pooja. She has simply kept Baba on a News paper and lit lamps. If you have time to decorate Baba with dress, ornaments etc do it but don’t worry if you don’t have time for it.

Saibaba expects your devotion. Pure devotion that comes from your heart. That’s enough

Hope you like this 5 lamps pooja done by Geetanjali

Saibaba pooja

Sai baba 5 lamp pooja

Hope you liked it friends.

Sorry for not writing article for 2-3 days. I was busy making a 3 minute film about my Mom – For every Mother on Earth. A simple montage of what a Mother does for his children and family. The past 3-4 month, I used to play “Song of the day” every evening by 6.30 at office. I also have consultants to suggest me the best songs to listen to..he he..

One of my friend tells me super cool songs. He suggested a Song from the film Mission Kashmir. A song which made me fall in love with the music so much that I told him that I will make a video with the song. I shot all that my Mom did in Kitchen on Sunday, went to office in the evening and made a 3 minute film. I shall show you in a while after I complete editing.

Sai blessings


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