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Sai warns about mice in home and blesses with comfort

Sairam friends,

Sometimes its good to have bearable pain. Its really strange why my foot and palm continues to ache even a month after fever. Its better as long as only I have such pain and not my parents.

I used to work until 2 at night but now laying down early though I can’t sleep.

I will tell you something about Sai. Its not that Saibaba helps in major issues in life alone. Even for small day to day happenings, I have experienced Sai’s favour on me.

I have a devotees experience which I would like to share.

Here’s her mail.

Starsai and Starsai Venkat is the instrument in which through Sai conveys meesage to their devotees

Sairam, In my Sai experience I realised devotees who run Sai related websites, Facebook page are certainly act as an instrument and Sai conveys message to their devoteees. In the someway, your dreams are not just for you but Sai conveys messages to its devotees as you write about them.

I have already written about this. I t has happened to me quite a few times. First few words about myself. from begining of 2018 I came to know about Sai. No one told me but HE just pulled me just like that. Will write about that another time. When Sai came into my life, I just landed on Starsai. Through Starsai only Sai communicated most of the time. One my routine is , everyday I read Vishnu Sahasranamam, then I will visit your site, read your articles then read Sai speaks. When there is no article I just read Sai speaks.

Though there are many incidents that Sai guide me through Starsai I choose this incident as I can provide some evidence. Becasue when I conveyed same to you last time, you seems not believe that. I would like to reinforce, devotees who runs Sai related websites are doing Sai Seva and are Sai’s instruments. I will explain my experience . Please check following link:

Sai, India is good but Indians should change

When I read this immediately I know Sai is definitely warning. I do have concerns , is there going to be Bed bugs and Rats in my house. Is it a warning? Is it a message to me? I was thinking. That week I also prayed to Sai, please help my family that you are real Guru and you are with me and my family. Hence I decided to inform my family about bed bug and Rats. As all of you gussed they definitly laughed at me and teased a lot. Then a week went by I totally forgot.

Then one day, I really had big itchy in my leg. I thought when went to garden to pluck flowers some midges, a type of insect might have bit me. Then my husband had similar thing next day in his hands. My husband also thought it could be midges as he went for bike riding around the estate in the late evening. For cold he was wearing wollen hat,and apparently he said he just put that on bed so it definitely midges.

There are no other reasonable explanation we couldn’t think. In my family all of us and friends had expeirences with midges and its itches quite a few times whenever we spent time in garden or outdoors.

Then It continued next day and I didn’t go anywhwere then I remembered the article and immediately like Sai Venkat mentioned put the bed sheets in the washing and hoovered the bed.The bed sheets are washed regularly and only thing different was, we went to India and we stayed in quite a few hotels and our suitcases were left in our bedroom for few weeks before it emptied. I have washed couple of times again and again the problem solved.

Then Next week, early morning 4:30 came down for my puja and while I was doing puja , in front of my eyes, a small mice went behind my puja cabinet, i was shocked and speechless. Immediately I closed the door, woke up my husband, moved all the stuff like lamps, plates then folded all the curtain and put on windowsill. I don’t want mice climb on curtain and hide. We caught the mice and dealt with that. Whole time my mind was thinking, how on earth this little mice came into my house.

Then I looked a wall, I saw a small hole, I showed the same to my husband. My husband thought it could be the whole put for the cable wire by our previous owner. We have been in that house more than a year we didn’t see before. Still my husband doubted it won’t go to out side wall. I brought a long barbeque skewer, inserted in the hole until it goes.

My husband went outside he was able to see the skewer came outside. Morning 5:30, he mix the cement and blocked the hole. If it wasn’t Sai’s warning through Starsai, the both incidents could have been really a nightmare.

The first thing we never would have thought about bed bug at all as we never heard for last 20 years in this country. Secondly, why the mice ran at 4:30 while I was doing that too behind puja cubboard? The house is 3 storey and it has many rooms which it could have been. Instead it ran in the poja room and also, if we didn’t folded the curtain, we never ever would have known about the hole.

That is the route for the mice came in. There was no mice problem afterwards. Not only that, my family starts to believe more Sai and they all reading Sai Satcharitra through Mahaparayan.

-The devotee wanted to keep her name anonymous


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