How I take care of Sai Baba with a natural mask in our Small Sai temple?

Om Sai Ram friends,

This experience will be beautiful if you could take the time to watch this video and then read the blog.

During Sai Baba’s lifetime in Shirdi, Tatya used to sleep with Sai in Dwarakamai. After a few years, Tatya used to stay until late at night and used to leave Dwarakamai to his home.

When Tatya is leaving, Sai Baba used to tell him

“Tatya, You can go now but guard me once in a while”.

This is a saint who rules the 3 universe. He knows the past, present and future. Why on earth Sai asked Tatya to come back once in a while and guard him.

Sai was so humble and down to earth Guru friends. He acted as if he is dependent on us though the very reason we all survive is because of his grace on us.

Imagine the relationship Sai and Tatya shared with each other that Baba asked Tatya to come once in a while to Dwarakamai and guard him.

So I always used to guard Baba in our home and the temple I visit regularly friends. In 2005, when I used to spend 3 hours coming around the holy Dhuni of Saibaba in Coimbatore, I had a strange habit.

Everyday, I enter the Dwarkamai and ask him

“Baba, did you had food today? Did these people feed you?”

The priest was very close to me and he used to laugh at my conversation with Sai and tell me

“Venkat, who else is bothered to ask Baba if he had food or not? Everyone just comes to the temple, asks for their desire to get fulfilled, and goes back”

Anyway, I only did this for fun to make the priest smile everyday but I also had a deeper connection with Sai whenever I asked him “Baba, Saaptia?”

(Baba, Did you had food today)

How I care for Sai Baba with a natural mask offering him Hibiscus flower?

Since I love Sai, my Father built me a small Saibaba temple inside the compound of our house. Sometimes, when I am not cleaning it, my Mom used to scold me saying its easy to build a temple but you should also keep it clean.

So today, I cleaned the temple.

Right from the day Corona Pandemic started, I have a habit of plucking Hibiscus flower from the plant and offer the flower invertedly on Sai’s head.

Gradually, as time passes on, the Hibiscus petals drop down over Sai’s holy face as if it is forming a natural mask to protect Sai baba from Corona Pandemic.

I agree that it is Saibaba who is protecting millions of his devotees but sometimes, Sai expects us to give back such love and care for him.

So when my Amma lights lamp in the evening in our Small Sai Baba temple, the Hibiscus flower would have covered the holy face of Baba. I used to worship Sai and tell him

“Baba! Protect all of us from this pandemic and also take care of yourself because we need you more than anyone else”

Sai is still alive.

Sai is living among us friends.

Sai is doing all he could to bless your family with good health, peace and prosperity.

But sometimes, you also should express your love and care on Sai.

Sai will be happy whenever we express our unconditional love and care on him.

Om Sai Ram


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  1. Om sai ram sir
    Its always beautiful to see your blogs and reading them give me so much of peace.It increases my love towards baba.I thank baba for taking me to this site.

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