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Sai Baba Miracle: How Ganga water flows from Sai’s holy toes for Das Ganu to bath on MahaShivRatri?

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle - Ganga in Sai's holy feet
Written by venkatraman

Om Sai Ram friends,

It was a holy day and Ganu was in Shirdi. It was a divine MahaShivRatri day!

Probably, it was destined for us devotees to listen to this amazing Saibaba miracle which Sai did on that holy day. Here’s the story: Shri Das Ganu Maharaj is one of the greatest Sai sevak. His love for Sai cannot be described in words.

In this video, I have explained Das Ganu’s experience of how Saibaba fulfills his desire to bath in Godavari ( His Ganga). But Saibaba denies permission to go to Ganga and asks him to hold his palm near his holy feet.

Within a few minutes, sacred Ganges water started flowing from Sai’s holy feet. I have tried to explain why Sai Baba did such a miracle because Sai never misuses his siddhi.

Sai will use his Ashtama siddhi only when the need arises.

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Om Sai Ram


I am going out friends as my Amma asks me to start quickly. I will come back and edit to write more about this Sai Leela.

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