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Sai Baba gave me Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Udi
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I went to Saibaba temple last night, offered garland to the big Saibaba statues on terrace and came down. I was really depressed. So I sat in Dwarakamai and meditated remembering Sai Baba. Then, I distributed prasad and reached home.  My Ma asked if I am reading Guru Charitra and I did.  I completed reading Guru Charitra last night and felt happy about it. It’s a beautiful book about saint Narasimha Saraswati.

Mean while, for devotees who wants Udi, please read below article

Shirdi Saibaba’s Udi can be created by yourself

and here’s a photo of Sai Baba contributed by Prita

Shirdi Sai Baba Udi

Sai blessed me with Udi

I shall narrate an incident which happened last week.

Since we were planning to re-new my parents passport, I took off from work. I asked my parents to pick me from work and was standing outside after lunch. I saw this girl whom my Ma likes a lot but I thought, may be she’s not the one for me as I got a dream about her on September 13th 2013. (Yes. I have a data of what dream I got, about whom for the past 5 years). I could not understand this dream but as long as Sai Baba don’t say anything positive, I keep calm. I am not going to tell about this girl as already my life is like open source software for the whole world to download from StarSai. I just prayed for this girls good life because there’s a stage in your life, you want to just keep away and let people live their life.

Having said that, last weekend, my air hostess friend Vidhya called up from Chicago and told me that she was reading Sai Satcharitra and remembered me at 2.30 at night. There was a time when I was  crazy about her but later understood  she will be happy if she marries someone in Mumbai and who knows her nature of work.

Many people write me saying their friend broke up with them and how Saibaba and God is not punishing them?

If someone hurts you and moves on to someone else, just let them go off your mind completely. It’s difficult but that’s how life works. May be, God doesn’t want you to carry them in your heart for ever. And it’s not your fate to analyze if they are happy or getting punished. People chose their life according to their own good and bad karma of past several births.

You just think and do good to whom ever you come across in life no matter how much they hurt you.

I pray for all the huge list of girls whom I liked in the past to be blessed with a good husband. He he..

That makes my life easy.

The passport office in Coimbatore is super cool and things got done within few minutes.

Later, I came home, did some work went to Shirdi Sai Baba temple at night. Surprisingly, As I walked into the Footwear shop, I found a packet of Udi which was fallen on the floor. I immediately took it and kept inside my pocket. For a minute, I thought if I am stealing Saibaba’s Udi. he he…

I told myself that I only took the Udi pocket which was fallen down on floor and it means Saibaba put it there for me to take. Sai leela is all about connecting events in the right time at right place. Why should I go there exactly when the Udi was fallen? And in the temple where thousands come on Thursday, why should Baba show me the Udi?

So with all this justification, I did not steal Udi. Sai Baba gave me Udi.


I came home happily and gave Udi to my parents.

I am a bit sad these days and wanted to do start a project by assigning work to others rather than doing myself. I will be working on it by Sai grace.

I have a feeling that I will visit Shirdi in few days time. I hope I do. It’s been over 6 years since I have been to Shirdi.

Sai, Thanks for the Udi.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Shridi is the place where u feel like no worries no depression only u will get peace and real peace. I have been to shridi last weekend and I found what the miracles of baba..uncountable
    People having Prasad and In such a proper management.. really even if with the huge crowd everyone having Prasad and what a great satisfaction. I believe with out sai grace that impossible.. baba thanks for taking me shridi and thanks for the wonderful darshan. Thank u baba.

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