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Sai Baba blessings to extend Visa of a Mother who was taking care of her Daughter

Shirdi Saibaba blessings
Written by venkatraman

Om Sai Ram friends,

I was busy the past 4-5 days and could not post any blogs or make any videos.

Many Shirdi Sai Baba devotees used to write to me to pray Saibaba to bless them with a Visa or get it extended etc. You could say that Visa is granted based on the consultate’s decision. Irrespective of that, we all believe that Sai’s blessings will help us too.

I received this devotees experience email from Priya about how Sai Baba helped her Mother by getting her visa extended for few more weeks.

Sai Ram Venkat ji,

I frequently visit your website. I have been going through many problems and health issues that are worrisome. I would like to share an experience where Baba solved a major problem for me.

My mother came to visit us in the USA in November 2019. Due to my health issues, she is a major moral support to me and a great help with my children. She was supposed to go back to India in May 2019. Due to the pandemic, flights got canceled and we applied for her extension stay for 6 months.

We did not hear anything about the extension until August. I got worried because she has to live alone in India during this pandemic. We could not send her without approval.

I prayed to Baba and wrote all my problems on a piece of paper and put Baba’s statue on it on August 30th. I told him that I leave these problems with you and I will open one month later.

We heard nothing about the visa in September. Some minor probelms were getting sorted but the major problems remained, the visa was one of them. I prayed to Baba that I have faith in you.

On October 6h my husband decided to check on the website. It was early morning. He realized that the officials had sent an appointment letter to submit fingerprints ( which is 1 step in the extension process) on SEPTEMBER 19TH. We did not receive any letter and called the USCIS for the date of appointment.

They informed us the date was October 7th, 2020. We would have missed it. On October 7th my mother gave her fingerprints. Even then it takes months after fingerprints to get approval. So I thought let us leave it to God.

On October 8th night my husband checked on the website. It showed an extension approved until November 15th, 2020.

All this happened between 3 days.

It was divine grace which made my husband check the website on the 6th, otherwise, we would have missed the appointment on the 7th. It is divine grace that the approval happened in 48 hours.

And the letter was sent in the month of September. Sai Baba works in mysterious ways.

Thank you,

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. If you wish to share your experiences with Sai Baba, email me.

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