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Mother in law, Husbands family and desire to have a child

Sairam friends,

One of my best friend at work was on long leave for 20 days as she was expecting and Doctor had advised her to take rest. I was telling her that we don’t need married girls and we are going to hire some cutetu kutti instead of her. She kept saying “I will come back. I am just going temporarily.”

Many time, When I told my friends that we must call her to know about her, they asked me not to call since she might be taking rest.

Couple of weeks back, She called up to say one of my friend that she wanted to resign from work. She told that her Mother in Law is complicating things saying she can’t take care of her. So my friend decided to quit forever and go to her Mom’s place for pregnancy.

I was really sad for her because she came without much exposure to do design for a corporate environment but gradually she did her best and we liked her work.

Further, I questioned what goes wrong in Indian family system.

If a girl/guy is not married, you blame them and their parents.

If a girl doesn’t have a child within 2-3 years after her marriage, you keep bugging her about the delay. Husband too face similar problem in some situations.

Then, If the girl gets conceived, then you can’t take care of her.

I don’t understand the logic here.

There are girls who never do any work and sit in home taking all the work from her Mother in law or any other relatives or maid but I trust my friend isn’t like that. I am also very certain my friend’s Mother in law is not so bad.

My request is who ever has a desire that a women must have a child should be there for her when she really needs them and not hurt her.

In another example, a girl was recruited and she went to work just for a week in Bangalore. Her Mother in law had told her to resign from work because already she had a miscarriage. So she said she wanted to look for a job in a place near to her home.

I lost my best friend whom I kept teasing and making fun of. I always tell her she’s from a village. The best part is making fun of the university she studied in. My last joke was kept asking her if she went to any Optical shop in Coimbatore looking for Google Glass?

I can’t take rights to make fun of anyone else like this because some girls take it seriously.   Now, I don’t have anyone to make fun of and also miss my good friend. Anyway, I pray Saibaba to bless her with safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

Why I am writing this article?

Because not all pregnancy ends with happiness and hence Husbands family and anyone related to the girl must do all they can to help the girl.

women pregnancy childbirth

Be supportive to women during their pregnancy

If you are expecting, do not get upset about the above message.

Many Sai devotees write me that they wish to have child and its been few years etc. At times, I reply but these days I simply pray for them mind.

Be positive and have lots of Sai blessings – See

Sai blessings,



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