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Millions of Baby girls who were never born in India – Shirdi Sai Baba has silently favoured baby girls

Sairam friends,

I was really pained last night while I was in Shirdi  Saibaba Temple.  I wonder how Girls change their mind, loving a guy and moving away happily and then trying to pacify things. Its something happening with many girls around the world and they don’t care about the Emotions that goes in a Man’s heart. I have always wanted to write in Favor of women in StarSai especially because its only majority of girls suffer in our society.

Anyway, I care for all the girls I come across who are Sai devotees or other wise because

A women must make a good family for a Man to build a Good Nation

and it today’s society its Vice Versa.

I wish to say “Be true to your heart. Don’t do anything to please others . Take any decision based on what you believe will bring peace – to you and your parents ”

I came home very sad, Lit lamp though it was late night and prayed Saibaba to guide me in dream. I was totally confused.

Blessed with a Dream

I had a dream which I could not remember. Again, I slept and had the following dream..

I saw a girl riding a Two Wheeler too fast. A Muslim girl sits behind her seems to be too tired and weak. I am walking with my friend in the road and see her falling down on the road and rolling. I run behind, touch her head , I could feel its bleeding over her head.I carry her to main road and shout call doctor , call doctor, 108 like that. Then I Say “Baba..Baba”, the girl wakes up and asks

“Do you love Sai baba?”

I reply “Yes its because of Baba i am leading my life and came forward to save you”

Then many people living in the area comes for help and we take the girl to hospital

Second dream was as below….
I saw myself in Marudhamalai Murugan Temple where devotees fill huge water tank with water for Abishekam ( holy Bath) . Am washing my palm with it and apologize for it.
After this, I saw myself in a place and suddenly get call from one of my sai guru. He calls me after many years and says
“Marry a girl who will bring peace in your life”
He tells me a lot but i didn’t hear him much.

Millions of Baby girls who were never born in India

Yesterday, I was reading a article by Carl Gierstorfer in

Where have India’s females gone?

Its about the problems faced by Indian girls in Villages of North and North east India. For hundreds of years, Traditional Indians were in favor of having a baby boy and not a girl. They felt its a blessing to have a baby boy as one can earn dowry and few other reasons. Earlier, people used to have many children and it was enough to maintain a balance in sex ratio.

The Past 3-4 decades, Due to advancement in Medical technology like ultrasound scan and limiting with one or two child, The sex ration has fallen to a very bad level. In some regions, there are only 800 women for every 1000 men.

Irrespective of ban in Scan to determine sex of a baby in womb, even now, It seems there are few who never bother the ban in Northern states.

Carl Gierstorfer says

“So day-by-day, thousands of parents circumvent rarely enforced laws and have their baby daughters aborted after an ultrasound scan has revealed the sex of the fetus. It is estimated that India has been losing up to 12 million baby girls over the last three decades.”

Now, the problem in Northern states is that hundreds of thousands of Men don’t get a bride to Marry. It has not stopped there. It seems some people act like agents and go to Villages in North East India and promise getting a Job for the girl or find them right match etc. Some even kidnap girls as little as 14 years of age or physically abuse them.

The parents of the girls are too poor and even police in this area doesn’t file their complaints.

There are no one to fight for the rights for these girls and their poor families in villages. Today many little girls life is in pain because of the so called tradition of favoring a Baby Boy for several decades. Imagine a girl kidnapped, physically abused and asked to remain a so called wife to multiple men. Its reality and its normal in few villages.
I came across this NGO who are working to help girls in villages in many parts of the world.

We are focusing more on the Indian Cities that we never know what’s happening in the Villages.

Child Marriage in India

India has the highest number of child brides in the world, although the incidence has been decreasing. Less girls are marrying before the age of 15 (from 23.5% to 18.2%), but rates of marriage have increased for girls between ages 15-18 (26.7% to 29.2%)[i]. Major factors perpetuating child marriage are economic considerations (poverty, marriage-related expenses, dowry), gender norms and expectations, concerns about girls’ safety and family honour, and a lack of educational opportunities for girls.

Shirdi Sai Baba has silently favoured baby girls

It was 1890. The town near Shirdi village Ahmednagar had a rumor spreading. Many used to say,

“There’s a fakir( saint) in Shirdi. If you go to him and get his blessings, You will be blessed with a Baby boy.

In fact that was fist small wave of Shirdi Sai baba’s popularity in near by villages. Everyone believed Sai’s blessings will give them Baby boy which was most favored by the husband and his family. It seems Men even marry second and third time, Just because their wife was not able to give birth to a baby boy.

When such men and women come to Sai wanting Baby Boy, Sai at times has ignored them saying “How can the coconut I give you bless you with baby boy?”

At times, Sai has blessed them and many have been happy about it as really it resulted in birth of Baby Boy.

While coming from Saibaba temple, I was wondering how being a Saint Sai himself favored Baby Boy and not girl. How can such a great Saint discriminate. While thinking about it, i could remember a incident during Sai’s life time.

Shirdi Sai Baba Silently favoring Baby Girls – First a Girl and then Boy

Sathe was blessed with a good bride and happily married. His father in law and mother in law prayed to Saibaba to bless their daughter with a baby boy. Sai blessed them. The first child born was a Baby girl but they accepted her happily.

After few days, They asked baba

“Baba, You assured us that a baby boy will be born”

Baba replied them “Yes your daughter will be blessed with a baby boy as I promised”

The second child was a Baby boy and they celebrated it happily.

Did you got the message?

Even today we are not able to explain some people that baby girl is worth as much as a baby boy. Sai din’t want to take the effort of explaining things and changing people as Sai never preaches. He worked on them internally.

When devotees ask for a baby boy, Sai at times has chosen to bless for a baby girl to be born first. They can’t ignore the baby girl as they will believe its born by grace of God and a Saint. Then when they really still need a baby boy, Sai has blessed them with a male child.

I have realized in various ways that Saints for see the future. Sai would have know this country needs more girls and did little he could. Even today, I know few families, in favor of Baby boy.

One of the priest used to tell me, a women was pregnant and kept coming to temple and told him, I wish Sai bless me with a Baby Boy.  One day, Her husband came and said,She gave birth to a baby girl and Sai din’t fulfill their desires. They stopped coming to temple regularly as before. I wrote a article about it below…

Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby

One of the reason, I prefer to keep writing in though I make better earnings if I do such work in my commercial websites is because religion and faith has played a role in shape our culture.

We at times have taken wrong decisions based on our religion and faith system in the name of “Culturally acceptable” things.

First, We don’t want Baby Girls and killed Millions of them in the womb of their mother itself. Imagine a India with so many girls still living. I am sure, it would have been better. Now why suffer and physically abuse women when you can’t get a bride. Again we only ruin our culture leading to disaster.

Spread this message and let there me more pregnancy and child birth in our country without Discrimination.

Be it as Boy or Girl, accept your baby as Gift of God.

Babies bring happiness no matter what gender they belong to. Now and forever.

Am getting late for work

Baba, Show me a way.



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  • dear sai venkatji

    Girls as such are born to suffer. They bear the maximum sufferings particularly in the sub continent – as they are always at the receiving end. Till marriageable age they are under the control of their father. Afterwards, they are under the control of their husbands. THEY SELDOM GET FREEDOM – FREEDOM OF THOUGHT OR EXPRESSION OF OPINION.

    Only few of them are independent and living as such. majority of them suffer. Many mothers spend their time only in the darkness of the kitchen. They sacrifice their lives for their children but most of them get punished by their children as either they ignore them at their old age or throw them in old age homes.

    SAI SHOULD HELP THEM AND SEE TO IT THAT THEY NEVER GET REBIRTH AS A WOMAN. THIS IS A BIG PUNISHMENT. please pardon me as u are not one such. But this is the story of majority. Even after marriage, they cannot think about their parents and are forced to attend to their in-laws.


  • This thinking is coming from generations now and it will be much difficult to change now ….we can have hope if atleast everyone in this soooo called new generation will think of changing this…

    By the way the reason why saints blesses people with boy child is because I recently read In swami samarth charitra following incident

    Once some ascetic started displaying his knowledge in the presence of Sri Swamiji. He started saying “Person without a son will not get liberation from worldly bondage”.

    Listening to these words uttered by ascetic , Sri Swamiji said “Why do you exhibit your meaningless learning here? How do you make a definite conclusion that without a son one will not get liberation from this worldly bondage? Did the parrot (Shukmuni, son of Vyas) had a son? Did the lutanist (means: Naradmuni)had a son? Did Vamdeo had a son? You are also without a son, would you go to hell? Instead of singing the merits in the praise of God, what type of useless talk have you started? Why do you state your definite conclusions that a person without a son will not reach heaven?

    The deliverance from the bondages of life and death does not depend upon the son. If did depend upon the son, then dogs and pigs certainly would have attained this deliverance. Hence it is a fact that the deliverance and death or the attainment of heaven never depends upon the son. On the contrary, whatever sins a father commits for bringing up a son takes him to hell”.
    Sri Swamiji never agreed with the established truths. He always blessed a childless person with a child with the sole purpose that a household person should experience happiness, which would eventually invoke sincere love towards God and start singing hymns in the praise of God.

  • dear sai venkatji

    to escape from karmic actions and release permanently from bondage, one does not require marriage at all which on the other hand increases bondage. marriage is not prescribed in vedas or sasthras. it has been invented to suit to our convenience as we cannot control our mind.

    As such if u cannot control ur mind, then there is nothing wrong in getting married. After marriage, it is child birth. Whatever child a person has, it is because of his karma. It will not lead him to escape bondage.

    The practical issue here is our people are completely under the control of wrong perceptions and it is impossible to change them. A woman as such is treated badly by our society – a majority of them are treated badly without any slightest knowledge that they have also come out of a woman’s womb.

    we need not worship women. But we should always respect them. If they commit anything wrong, we can advise them to change. But they should not forced.


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