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Give children what they ask for, if you can afford it

Sairam friends,

On August 23rd 2014, I was walking from Ganesha temple when I saw a boy and his mother about to get into their car. The boy a man selling something he wanted to eat. He turned his face to his Mom like he wanted her to get it for him. The lady simply showed a peculiar face as if its not necessary and forced him to start immediately and the car left the place.

I thought what big hurry is the lady in that she can’t get something his son likes to have?

In your busy life, please bring these little happiness to children.

I would have never told this incident as its very small issue but I was inspired to write as Sai baba blessed me with a dream.

Its like I am in a school with my friends. I have lots of cup cakes with me and we are standing near the corner of veranda where some kids were playing. A cut chubby girl comes out and asks me to give a Cup cake. I tell her, “3 of your class mates are outside. So if I give you, I must also give them.”

The chubby girl was too stubborn and starts to cry saying “Give me cupcakes. I don’t know what you will do.” … he he..

So I give 3 cupcakes to all the 3 kids. The chubby girl gets into her class happily.

That’s it.

Last night, I started to write an article about how Shirdi Saibaba loves and respects singers who sing in praise of Gods, Goddess and Saints. The article needs more time to take shape. I am writing about the importance of appreciating singers since I saw a girl who was with her Mom sang in praise of Goddess Lalithambigai and Sri Krishna so gracefully.

I don’t like people singing in stage with big crowd listening to them. They do sing well but its these ordinary singers we must learn to appreciate and encourage. I like people who sing devotional songs looking at Goddess/Saints. No matter how they sing, I could feel the devotion in their heart.

I was indulged in divine bliss listening the girl singing the song in praise of Sri Krishna – Krishna Nee Begane Baro.

You can listen to this song in below article

When Krishna holds Rukmini’s palm and lifted her to him, Who could stop? A divine Romance and Wedding

If you sing devotional songs in praise of God/Saints, please mail me your experiences, devotion and also if possible any recordings of your song – It will help me write an article dedicated to devotees who sing in praise of God.

Sai bless all his children.


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