The ego that prevails in India

Sairam friends,

One of the video which I made the day I went jobless became viral on Linkedin with over 30,000 views. I really don’t want anyone from my previous organization to come across that but irrespective of my best efforts, some have seen and also commented on the same.

I also don’t know why Sai keeps showing people from the place I worked in dream? Why should I see them? I might never even see them again for lifetime. I have nothing to do in that campus at all.

I can’t understand why Sai does this? It really hurts me.

All I ask Saibaba is to help me land in a good job within Coimbatore. Something I observed is that whenever I reachout to someone running a company in India, they show off too much. I am not going to eat you if you reply.

While the same thing doesn’t happen with CEO’s or any one having a good role and running a company from other countries. They atleast reply when they have to.

I really wish to work for a product company in India and my situation is that I can’t move out of Coimbatore. So I reached out to few here who were showing off too much.

At the same time, I am seeking opportunities from someone running a Startup from U.S or Canada, they atleast reply me.

My way of trying for job is little unnatural especially since I wish to work from Coimbatore and I also want learn a lot. So I do all tactics to convince people.

There’s a huge movement going on in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai that India should become a Product nation.

Well. It might but I also see founders and top management is filling their head with ego as if they have accomplished something big.

You din’t built a Taj Mahal. Its another web product that’s vulnerable and used by few thousands people. So better be down on Earth.

I really don’t know what I am going to do. I hope to find a job in Coimbatore within next 2 month. Else, I should either accept a small job and be happy with it or move to Bangalore.

Getting scared a bit.

I am also not well as of now. So lets see what Sai does.

Sai blessings


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