Baba, lets end the past somewhere…

Sairam friends,

People mock me with a stupid advice like this “Whatever you have in your subconcious mind, you see that in dream”.

Honestly, I don’t take it that way at all because I hug Sai book and sleep. I ask Saibaba to guide me in dream. These days, that I am jobless, I ask Saibaba to tell me what to do next?

Sai certainly is helping me too. I have a meeting with a CEO on Monday. Hopefully, I should get the job because I wish to live in Coimbatore.

Irrespective of me forgetting my past company and moving on with my life, I continue to see some of my colleagues in dream.

Especially, one of this senior who keeps appeaing in dream sounds strange to me. Today, I also saw one of this girl who is very happy for one of her accomplishment and feeding me cake.

I wonder why I see these people? Yesturday, I had a dream as if I going and meeting few saying its my last day.

I never most people I know that I quit since they forced me out and I felt what’s the point in saying bye for one last time?

Anyway, I can’t go Bangalore. I don’t like Chennai any longer. I wish to get any assignment to work at home building my own Startup. Else, I should get a job in Coimbatore.

Having said that, why do I keep seeing dreams of past colleages? Its really bothering me a lot because I wish to go into the future through my dreams and not past.

I am asking Saibaba to tell me what should I do next?

You might think that am expecting Sai to spoonfeed me. May be. That’s how I have lived all my life.

Oh yeah. I have an engagement photography assignment on April 12th. he he. One of this girl messaged me asking for pricing. I told her will say in couple of days.

I started doing photography after several years.

This experience of loosing job gave so much pain to me that I decided to do commercial photography atleast whenever I could find time.

This morning I remembered Goddess Gayanthri and slept. I imagined myself as a lamp being infront of Saibaba in Dwarakamai. I love to remain as a lamp in Sai’s holy feet.

Sai blessings


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