Assurance from a Saintly priest of Hanuman and Sai very happily nodding head and kissing the palm of devotee who shows aarti

Sairam friends, I am writing this Shirdi Sai baba experience as soon as i woke up after a very very sweet and surprising dream. Parayan of Shirdi Saibaba (I removed some content from this article) I did parayan of Sai Satcharitra – the complete big version of 800 pages in Tamil called Sai Ramayanam and … Read more

The poor fakir who din’t fulfill your desires and accepted all your scoldings – Who can be more caring than Sai?

Dear friends, Being devoted to Saint Shirdi Saibaba for almost 20 years from 1993, having experienced so many leelas of Sai, served near his Holy Dhuni in Nagasai mandhir, cleaning sacred udi and filtering it for years together, i still have habit of getting upset with Saibaba when he doesn’t fulfill some of my desires.  … Read more

Shirdi Sai Baba devotees in Maldives

Sairam friends, In 2008, when i was in Mumbai working as a faculty in a film school teaching Video editing softwares, i used to Hug the holy Book Sreepada Sree Vallabha Charitramrutham – a very divine book about the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya. I used to hold the book tight to me as i … Read more

Cross the Road of wordly Ocean with Sai Baba

Sairam friends, I got this mail from a devotee and wish to share with all as i find it very nice to read…She had wrote after reading one of my sai friend Nandini’s article about greatness of sai satcharitra Jai Sai Ram!!! Reading thoughts of Nandini through this wonderful article introduces us with the truth … Read more


sairam friends, I know very little information about Radhakrishnamai who lived during saibaba’s life time in shirdi and did lots of seva for Sai Maharaj and wish to write it down here… Radha krishna mai came to shirdi with a small  9 inch radhe krishna statue. Hence sai named her Radha Krishnamai. She had lost … Read more