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Brush your teeth twice or blink like me. Sai is busy with his good children

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

First, I shall tell you a incident in Saibaba’s life time. Once a devotee came to Saibaba and pleaded him to rescue from a huge problem. Baba looks at him and says “Plant Margosa and regret it”. Margosa is Neem tree. So what does Saibaba mean by his words?

If you plant Neem tree, you cannot expect fruits which are sweet and tasty?

Similarly “You did something bad all these days as a result, you are into such a huge problem. You have to bear the fruits of your Karma”.

As you sow, so you reap

Sai does help the devotee but through this dialogue Baba wants all of us to make sure we only do good and have good habits.

I have been repeatedly telling a lot these days…

  • Take care of your parents
  • Respect a women in your life
  • Do little good deeds once in a while.

If we do opposite and ask Baba to help us later, how can he save us. We have to bear the fruits of our karma – Good or Bad.

Now, let me come to my story.

A month back, I had wrote an article about my experience in dentists place of how Baba helped me remove the tooth after 5 years –  After 5 years of keeping Udi over tooth, I was confident enough to remove it

With in a week, I started getting pain in the last tooth of upper jaw. I started keeping Udi there. Then, I ate Neem leaves. It was fine. Hey hey…How smart I am. I was truly proud of myself. Having Neem leaves can get rid of tooth ache. But suddenly this week end, once again the pain increased. I was really scared because I literally have fear to go to dentist again. Since relatives had come for cousins wedding and I had to take them places, I managed. There was a Neem tree near cousins home. I plucked 10 leaves and kept eating like a stupid. Nothing worked.

My Ma kept scolding me asking me to visit the dentist.

From today morning at office, I had no pain. I thought how smart I am that my Udi and Neem leaves treatment has cured me easily. After lunch, I slowly started getting pain. I don’t like going by Car these days to work accept Thursdays as on Thursday I take my friends to near by Saibaba temple. I am bored of making sure I take care of car. Its another responsibility irrespective of the comfort it offers. I know none of you think like me. That’s why Sai has kept me safe with him.  He he…I am not made for this world. I belong to Sai’s very own paradise. 

When I go with friends or bus, I feel free. This evening, all my friends had left early and I had none to drop. So I asked one of my friend who at times changes his usual road to drop me.  I told him

“If you want it to rain Coimbatore, You must take other route to your home and drop me in Saibaba temple”. 

Call this humor or way of making people do what I request. This too did not work as some other guy already requested this guy to drop him.

So I went with another guy and asked him to drop in bus stop. Fortunately, the bus to Saibaba temple was free. I took ticket to Saibaba temple and sat worried about few issues. Actually, my Mom had requested me to go to dentist today evening. I thought of managing by telling her a lie that I started too late from work and hence went directly to Nagasai Mandir. I was desperate to go and see Saibaba. I felt he wants to see me.

There was a traffic jam which made me think that Sai wants me to go to the dentist today. I also can make my parents satisfied as they keep scolding me for not going to dentist. As I walked in the main road, I was really angry with Sai. I kept scolding him in my mind.

“Baba….Can’t you cure me with your Udi? I am not able to come to temple and relax few minutes. I am really going to be bored today”

I scolded Saibaba for giving me this tooth ache but what can he do? Its my mistake not having oral hygiene.

I went inside the dentist place. There was this poster of a model showing her beautiful, sparkling tooth. As time passed on, I got really scared of the pain ahead of me if they remove the tooth. I was sitting there and blinking like a stupid. One girl – Cutetu kutti was with her Ma and she was cool. She too had come to remove tooth it seems but hows is possible she doesn’t have any fear? She was simply speaking to her mom. I was really upset about myself.

I went inside and told the dentist that a month back, i took off one tooth and now, another tooth in upper jaw aches. She checked and said “Adhu pochu….It’s gone…Have to remove”. I asked with a scary face “Is it going to pain?”

She said “No..No..I am going to put injection”.


Good children of Saibaba will maintain oral hygiene or better blink like me!

I was happy. The next minute, She injected twice.You know where? In the upper part of mouth inside the mouth. Oh God. It was painful.. I said “Saibabaaaaaaa”. She laughed for it!

She asked me to wait 10 minutes in reception. I asked for the fee to the girl in reception and went to ATM. I felt like vomiting as I crossed the main road. I came back and again sat blinking like a dumbo in the clinic.

I messaged my friend that my entire mouth is numb and I feel that I won’t be able to speak again. Bayama Iruku. I am scared!

After few minutes, I went inside and sat laid down. The dentist took so long to come. I turned to my right and saw they had a painting. It was painting of women in ancient India and one foreign lady. The women were playing musical instruments. It’s a very beautiful work of Raja Ravi Varma.


I felt like all these women were laughing at me and celebrating my situation with Music!

Few days back, I was talking too much in office. My friend told me “Romba Vaasikaadha” Which means “Don’t play (the instrument) too much.” Its a slang in Tamil to tell someone, you speak too much and better shut your mouth.

When I saw this painting with women playing musical instruments, I felt that I am reaping reward for talking too much and irritating my friends. Its the right punishment for me.

Finally, the Dentist came. I said to myself “Thank God. That girl is not removing the tooth. She was like a junior doctor”.

I was scared as this Doctor will remove the wrong tooth. So before he started to examine I said “The last tooth in the upper jaw”. He he..

He asked me to open the mouth.

Saibaba…….Saibaba…..Please be with me.

The girl behind helped the Doc by making sure I don’t move my face. She held it with her palm. He asked me to relax and within few expert pull, he took it off. He said “Its done”.

I signaled him asking “What to eat?”. He asked me to take off cotton only after one hour, not to spit and also have anything light and not hot.

Oh Yea! It’s done!

I paid and walked out of the dentist place as if I went for a war and captured a whole country!

I still had pain and could not find any auto. Ola and Mala cabs won’t come as my home is less than 2 Kms from here. I decided to walk. The pain was excruciating but I walked like a soldier marching my hands. If anyone had seen me walking, they would have really wondered what message I am sending to the world by this walk?

Now look at the real march of Indian women serving the Air Force. Let’s say a word of prayer to people who serve the Nation! It takes commitment to do it.


That’s what you call as the real sign of bravery – Photo courtesy of Hindustan Times

Women power to the fore at Republic Day parade

I paid for medicines and forgot to take the tablet. The shop guy shouted “Venkat sir….Are you in such a hurry?” I signaled him and he asked “Tooth ache?” with a smile that was truly kind. Once again, my march started. Oh. I am proud of myself. Everyone else on road were like fools to my eyes. I assumed ‘All these people will fear to visit the dentist but I managed smartly”.

I reached home and showed my cheeks to my parents. My Father asked “Can’t you call us and say that you are going to see Doctor?”. I replied “You will come all the way to be with me and I don’t want to disturb you people.”

He asked “Did you get ice cream?” I said “Yes and also some stuff my Ma wanted to get”

Oh..How responsible I am?

Shouldn’t I be proud of myself?

Can you imagine my walk! Oh….Please don’t.

Now can you guess why I told you about what Baba said to a devotee “Plant margosa and then regret it later?”

Its this..

For many years, My parents used to ask me to brush my tooth every night. I take bath every night but never brush. I feel lazy to brush my tooth. Its like a huge task for me. There must be several such bad habits I have. Had I listened to my parents and made brushing tooth every night as a habit, I would have not let it get decayed?

If I don’t have good habit, how can Saibaba help me?

This is not just in an issue of tooth ache.

This about so many other bad habits we have in life.

Many of you might have all opportunities to follow good habits but would have ignored it. Example – Having fast food regularly, smoking, drinking, hurting others, being lazy. All this will only result in a painful situation. How can we do bad karma and expect good results from Saibaba?

Baba is busy with his good children and he won’t come down to you if you don’t follow good habits.

Moral of the story – Brush your teeth twice or blink like me sitting in the dentists place. Sai is busy with his good children

My Ma has asked me to sleep soon as it seems I will get infection if I don’t sleep early today. Is it so?

Its basically Mom’s care.

All that I have on planet Earth.

Mere Paas Ma hai


That reminds me of an article I wrote few years back –

I have my Mother! Mere pass Maa hai !

I am really worried and depressed these days due to an issue. I asked Saibaba to guide me properly but as of now, I don’t understand what he tries to convey. At times, I feel like crying in my heart but how many days will I tell you that I am sad? All of you will get bored of me. So I wrote this article to make you smile. Did you?


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