Addicted to drinking even after your health gets worse?

Sairam friends,

Yesturday, I wanted to skip lunch but eventually my friends asked me to join them. So I had food. I feel that I am having more food than I deserve. I went to Saibaba temple at night, lit lamps and distributed prasad. I had a chat with my friends for a while and reached home. These days, I am regularly watching Documentaries at night.

I saw this documentary by Aljazeera – Inside Syria’s War

Something that I don’t like about most of us in India is that, we never try to learn what’s really happening in any issue but we all will speak about it.After a while, we will forget it. The same applies to domestic issues too. We hype it and move on. Hence, I took time to read why exactly there’s a war in Syria?

I love the Syrian kids and the way they innocently accept the hard life they face. Look at the girl in the featured photo of this aricle. The little girl had a stitch on her head due to an Air strike in the town of Jobar which is completely destroyed. Every single building is damaged.

If you live during war, the whole generation is ruined. Men who were running shops and doing business are taking Guns to stand in the front-line. Kids are being hurt. Women gets abused.

There’s a footage in the documentary which shows Chemical bombing on innocent people. I can’t believe how people can tolerate kids suffocating due to chemical bomb? We live in such a bad world.

It was 1 o clock at night when I decided to sleep. I could not sleep. I woke up at 1.30 and spoke to Sai.

I again slept off remembering Saibaba.

These days, I don’t even have to be in deep sleep to have dream. I was only half-sleep and wanted to get out of bed. But I could clearly see a dream.

It was like a house in-front of which there’s  a huge farming land. An old women was holding her Husbands’s palm as he feels sick. He walks away.

I tell him

“You must stop drinking atleast now and visit the Doctor”.

That’s it.

I woke up and can’t understand such dreams.

Actually, my Father knows a man who makes Statues and ornamants for Gods in temple. He had received some money from a Women in our colony for Ornamants for Gods statue in temple but never did the work for the past 6 month. He did not pick the phone too. So on Sunday evening, I took my parents to far off place where this man lives and traced his house.

I parked the car on the road side and my Dad and Myself searched for this Man. Finally, we reached his home. His wife came out and said her husband met with an accident. We insisted to meet him. He came out and din’t like coming near us as he was drunk. My Dad told him that we din’t came for money but let him know its good for his family if he completes the work so that he can earn.

We asked if his kids are going to school. He has two little girls.

I told him that he must not drink atleast since his kids are dependent on him and focus on his work.

He felt ashamed as we walked away.

What’s the use of being ashamed?

If you have a family and have kids, you are responsible for them. Get rid of your addiction.

This is just one story.

I am not sure how many families across Tamilnadu are ruined due to the way liquor shops are spread across the state in the last 10-15 years.

Having said that, I don’t even know why Sai wants me to care for others. StarSai is not a place where I want to write about rituals and pooja and the so-called “Miracles of Shirdi Saibaba”

There’s no mirales in Sai. It’s all about love he shows on each one of you.

There’s no point in being religious, going to temples or even going to Shirdi if you can’t get rid of your bad habits and thoughts.

Sai loves you unconditionally.

Sai expects you to be pure and responsible for your family and your own health.

I am getting late for work.




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