Sri Venkateswara – The God who opened eyes for chanting his holy name

By | July 20, 2010

A journey to have darshan of God who dwells in seven Hills

A dream vision that made me realize how God responds to the love we show on them.

Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirumala Hills – Tirupati

The God who opens his eyes to bless devotees who chants his holy name with love and devotion

Sairam friends,

It was early morning on November 4th 1978 . My father had been with his friends to have darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara in Tirumala Tirupati after official duty in chennai. Those were the days where you can’t send good news by mobile phones . One of his friend gave him the news “your son has born” since the office people got a phone call from my mothers village.

When ever i am fed up with life and ask my parents why they named me Venkatraman my father replies “I was in Tirupati when i got news about your birth”. Another reason was since my fathers name is chandrasekaran he thought his son will become someone as big a scientist as Sir.C.V.Raman. Oh that never came true . What came true was my Love for Lord Sri Venkateswara.

Darshan of Lord Venkateswara teaches us the art of patience – Wait …wait..Your turn will come :

When i was very little in early 1980’s , my parents had took me to Tirupati . All i remembered about that trip was we were asked to sit in a huge que like cell and every few hours , the grill will be opened to reach the next few cells/rooms where devotees had to wait to take darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. I was too small to understand we are going to have darshan of God and got fed up with the waiting.

Sri venkateswara swamy Tirumala Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara sacred Darshan

My devotion towards Lord Venkateswara :

I used to worship Lord Ganesha and Murugan a lot for years along with Shirdi Sai baba. Somehow i never really had the attachment or lets say devotion on Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala , Tirupati as i felt having named after this God, he never favoured me and all the i desired in my career and personal life never happened. Some strange feeling which made me feel this is a God of rich people, who blessed them for the money they offer in the temple and that Sri Venkateswara won’t bless ordinary people like me.

Years later , a Sacred Journey to have darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara :

My father always used to say from 2005, you must go Tirupati because “The one who goes Tirupati and returns will have a positive change in their life ”

In 2007, my neighbours planned to go Tirupati and i was asked to join them. The car started in coimbatore by night.

Chanting “Sai Vengusa ” Contineously all through the journey towards Tirupati :

Narasimha swamiji has mentioned in one of his books that the Guru of Saint shirdi sai baba is known as Vengusa and he has meditated in Tirumala for over 12 years worshipping Sri Venkateswara swamy. Many sai devotees has contradictory views to this concept of Narasimha swamiji as they feel Shirdi Sai baba himself is a incarnation and that he has no Guru. I too totally don’t have any idea about it but i liked the name “Vengusa ” . So the simple way to chant was discovered as “Sai Vengusa ”

I used to chant Sai Sai Sai always and this time since i am going to Tirupati , i felt like calling Sri Venkateswara swamy as ” Vengusa ” .

I started chanting

Sai Vengusa

Sai Vengusa

Sai Vengusa

in my mind itself for hours togather…i was mingling with others who came to pilgrimage but in my mind , the chanting was going on… I truly imagined how it would have been if really Sri Venkateswara is in my heart , imagined as if i am offering flowers to sai and venkateswara and continued to chant.

at times i also chanted

“Om Namo Naarayanaya

Om Namo Venkatesaya

Om Namo Srinivaasaaya”

Reached Tirumala by evening :

We reached Tirumala by evening , had coffee , dosa etc. One aunty went with her husband to offer her hair and then we reached the room. We started again to book for Angapradhikshanam – Rolling our body as an offering to God around the temple. The que was long but by sai grace we were able to get the opportunity. We are supposed to take bath the next day late night may be at 1.PM and go for the Angapradhikshana.

Taking bath in cold water , Shivering too early in the morning to do Angapradhikshana :

We woke up at 12.30 in night, took the car some where near the sacred Pushkarini to have bath. I wore vesti and a towel around my hip. All of us were shivering too much while walking towards Holy Pushkarini. That day, for maintainance purpose, it was closed and all we had is a pipe to take bath.

I was chanting “Sai Vengusa…Sai Vengusa….Naraayana…Venkatraama…Shivering and pouring water over myself.

Angapradhikshana – Offering ourselves – This Body in the holy feets of Lord Sri Venkateswara :

I wonder how i can describe the spiritual meaning of Angapradhikshana .

It could be like , we are surrendering oneself – our body, mind and soul in the holy feets of the great Lord Sri Venkateswara swamy.

We are supposed to roll around the temple on the floor . The 3 sides sides of the temple will be covered by rolling ourselves. Then we will be allowed to have darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara . Sometimes we only have to do Angapradhishana and darshan is not allowed.


We were waiting for the Angapradhikshana timings around 3-4A.M , i am not sure of timings friends. Then we went in que and laid down on the floor, kept our palms upwards and joined palms as if praying Venkateswara and started rolling.

Most devotees chant in praise of the lord as this



I felt good for this friends..the physical strain in rolling is never felt, we happily felt a blissful feeling as we continued to roll chanting in praise of the Lord. I also reciting Mahalakshmi Ashtakam while rolling and once in a while chanting Sai Vengusa and Om Namo narayanaya , om namo venkatesaya and Om namo srinivaasaya.

Finally the 3 sides of temple was covered and we woke up slowly . We all felt satisfied as we got opportunity to do Angapradhikshina in holy Tirupati temple – The adobe of Srinivasa.

A holy Dream vision which made me realize how much the god responds to the devotion we show on him :

We all came back to room around 4.30 A.M after having tea, Took bath and slept. I hugged the holy Sai satcharitra book on my chest friends. I was too tired and slept nicely. The surprise was the dream i had ..

In the dream i saw this..

I saw a small temple…Its like temple inside which we can only keep idol of God and cannot enter. I mean to say it was like small temple some people construct in house. The temple had Lord Sri Venkateswara swamy beautifully shining with all his glory.

A priest is showing lamps, Aaarti to Lord Venkateswara swamy.

Suddenly i hear a voice,

“Crores of devotees comes to see me and today i am opening my eyes to see you “

As soon as i heared this voice, i saw

Lord Sri Venkateswara opening his eyes, It was not a ordinary way of simply opening friends. It was as if his eyes were twinkling and like a flash light , he opened his eyes for a moment, closed it in fraction of second, again the eyes were opened. It was like a divine play of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Even when i write this i could feel how little we humans ask only for materialistic benefits from Venkateswara but the God on other hand responds for our devotion by giving a dream to even a very ordinary person like me.

Then while Sri Venkateswara swamy was opening his eyes , i am taking the aarti and showing to the Lord with such happiness i can’t write in words.

After few minutes, i woke up and can remember this dream very clearly.

I remembered something i saw last evening,

We went to meet a bank officer as soon as we reached Tirupati . He had a poster on his table with the photo of sri venkateswara swamy and a wonderful wordings

“Its not the Darshan you Get – Its the darshan he gives ”

How beautiful and meaningful is this sacred words friends. We all say we had darshan of God when we go to any temple but in true sense, its the darshan the god gives us out of love on us.

The dream i had was so touching that i felt my life will have a positive turn from then on… That day , we had good darshan of Venkateswara and i thanked swamy for blessing me with such a dream.

What really god wants me to tell the world through this dream :

I wanted to make a seperate website for Lord Sri Venkateswara writing about this leela as soon as i came to Coimbatore. It was 2007 and now its 2010 when i actually write this article friends. I din’t had much change in my career or personal life and still have some problems. All i know is Lord Venkateswara blessings are on me and someday i will tell the world that such thing happened in my life during my pilgrimage to Tirupati.

When i look back with love on Lord Tirupati and Kalyani , i felt how did they bless me with such a beautiful dream . There are so many people who are more devoted to Tirupati Venkateswara swamy than me. I know few people only worship this God alone. I don’t wake up early in morning or lead any kind of spiritual life.

Only thing that my father follows is Listening to Vishnu Sahasranaanam every single day and writing “Shree RaamaJayam ” in a note book.

So may be Lord Venkateswara swamy wants me to let all his devotees know the greatness of chanting the Gods name, any small mantra or focussing your mind on God during your Tirupati pilgrimage.

Friends, All i did was childishly choosing to chant “Sai Vengusa ” and ” Om namo Narayanaya ” on my way to tirupati and all through my stay there.

May be you also can try to chant any mantra or simple holy name of Lord Sri Venkateswara, Some of you who can recite Vishnu Sahasranamam can also recite it in your journey.

Chanting in Mind is very powerful :

I was contineously chanting only in my mind and never realized i will be blessed with such a dream vision. I know Lord Sri Venkateswara has a heart that melts for any innocent , pure devotion shown on him. Keep chanting any small holy name like

“Om Namo Narayanaya”


or any small mantra you like,

Surely you will feel the blessings of Lord Shree Venkateswara is on you and your family.

Note : Not all get dreams and even i may not get such beautiful dream again. What matters is the message from this experience. Don’t give importance only to darshan. Lord Sri Venkateswara dwells in your own heart and the little temple i saw was the temple i made in my imagination.

So learn to see the God in you and when you go Tirumala , thank the Lord for the Darshan you had inside , The self realization you had in youself .

After this trip to Tirupati,

I realized this too is a God who’s heart melts for pure devotion.

Imagine the dream friends, How beautiful itself to see the God who opens eyes for simply chanting his holy name for one single day.

Please chant any small holy name of any God you like or any small mantra you like atleast 10 minutes a day.

The God lives in you, There’s a little universe and little temple in yourself, when you do Naam smaran or any form of bhakti whole heartedly, The God responds to you.

Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Venkatesaya

Om Namo Srinivaasaaya


july 20th 2010

Sairam friends, Though i am working on writing articles to inspire and motivate sai devotees in the path of light for past 6 years from 2004, The blog was started only in 2009 and yes though i have already crossed 100 articles, This is the 100th blog and i wanted to write about the sweet experience i got from devotion on Lord Sri Venkateswara during my journey to Tirumala Tirupati.

Note : only inspires devotion on Sai and all Gods with divine experiences . Other information about Tirumala Tirupati, Darshan timings , Accomodation details can be found in below website. Please contact them directly. – Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple Darshan and Photos – Tirumala Venkateswara Temple

I am happy to announce Starsai Family is blessed with Lord Sri Venkateswara as its my 100th article in blog section.

97 thoughts on “Sri Venkateswara – The God who opened eyes for chanting his holy name

  1. Moganayagie Moodley

    Dear lord

    I have a big problem with my hearing on both my ears. Please lord, help my hearing to improve, I will come to your lotus feet in 2013 and I promise you that I will remove my hair, and buy a gold pair of earring for your ears. Please help lord, i beg you.Please give me this miracle. In return I will help people to improve their lives. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Please help me lord for my hearing. Thank you Moganayagie Moodley

  2. Riya

    Your dream reminded me of a particular temple in the outskirts of Chennai dedicated to Lord Kari Varadaraja Perumal where the God opens his eyes when aarti is shown to him.

  3. puvan

    i had never been fasting for ekadasi and the last time i performed it was many years ago only half day till noon so when i reach up 20 years old, i had a sudden hunger to perform ekadaso not only ekadasi even i hunger to get know lord perumal.We do have a phoo of lord perumal which we worshipp but somethign odd that i want to get know himt. How odd was it for me.

    I searched websites, pages, discussion, forums and others on performing ekadasi. so on, the dasami,ekadasi and trayodasi, i follwed all the rules and wake up all nigh, chanting lord perumal name and chanting hare krishna, watching lord perumal based movies. then after breaking my fast, i found it odd because i had no hunger, no sleep and i was not tired either..SO, i left to work at nine.I used to walk to my working place and odd one of my friend pass by me with his car in the road and offered me a ride I USE ROAD A TO WORK SHE USES ROAD B TO WORK she used road A today! .

    i thought she is going to work but the she informed me that she will be going to Durga temple. She inform me ther is a huge statue of Lord perumal so as we were in the temple i only saw the deity Lord Krishna. Then i tought “oh this is what she meant ther’s no lord perumal deity. it was the first time i was at the temple. so had a walk around the i just made a turn and found the deity of Lord Perumal.

    i was about to cry nad fall on my knees the feeling was just like how would u feel after meeting up with a long time no see friend! then later i told my friend : HE MADE U TO BRING ME HERE! He made the traffic jamm,he made u use road A, he made me go to work at 9 instead of 8! everything is happening because he want me to see him here when i had no idea of going to the temple! once i fall on his lotus feet, i had my hunger, thirst and of couse drowsiness …..hahahahha how odd could things be!

  4. Sakuntalah

    To ,c venkatraman
    I was so mesmerized reading your visions n dreams of meeting lord venkateshwara Sri swami balaji thrupathi..
    I’m just another ordinary person who gets the call frm dreams n thru people discussion over his miracle act..
    I had friend who says she is making plan to chennai to buy some medicine n said we could see The Lord thirupathi if u would like to .. I didn’t think Long enough , n said I would changes to working roster n all success , we could go.. Yes it was a hurdle but only god knows it all happen, it was a challenging journey .. So here , I am all set to go in two days to see My lord which I have dreamt of . I need to thank a few friends who made time to explain about his nature n friends who made it happen for this pilgrimage .. I praise The Lord thirupathi ..
    Thanks Bachant Kaur n Shentil rani for being there , thru this journey. Thanks VASANTHI Akka, who continuously existing in my life n your knowledge shared of The Lord . CHANDRAN , Meera Selvi and Ayub , your generous moments , it’s thru you whom I have learnt and understood his love.

  5. Dometti Venkata Suresh Kumar (Mumbai)

    Om Namo venkatesha,

    My Dear Friend, thanks for sharing your experience with this world.
    Vaikuntam is such a place where every one feels the presence of Lord Venkateshwara swamy everywhere.
    Once we enter tirumala hill immediately all our problems are taken away by the Shri Govinda and we feel like we are on the seven sky. I am living in Mumbai but, I am very proud to be born in the great Andhra Pradesh where Shri Srinivasa resides.

    May My Lord Venkatesha bless you all. Sarvo Janantha Sukhino bhavantu.

    Om Namah Venkateshaya Namah.

  6. sumana

    Hi ..Felt happy after reading your expirience..
    When my marriage was fixed..I had just five minutes to say yes or no to the proposal.I dint knw anything about the bridegroom or about his family..I just prayed shrinivasa for two mins and said yes.

    Now Im leading a completely happier life than ever,We have a kid too.
    Lord Shrinivasa is like my close friend and he has given me everything.

    Just believe him like 1000 out of 100 always..

    There is a stotra in harikathamruthasara by jagannatha daaru…
    Shrinivasana polva sama karunigal eenalina jandadolu kane praveenaradavarenisi nolpudu shruthi puranadolu……..

    Nambi kettavarillavo Rangayyana….

    If anybody who is in any kind of problem reading this…say his anyname you like..He will be with you as friend ,as a a anyone u need..He will be der for sure.No chance that he will miss.

  7. Pri

    I have an incident that I can relate to yours! I was in deep, a very deep trouble mentally and was crying all alone within myself all night. I wanted to cry out loud to relieve some stress but due to people around me I cried within myself so bad. Next morning I wake up to realize that I had seen SaiBaba in my dream and it was almost like how you had mentioned.

    So, there was this huge portrait of Baba (yellowish green colored) and there he was, opened his eyes, closed it and opened again and told me “Have faith” and after a blink he said “have patience”. Waking up in the morning I was confused and lashed it away thinking it was just a dream but after a few days it made me realize that it was Baba and he came to assure me that he is with me and will be with me.

    Though my personal life after that is going through ups and downs I firmly believe in Baba that he will take care of me. And yes I agree with you about the chanting part. All he is looking for is our true devotion towards him and he expects us to be kind and selfless to people around us. Shraddha and Saburi will make baba look towards us and save us. Sainana!

  8. veena

    om namo narayana om namo govindaya om namo srinivasaya

  9. Nandini

    I too believe lord Venkateshwara a lot.

    He helps me a lot in all my activities.

    Pray him with whole heart surely he will give you everything you want..

    Om Namo Narayanaya…Om Namo Narayanaya… Om Namo Narayanaya..

  10. nivedita

    Dear Venaktraman
    All my life by grace of sai baba and venkateshwaara and shivji I have lived happily. I went to tirupati in 2011 and had to wait for a long time for Darshan. I thought that I won’t go again . Now I am suffering for it I have been affected mentally and am taking medicines. Once my sister did venkateshwara vratam, out of ignorance I did not attend her house and did not take prasad once . I am suffering for that too. But today after reading your blog I feel like lord venkateshwara has forgiven me and is calling me to Tirumala. I need his Darshan and want to ask for his forgiveness. i too want to do Venkateshwara Namasankeertan at least 10 min each day. Please pray for me that the Lord forgives my sins and I can have his pada darashan .
    Om Namo Venkatesaya Namah

    I have a dance performance on lakshmi Devi “kulukaga nadavaro”by Annamacharya , I want to perform for the Goddess Lakshmi Devi so that she shows me the path of devotion and love.

    Om Namo Narayanaya namah. Please pray for me so that I can love the lord throughout my life time .

    I have idols of LORD VENKATESWARA, LAKSHMI DEVI AND BHOODEVI when Chinna Jeeyar swami was distributing in a temple I have kept them inside since I don’t have tulasi leaves to pray to the lord in the evenings and I moved to my sister’s place as I was unwell.

    . I WANT TO PRAY TO THEM IN RIGHT WAY . Please let me know how can i serve them .

    You are very blessed soul and it is my lucj that I came upon ur blog on a thursday.

    Thank you

  11. swathi

    Om Namo Narayana..I strongly believe and have faith in Lord Venkateshwara.
    Many a times ,he showed me the right path.Praying him to shower his blessing on our family at this present difficult times we are gng through.

  12. SAK





  13. Trupti

    Vina Venkatesham Nanatho Nanatha……..
    Sada Venkatesham Smaramy Smaramy……!!
    Hare Venkatesham Prasidam prasidam……..
    Priyam Venkatesham prayachcha pryachcha……..

  14. anneel


    friends namo venkateshaya

    He is Savior of devotees he is the one who gives the ultimate gyna to the devotees were he can sustain in this material world,

    I would like to share some of the good memories of supreme i have been to thumburaa thirtha in march two years back for the first time i started from tirumala i reached thumburaa 3.30 and i was completely tired sat on the rock start chanting namo venkateshaya and meditating there all of sudden i found that my water bottle was missing i lost it some were. i was little bit worried i have to go back 4 hrs journey to Tirumala in this hot sun with out water.

    I just kept quite slept on the rock for an hour after i woke i saw that some one kept water bottle beside me which was new i was completely shocked and praised the lord for listening my problems.. guys i understood one thing if we believe he is listening us in all the circumstances which we are passing through he helps you when you complete trust on supreme. namo venkateshaya

  15. Rakesh Naik

    ! Govinda ! Govinda !! Govinda !!! Edukondalavadaa Venkataramanaa Govinda Govinda !!!

  16. Harikrishnan A N

    I am very happy on reading your experience. Let god bless each and every one of us to improve ourselves in serving krishna…. Chant Om Namo Narayanaya regularly. Govinda Govinda…

  17. Chandru

    I believe Lord Venkateshwara lot and experienced so many positive changes in my life. We need to chant him with pure heart, he will be always with us.

    One small request is: Actually, we should not wear Sandals in any place of Tirumala, walk with bare foot all Tirumala hills from Alipiri.

    Ohm Namo Narayana , Ohm Namo Venkateshaya, Govinda Govinda

  18. POONAM

    I am a devotee of mahakali maa and have been to tirupati once .This place is literally charged up with vibes that simply gives you a pleasure you never forget.Sometimes GOD tests you and helps you also if you pray to lord during that time also.I just want my devotion to be blessed by maa as i am not that good in doing prayers as one should.

    Hope maa will always love me and make me able to worship her with single mindedness.GOD always his part best but sometimes devotees like me are not up to the mark in praying and worship.May maa bless me with the right ways to worship her and give me her belief in every life….

  19. krishna

    I just came back to s’pore from tirupathi…got a great blessing. My family have been going to tirupathi almost every year without fail, sometimes even twice a year. Its a great blessing for us to see Lord Venkateshwara yearly. Me & my husb was having a lot of problems in life for almost 7-8yrs. We bacame as poor as beggars.There was a astrology person who told us to pray to Lord Venkateshwara.

    Every saturday without fail for the past 8yrs we put thulasi malai for him. I do talk to him whenever i got something be it happy or angry. Others might think i m crazy but i strongly feel he listen. Our lives has changed a lot for better. We r very happy as a family. Almost all my problems has settled. My husb has a perm/great job.

    I m not super rich but i m happy at heart. He has given us enough to lead a family & to visit him yearly. I hope till the day i & my husb lives he give us his blessing to visit him at tirumalai. I strongly believe better changes in life can be seen after visiting Tirumalai Lord Venkateshwara.

  20. abi

    Hi everyone,
    I am so touched by all your message and i just can see how the LORD loves all of us…we can just say to him THANK YOU for everything is doing for us. I am coming from france, and i went to TIRUPATHI last month. It was so amazing…i miss so much the malai! I can t wait to go back and visit him.

  21. sucharitha rajendra prasad

    om namo venkateshaya
    om namo narayanaya
    om namo srinivasaya

    i was very happy after reading your experience.thanks for sharing.
    We strongly believe in lord venkateshwara.i had experienced some positive things by his grace.i did not get his darshana till waiting for such a great opportunity.but one day i have seen smiling venkateshwara in my dream then i was very happy…
    i hope he bless me and he keeps all my problems away.
    pray him with pure heart, surely he melts and gives whatever you want.

    god bless you all

    om namo venkateshaya

  22. Guna

    I sit in my living room back in Singapore feeling sad and in tears. For today I should have visited Vengadasalapathy. My mum and sisters and , I, planned to go to Turupati on 11 June and see him on 12 jun. It never happened for me cos My minor knee pain became a complicated issue after seeing doctor on 27 May. My mum , sisters and family were graced by him to visit him . My husband because of my medical problem couldn’t go too. I feel so miserable and unlucky and even am wondering what wrong , I had done , not to receive his blessings to see him. I just felt like sharing these with you all who have been blesses . Aum Shri Sai Ram

  23. rd

    a few years ago, I was in hell lot of problems. it was lord sri venkateshwara who pulled me out of them, got me married and showed me a great temple like home to live in. srinivasaya venkateshaya namaha.

  24. shanthi devi

    I never be to thirupathi but i love to hear stories from there. I too taught Vengkateswara is a god of rich people. When i am young, i like to see his pictures but i will tell myself not to give affection as he his rich people god and so i only pray to vinayagar.

    But when my 30″s i start to pray him bcoz of my husband and now i am crazy of him. I can’t explain the joy of repeating his namam and thinking of him. I just can’t think how would be the joy to see him in thirupathi. You people are very lucky.

  25. vasu dev

    Oh my lord venkeshwara,iam beging you please look into my problems and solve it ASAP.once my problems solved i will come to your temple by walk.

  26. cs

    Recently visited Tirumala for my swamys darshan, It was a long waited trip to get his blessings and we waited for more than two hours outside the queue and i prayed god all the while to give me good darshan, believe me God heard my prayers and blessed with a two full minute darshan of him right in front of him, so very happy that he heard my prayers and made the queue stop right when i was in front of him to have a good darshan of him

    He listens every sound of our prayers and blesses us.

    All, Be and stay blessed by him…Om Namo Venkatesaya …Om Namo Narayana, Venkataramana Govindaaa Govindaa.

  27. santosh

    I wanted to add one below miracle happened with me related to lord venkateswara.

    I work in a software firm, one day it so happened that one of my office collegue had visted tirupati and was disturbuting laadu for everyone. And I asked her regarding the darshan they had and she told me that they had been on VIP darshan and had good glimpse of god and inturn asked me if had that oppurtunity atleast once then I told her lord venkatewar never gave me that oppurtunity to see god from so near point then we neglected the issue. To my surprise next week one of my relative came up with idea of visting tirumala and arranged darshan with VIP ticket, really I had good dharshan of god(I was in front of god for nearly 10 mins with just distance of 5 to 6 feet). Really my heart felt good experience this was given to me by lord venkataswar swamy.

  28. jay

    Visited Tirumala 3 weeks ago and was delighted to be blessed with a good darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.
    I wanted to see the srinivasa kalyanam and had been checking the booking online for over a month, but it was cancelled during my visit as they had 3 day pavitrotsavam ceremony going on in the same hall where the srinivasa kalyanam is held. I have been watching “Srinivasa kalyanam by Vishaka Hari” on youtube a zillion times before the tirumala visit.

    She did a good job of narrating the lords tirumala visit and history behind tirumala hills, temple and the music is enchanting. (Please watch !! Narration is in tamil).

    We climbed Tirumala by foot, chanting the lords name all along the way and tried going in 2 different queues and then ended up going in special darshan queue and by lords grace the queue took us directly in front of the hall where the pavitrotsavam – lords abhishekam was going on and we got to stand there for 5min and witness the abhishekam ceremony. The musicans were playing drums,nadaswaram right in front of us ,felt like the lord brought us there just in time to let us see the ceremony.

    Got a good darshan of the main deity. The next day we were blessed with 2 more darshan. After the tirumala visit I feel very blessed/transformed and look forward to my next visit. Govinda, Govinda !!!

  29. Raajive

    It was joyful to read about the dream our friends had about the lord. I went to Tirupati for the first time last year in December with family and since then honestly feel the positive change in us. We do have certain problems but strongly feel that lord balaji somehow helps to overcome these problems.

    Since the time I returned from Tirupati last year I have been regularly meditating in the morning and chanting his name and that has given a strong feeling that lord Venkateshwara is always with me, creating the circumstances and situations that enable me overcome my difficulties with ease. Fortunately this year again God has blessed me and made it possible for me to visit him again and have his darshan.

    Everything went so smooth while arranging my visit to have his darshan again, as if God had himself arranged to have his darshan. And I am so thrilled and excited and am eagerly looking forward to have his darshan. What can be a greater proof than this that says that if a devotee believes in Him with firm devotion the lord certainly listens and imparts his blessings. I see it as a miracle to me.

    Om Namo Narayana !
    Om Namo Venketasya !
    Om Namo Srinivasya !

  30. Janardhan

    Shri Venkateshwara padaravindha Govinda… Govinda…

    Sarvam Shri Srinivasa-arpanamasthu..

    Om namo Venkateshaya.


  31. shirisha

    iam very glad to see the tirupati venkateshwara swamy darshan,unexpectedly i went for darshan i pray for god to fullfil my desires asap, i trust god by lord venkateshwara swamy grace i fullfill my desire.

  32. shirisha

    om namo venkateshaya namaha


  33. Seshagiri C V

    Sri. Venkatraman,
    Your article is fantastic.
    Lord Venkateshwara is the one save all of us.
    I had a blessings from him to have Dharshan for every 3 months in my past 7- 8 years. But since my uncle passed we are not suppose to visit his hills for a year. Last Wednesday one year got over and today I am starting with family to have his Darshan and blessings.

    This one year I had a lot of problems and planning to visit and starting to have his Dharshan was like heart block gets released like feeling. I am sure he will remove all my obstacles . I have kept my faith on him.

    Before my start I was thinking to read about him in web and I got your article. He is the saver and his power can’t be expressed by words. There are many people who are Million and billion times bigger than me who are all more devoted than me and they are the right people to write about his power.

    My daughter calls him as her friend. From her childhood from the age of 3 – 4 years old now she is 14 years. One thing which I noticed on her. She always smiling stay cool playful before her dharshan at temple. But when we enter his shrine her devotion is noticed with tears in her eyes and she cry in front of him. I always wonder at this age why she is crying …
    I feel myself that it is between her and her friend Lord Venki and her devotion or affection with him which make her to cry.

    May lord Venkateshwara bless all.

    By person who seek Ammavaru and Seven Hills Adhipathi God.

  34. Kirti

    Hi all. I had recently hone to Tirumala for rathasapthami I had to wait for hours. And I got a sec darshan. Den I went to room and slept. I was just asking God why such a short darshan in my mind when I was in temple. Then you don’t believe Lord Balaji came in my dream and told why you worry I have come to give u darshan.


    Om namo narayana
    Om venkatesaya namah
    Om naming srinivasaya


    i was really very happy, when i was read this real story ican’t expain my happiness in the form of words ,i want to do sri vari seva

  37. Pooja Sareen

    Om Namay Ventakeshwara
    Lovely Article

    I am Pooja Sareen from Chandigarh, Punjab.. I am devotee of Lord Vishnu.. I do heard heard of Triumala.. But last year in December, suddenly I start watching channel Svbc channel.. Watch most of time.. Watching aarti n Al festivals.. Feeling myself lucky n blessed could not understand language but do understand chanting in hindi n sanskrit.. Hopefully Lord Ventakeshwara called me soon with my husband n family.. I am wish to come trimula.. ..

    Om Namay Ventakeshwara
    Pooja Sareen

  38. sahithya

    Every one visits tirumala as well as shiridi & do dharshan..!
    The thing here is who ever wants to step in to this two places will have to please the god at home that we want the dharshan to see you with own eyes by offering prayers.with out planning of doing dharshan it is impossible to step in.This is the only secreat to reach God’s Feet.The blessings will be immense.The Love towards God will Show you the Way to have Blessings

  39. Vijay

    Its really nice to read your experiences about Tirumala lord venketeswara. After reading your experiences. I realise how lucky Iam to be a native of tirupati(Tirumala and Tirupati are twin towns. Tirupati is down the hills). I wish the god will shower his blessings upon us, as always. Sarve Jana sukino bhavanthu. Govinda.

  40. nandhini

    Ohm bagavade vasudevaya namaha ohm namo narayanaya namaha

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