May Sai and Lord Hanuman bless you to build Shelter instead of worrying about rain

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

What’s a job, a Career or Business that helps you earn your living? It’s like a shelter to lead your life comfortably and protect yourself. Further, we also must have a way of doing something that solves someone’s problem.  These days, I am really worried about my Career and wanted to write an article to make everyone going through problems in their Career or Business to gain confidence.

Though I have a job as of now, I always analyze what I will be doing if I don’t have this job? Its important for everyone of us have a plan B because its not right to depend on one organization. At work, everyday, I come across people who are too self-centered and eager to take credit for themselves and doesn’t let people who actually work to grow ahead. One of this guy complains about how he’s been treated to me almost during every lunch hour. I tell him not to bother these people and hold on for sometime.

I know the same might happen to me someday. Thankfully, Sai has saved me from lots of disasters but I also must take steps before I start to feel completely uncomfortable to work in such a place. No matter what happens, I can survive as a Photographer. Is that what I wanted to do? So I am testing and trying everything that I could think about. May be, Sai will help me to continue with the same job but that’s the mistake most professionals do.

We assume everything is going to be fine in our Career until the going gets tough. 

The past 2 month, since I am not working at night, I feel really insecured because I must not complain to Saibaba without working hard. Sai makes me predict what’s going to happen in the next few month. Hence, its my responsibility to see what else I can do to earn my living.  May be I am over thinking. That doesn’t mean everything is going to be smooth.

It’s not enough if you predict that its gonna rain. You must also build a Shelter to protect yourself when it does.

I don’t know why I should worry like this when nothing happened. Personally, I felt that’s the way to go instead of not having a plan before the disaster strucks.

Anyway. This is my message for the day. Always have a plan B in life. Never trust your Boss, the organization you work for and even your field of interest. You must be flexible to survive these days.

My Mom made me take her to a beautiful, ancient Hanuman temple at Idugampalayam

On Saturday morning, I found that I lost my Bank’s Debit card. Hence, I had to go to work and got a new one. I went to Saibaba temple late at night, met my friends and came back home. I slept off and had several dreams. It was very strange and I saw someone having a heart surgery. I am not telling who did the surgery.

I woke up, offered Puri my Mom made to Sai and did nothing useful. Since 18th December 2017 is Hanuman Jayanthi, my Mom asked if we can go to an ancient Hanuman temple where we had gone several years back. We started at 4.30 and reached there by 5.45. It was crowded and hence I prayed Saibaba that my parents must have peaceful darshan.

I took my Mobile and read Hanuman Chalisa. I told my Father that when I was in Mumbai I used to see people reading Hanuman Chalisa while they travel by train. As we reached the Hanuman sannidhi, I was happy because this particular Hanumanji is cute and beautiful. I like his mouth. Irrespective of the crowd, the priests did not force the devotees to move our quickly. So we had wonderful darshan of Hanumanji. The Hanumanji of Idugampalayam is called “Jayamangala Hanuman” – The one who brings victory and auspiciousness to his devotees.

I kept telling him that he is cute and beautiful. We came out and got Laddu prasad. he he..

I dropped it in my Mom’s bag to have later.

Lamps shining

I found these Lamps lit for Lord Anjeneya shining. May your Career shine and bring light in everyone’s life

We walked to Maha Ganapathy sannidhi. My Mom plucked few white flowers with leaves which she calls “Thumbai poo’ – (Leucas aspera). As we reached Ganesha, I requested the priest if he will offer the Thumbai poo and he immediately did so. My Mom used to say it will wash away one’s worries when you offer this flower to Lord Ganesha.

I got the prasad being distributed by some wonderful people doing seva there. I kept telling my parents that we had come to this Anjaneyar temple earlier during 2005 or 2010.

I came home, had dinner and started writing this article. I am also watching a Documentary – The secret of Antartica now. I apologize to Saibaba as I did not renew the website I maintained for over a decade on Climate Change.

As of now, all I have is divine feeling in my heart. I love this beautiful Hanumanji and Sai always inspires me to worship the Gods I love.

My prayers to all of you for a shining Career and Business ahead. As I always say – “Be dedicated to the job you do but always in some corner of your mind, think about other options to earn your living”.

(Edit – I wrote this article and slept off at 11. I could not sleep at all and woke up at 1 o clock and spoke to Sai about what’s gonna happen in my life. I had some dream which I could not remember. But just before I woke up, I saw another dream like this – 2 girls and 1 guy from a team has come to our home to give invitation or something like that. I am pretenting as if I sleep because I am wondering why did these people come to my home..he he…Now after I woke up, I could only assume that may be, this girl is gonna get married. Lets see what happens.)

Sai blessings


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